• The Chantelle Microphone by Ear Trumpet Labs

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    The Chantelle Microphone by Ear Trumpet Labs is created to be the best live vocal microphone, bringing the clarity and warmth of a large diaphragm capsule to a low-profile body. In addition to a smooth high end with no harsh tones and an upper-midrange emphasis, included is also a full foam pop filter for even greater sound control.


  • What are the Symptoms of Muscle Tension Dysphonia and What Are The Treatments Available for That Voice Disorder?

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    The term Muscle Tension Dysphonia is a general term which could be associated with an imbalance in the muscle’s coordination and breathing patterns required to create a voice. Muscle Tension Dysphonia (often called MTD) may occur on its own, or as a result of a strained voice being pulled into the neck muscles. The reason behind this disorder is not always clear. It may be triggered by allergies, illness, acid reflux or whichever other means...

    Symptoms -

    The most common symptoms for this disorder is a change in voice quality, often associated with discomfort of the vocal cords (or voice box) while speaking or singing. Also, almost always, symptoms like hoarseness and rapines will be associated with an increased effort to talk or sing, coupled with subsequent fatigue during continuous voice use.

    Treatment -

    There is an alternative form of voice therapy which is the gold standard for the treatment of Muscle Tension Dysphonia. There are no other known treatments (outside of the Vocal Science™ Method and Technique) that can restore the muscle balance in the vocal mechanism. With that said, this unique form of therapy will help alleviate the above vocal symptoms.

  • How Karaoke Is Going to Improve Your Singing

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    I know, I know, don't bite my head off just yet. I know what you're thinking, "there is no place for karaoke during my vocal practice." For most of you, this statement is correct. However, I know how hard practicing can be. I know there are a few of you out there that don't have enough time to dedicate a few hours a week to vocal training. There is where karaoke comes in. I'll explain below! 

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  • The Copperphone by Placid Audio

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    The Copperphone by Placid Audio is a vintage character effect microphone. Unlike full range high fidelity microphones, it operates within a limited bandwidth of frequencies which imparts a compelling nostalgic quality on the signal.