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  3. Oluwa, Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World forum ! Click on "Guaranteed Review of Your Singing" on the menu above. Our coaches, our singing experts, and our members will be pleased to help you. OR, choose one of our Membership Plans at the following link : Respectfully, Adolph
  4. How can I improve? What would you rate it out of 10?
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  6. The hardest song I've sang these years

    That's really great to hear... I will be thinking on the next stuff I'm gonna work on. Thanks for the review. Cheers!
  7. The hardest song I've sang these years

    Rodrigo, Much better... ! Your voice sounds a little bit louder and has more "life" and color. Nice job!
  8. The hardest song I've sang these years

    Done within less than 24 hours, as promised! I think that those 2 tips (lifting the upper lip to expose the canine teeh, and singing in the "mask") were really great. Especially the lip thing (which is something I've always seen many singers doing and never understood exactly why)!
  9. Some opinions about my singing technique?

    Those words means a lot coming from such a great teacher as you. I'm gonna keep trying hard to improve!
  10. Perfect - Ed Sheeran Cover

    Hi taha, i look forward to helping you. Please pay for the review, and I’ll help you out. welcome to our community.
  11. I'd recommend trying to cover easier songs first. Take baby steps if you're not comfortable. Mid-range to low-range songs, as I feel your voice has a heavy bottom. Also, slower ones, if possible... and without those acrobatics. And then, when you're nailing the easier songs, slowly proceed to Mariah Carey songs and those other harder songs... It's just my humble opinion. Cheers!
  12. Solitaire by Karen Carpenter

    Your voice really nice. It shines on the lower notes, which is uncommon for a woman. I'd recommend working on lower songs and exploring that. Have you heard of Róisín Murphy? You sound a bit like her in the lower register. Maybe a Murphy cover...
  13. What to improve?

    Your timbre is really nice, but you should buy a nicer mic... this microphone makes it painful to try and find your voice in the muffled mix. About the more technical details, I think you should buy a membership/review... It's really worth it.
  14. Perfect - Ed Sheeran Cover

    Sounded very professional IMO. The forum experts probably will find problems as their vision is sharper, but I am no expert so I found it pretty great!
  15. Perfect - Ed Sheeran Cover

    Click on "Guaranteed Review of Your Singing" on the menu above. Our coaches, our singing experts, and our members will be pleased to help you. OR, choose one of our Membership Plans at the following link : Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World forum ! Respectfully, Adolph
  16. Hi all ! I recorded a cover of the song Perfect (Ed sheeran) and I would like your opinion and feedbacks : Thank you in advance Best
  17. The hardest song I've sang these years

    Cool, my kind of forum dude! I knew I was reaching when I suggested French. It some how didn’t sound like French either. Get’r done Rodrigo!
  18. The hardest song I've sang these years

    Thanks a lot! My name is Rodrigo though, Noriel is the late great samba singer that I admire so much! It's Portuguese! But can you tell me the pitch of the note? I try to remove the original vocals, but some of it always remains... It's always a pain... lol. The track I use as a background is a "semi-karakoke-track", I would say. Mission given, mission accomplished! Gonna do that within the next 24h.
  19. Some opinions about my singing technique?

    I like Roodris, He wants to get better and is open to feedback and reviews. And when you give him feedback, he goes and works on it and comes back with another try. I really respect that. Nice job Roodris. BTW, I gave you a big review on your other tune... And your in good hands here with Draven. Maybe Felipe could chime in... @Felipe Carvalho, Maestro Carvalho, Roodris kicked in for the RMS service. He isn't looking for a handout, which is noteworthy. Would love to get your feedback for him if you have a minute.
  20. The hardest song I've sang these years

    Noriel, Welcome to the Review My Singing service, happy to help you. - What language is this? Is this French? - It's so low... the note at 1:10 was ok. - Are you singing to the original track? Sounds like you are. Can you get a karaoke track of this? - It is pitchy and needs to be stronger. I think if you got a better backing track, that might help you on your pitch. It is a bit quiet. - Generally speaking, you tend to be flat, or below the pitch. A lot of the pitchiness we hear is not due to your inability to hear pitch, but I think more due to the fact that the formant, or the resonance you are amplifying does not have all the necessary frequencies amplified. What I mean to say is the overtones or more accurately, the partials ( individual frequencies in each note ) required to make the not sound in tune with your ear are NOT amplified or tuned properly. This makes the ear hear only some of the frequencies, but not all. When the ear hears only some of the frequencies it needs to hear, but not all... it makes the voice sound flat. Some simple techniques would help you a lot. 1. First and foremost, fix your embouchure... or lift your top lip more when you sing. You need to expose your canine teeth, or smile big when you are singing. You will be surprised at how much that simple tip will help your singing. Notice how that amplifies brighter/higher frequencies in your voice and how it suddenly tunes better... you MUST start by doing this. 2. Work on singing in the "mask" more. Get out of your throat. Resonate more forward, behind the nose and into the forward, hard palate. Try these two things and then post your song again.
  21. The pitch of this song is like a rollercoaster (for me, at least), and this has caused me serious problems all the times I've tried to sing it. I finally managed to get an overall grasp of it, but I don't know if it's acceptable or not. I would like to hear what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. (Also, PLEASE someone tell me the note at 1:10 minutes!) Cheers!!
  22. Singing with Rhinitis part 3

    Hi again, I tried support in these recordings but either I don't know how to do it properly because my throat still hurts. Like a grater was used on it. I'm currently using lozenges to soothe. Of late my voice has been raspy, I don't know why because my voice isn't usually like this. The ENT I went to said he sees nothing wrong with my vocal chords on the stoboscopy, he doesn't understand why I'm raspy now or sore throat. He says I'm probably going to have to do more tests. I'm still of the opinion that diaphragm breathing/ support only assists with sore neck & not throat. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help (Why is there no gospel tag? Is it cause it's not really a genre, cause you can get gospel rock, gospel rap etc. It's similar to animation where it's not a genre cause it could be a drama or comedy etc? if so where do hymns sit?) Mountains of mercy - Gaithers Vocal Band Hosanna
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  24. Some opinions about my singing technique?

    Weird enough, that pitch (D2-G3) is pretty much my comfort zone... If I go an octave higher, I get lost. Actually, if I start to hit middle-Cs and beyond, things start to go bad... If you browse through my Soundcloud, you can see that all my songs are sung in the Arnaldo Antunes / Leonard Cohen range (these 2 dudes are my biggest inspirations to sing). I'm gonna definitely purchase a membership or some reviews to try and investigate the origin of this problem further.
  25. Some opinions about my singing technique?

    You're resonating a bit better, but it almost seems as if there's not enough support for you to stay in pitch. That could be partly the air support, but also from singing too low of a pitch. You might try an octave higher. You should be able to get just above a middle-C from good resonant placement alone. From there, the voice shifts a bit, but it's still only a matter of knowing how to build the strength and coordination to take it further.
  26. Some opinions about my singing technique?

    I think of what you just described as a "cancer" in my singing technique. Yeah... it took me off guard. I'd just like to know if it has "metastasized" too much (how far has it impregnated my technique)... if you know what I mean. If you could just listen to one more song and tell me if I'm making these sames mistakes I'd be really grateful.
  27. Singing with Rhinitis Part 2

    Hi Jon Jon Thank you for the advice. Yes it was an ENT. By support do you mean breathing? If so I was under the impression I was using air at the ("whaaaaaat") mark (my poor attempt at a belt ). This might seem a silly question but how does one incorporate support (breathing exercises) with actual lyrics (actual singing)? I sing that lightly cause it hurts to use more volume. Quick question do you understand my thought process in terms of the sore throat vs sore neck thing? If so am I completely off base with my thinking? Thank you in advance.
  28. Some opinions about my singing technique?

    It's extremely limiting for range, sound color, stability, control, sound colors/timbre, and just about anything else about singing, and can be more harsh on your vocal cords as you try to bring different pitches into it. Something as simple as smlining or sneering can help lift your voice. In the vide, I mention also using a finger on your bottom lip and singing up and over it, you have a similar mental tool and result when singing "up and over" the microphone. Resonating in the soft palate and forward is what makes the voice ring out and be what's considered beautiful about singing. Start Tracking (humming while buzzing the lips) all the time, if you want to get more used to proper resonant placement.
  29. Some opinions about my singing technique?

    I think I got what you meant. I think that this speech-like singing is a comfort zone that I got into, thinking that it would make my singing more stable or something along these lines. Is this really such a bad idiosincrasy, may I ask?
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