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  2. Hey all, amateur singer here. I have a question regarding singing high "ee" sounds/vowels. I'm working on a song with a very high chorus section ("All Ends Well"), at first it was way out of my range, but after a few months of practice I can now sing it very easily. The only problem is I can't sing an "ee" vowel in high pitch. For example, I need to sing the word "believe" (C5), but I just can't sing the "lieve" part of the word, I have to change it to another vowel (a/o/u and such). I feel like the "ee" sound just won't come out, while the rest of the vowels come out easily. By the way, English is not my native language, so maybe it has something to do with my accent and the way I pronounce "ee"? Any help on why does that happen or how can I improve it? Thanks!
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  4. Was not Sil Fiore in the UK?
  5. Interesting but logical statement there and I see your point So in my unexpanded wisdom I guess I am a tenor So great I don't need to bother extending my range (unless I want a job in the opera houses LOL) But the whole thing is bloody dam hard work for me training doing vocal work outs, I mean hard hard work and at times it seams as Im getting nothing out of it. But this craftsman ship is a very difficult skill to master
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  7. Well I said most people give up before they have even tried, and from what ells I have seen on the net for the rest of them , most of them give up half way through because they did not realize the sheer dam hard work that was involved. I myself have spent a lot of time working on this, sure I have come a long way but I still am nearer the beginning then the end of where I want to be, so it ant an overnight thing that is for sure! I heard a thing, it was on radio 2 or radio 3 (can't remember) but they called it the young something talent contest and it was classical music. And at the end of it one of the performers said "and the talent is the sheer dam hard work" They where even lying to us about this talent thing 50 years ago because over the Christmas season I watched part of a movie about the story and the upcoming of the Beatles, the movie was in black and white so it must of been in its time. And they never showed the nuts and bolts of it all, they never showed then producing in a recording studio or working together as a group. It was a case of they where all rolling round on the grass having fun, sat at the bar chatting some blond up then suddenly they would dream up a song. Then I saw a clip of someone say "once you get to 30 you have pretty much had it" Then I knew Had enough and changed the channel over Hear comes another deep deep voice (of over 30) har har har
  8. Thanks for the thoughtful insight and ideas. Yeah we are going to delve into a lot of topics in meticulous detail in a different way then other instructional material.
  9. Oh, I just read this... ok. Well, then I am lost for solutions for you. The best advise I can give you is to train with me, or any of these other reputable, contemporary coaches like Draven, or James. But if you don't have the ability to make a skype call, then we are stuck.
  10. Do you have skype? If you don't, download it and install, its free. Then purchase a session with me. I'll take care of you. Here is a link that gets you the training content and course you will need + 1 orientation lesson. CLICK HERE >>>
  11. Well I was thinking that by finding someone who is qualified would eliminate the bad riff raff that I do not need. But having seen the last two posts by Rob and Davey it would appear that this is not the case! So I guess I had better forget about that idea and move on. The thing is I know no one in person to ask for a referral. When I did a Google search for singing teachers local to me, this site keeps coming up And this is what the yellow pages gave me shame they don't make a phone book of it anymore But as I said I know no one who can recommend me someone
  12. James, This comment caught my attention. I thought of four reasons why I believe it would make a good video series. 1- Entertainment value: very cool to watch the game go down in a studio. A potentially high pressure environment, maybe a producer is wanting something out of the singer that you help them achieve, in real time in-studio. 2- Practical Vocal Coaching: So many sining challenges arise in the studio. If you work with singers in recording sessions often, that's an invaluable (video) resource for this kind of content! 3- Educational: Due to the reality of point #2, students would have the chance to understand (not only) how vocal coaches help with singing challenges yet also, the reality of multiple takes to get a part sung properly and all that's involved with that. Composing melodies, lyrics, . . . . i think you get my drift. 4- Innovative: I don't think there is a video "series" like this out there. look forward to seeing them!
  13. Ok,... I'll play... I am interested in producing a series of videos that are similar to this one... they are "The ( song name ) Lesson" video series. I have done one video thus far, but plan to do one for every one of my performance videos. I feel that one thing that is missing in YouTube vox coaching content is a well done lesson on how the techniques people learn/train, are applied to the song, and can be heard inside a song, if they are pointed out. It adds relevance. Not sure how you could lose with this sort of composition. Thats my new direction with YouTube videos. Cut to ... - Here is me singing. - Here is me explaining what is relevant to TVS training IN the singing. DONE. Thoughts?
  14. Cool. Watch the promo code at the end. If you bake in a promo code to a video, you are stuck with it, after it is no longer applicable. Many things can change to make a code no longer applicable; a new promotion, a new shopping cart system that can't take that exact set of characters, etc... As a general rule, don't bake in elements to your annotations that could leave you having to totally reupload a new version of the video across all your platforms. You end up creating work for yourself. Hope this helps brother... But love the media clips, validates that you are a rock star.
  15. Student results are a much better measure of a teacher's credibility than an organizational membership, certificate, or degree.
  16. Here is a test video of the intro and outtro bumpers for the new vocal tips videos.
  17. Cats, All good observations, but why are you so fixated on the qualifications of teachers in these organizations. I just told you that, if you are a contemporary singer, you are likely barking up a tree that is not going to lead you to what you want to do with your voice. It is as if you didn't listen to my advise. Teachers get their qualifications from many different sources. These associations Im referring to have no criteria, other then you have the money to pay the fee. They may state something like, " ... must have previous teaching experience..."... but nobody takes any time to validate or vet that. They are none profit organizations that host events and publish journals. They pay for all that by taking in membership dues. It is a membership dues, business model. Anyways, Godspeed, enjoy your journey.
  18. I had to clean up a collection of songs recorded by my brother who passed in 96. Although most of my family sings my brother Mike was the one who inspired me most because he was a writer and had a certain quality about his singing that is hard to gain if not within you already. All of his songs were recorded on cassette player, just him and his acoustic guitar. One of the tapes I came across was stretched and played too fast through any tape player. I used Audacity to adjust the speed and had to listen to it while I transferred to the computer. I did not remember hearing him sing/cover this before and was not a true fan of the original singer. But those first few lines captured my attention.................."The screen door slams, and Mary's dress sways. Like a vision she dances across the porch, as the radio plays................." Now I cannot get it out of my head.
  19. Hello Safa, Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World forum, I just sent you a private email. We look forward to helping you.
  20. Some people do give up, but it's not something anybody should ever give up. You just can't give up because you can't instantly start using the correct dynamics and start sounding like somebody you want to sound like. Heck, I even know this one guy with an amazing voice and he said it would bother him a bit when somebody said they wished they could sound like him, because he had to practice a ton to achieve his talent. Many things that are worth having do not just fall into your lap. It's not an overnight thing. Your voice is the one instrument that you cannot put down, so you should practice.
  21. I don't, but I plan to make one this week. A couple of those things can be done in a couple of weeks or less. I'm happy your post is that long. It's an appreciated contribution. Hell of a list.
  22. Nice list. Electric guitar is what got me into playing, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Would you be brand new to bass and drums? Distortion is one more thing I would put on my list. I can use it, but I want a couple different applications. The range increase is special for me, because most of the guys I listen to are natural tenors. If I get around 5 more notes then I can sing a lot of the stuff note-for-note. Always happy to see people using their falsetto
  23. Welcome Safa1, This forum is for a consultation service that we provide to help you get feedback on your singing and training. As such, it is a paid service because a thorough consultation of your training and singing takes time. We wish to provide you the best feedback and insights regarding your singing that we can. After you have made a payment, reviews will be available for you and THIS post will be removed. Click Here:
  24. Look who it is! Where have you been, man? My favorite Bruno Mars song too. Nice arrangement. Smooth delivery. A little more ad-libing here than I remember you doing, which is good. Very nice cover.
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