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    You have a great voice! Good choice of song too. However, most of your singing and resonance is being placed in your throat, in more of a speech mode. This will make higher nd lower notes more difficult, even if your more relaxed chest voice range is easy to control. It's also apparent in some of the dynamics of your plosives, the low level of breath suppport, and some of your curbing vowels (vowels resonating further back). You are, however, always on pitch in the more comfortable parts of that range. What I hear you need is better resonant placement, more lifted to the soft palate and a bit forward. A bit more push or lockdown in the diaphram area (your solar plexus specifically) will support that better resonant placement and give your voice more body too. But that's only a start. One way to begin training yourself to resonate and support in this way is to start humming songs while buzzing your lips. This is called "Tracking". Another that I teach is to place a finger across your bottom lip and try to sing up and over it. Are you training? Do you have a teacher? I highly suggest you check out the course, The Four Pillars of Singing, created by the owner of this forum.
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    Agreed. There is a lovely voice here, but it isn't being utilized to its full aesthetic potential. Draven is correct on his point about resonance. You are resonanting too much in a lower position ( throaty )... with a little bit of good direction and practice, you can learn to lift your resonance to higher positions where it can sort of "float" more. A more "top down" resonance is more maneuverability of your voice because your resonance will not be tethered by the bulk of a more primitive, throaty position. The result of this will also be a much more beautiful timbre and sound color in your voice, in particular for this kind of singing in your sample. Yes, my program The Four Pillars of Singing absolutely will help you if you choose to make a commitment to the training.
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    Hi, I posted this a few days ago, but for technical reasons the post was lost. Robert Lunte already kindly reviewed it, but if anyone else feels like giving me (constructive) feedback on singing, songwriting or recording, that would be great. It's a prog rock piece just over 8 minutes long, hopefully you'll stick through to the end (which was the hardest part to sing due to the challenging harmonies). George
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    Improving resonance is not going to directly produce a natural vibrato, BUT... it is hard to have nice vibrato, without good resonance. Good resonance is one of the "ingredients" to getting vibrato to work and sound good.
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    Yes, it was very cool. Reminded me of Fish from early Marillion.
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    Do you have something with less autotuning on your voice? It's hard to hear your technique for the pitch correction. There are other ways to achieve a similar effect, but many years as a recording engineer, it's rare to hear a voice without very little variation that doesn't have pitch correction or a massive amount of other effects to achieve the same sound. Sadly, it makes it almost impossible to analyze your voice as a coach.
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    https://www.smule.com/recording/janis-joplin-mercedes-benz/1088277799_1420463658/ensembles Please excuse the outro. And yes it's me singing with JJ in the background. Thoughts?
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    Yep! Currently being edited and will be uploaded for replay soon.
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    Exactly, buddy. Keep practicing.
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    Hello Everyone, This is the first song that I wrote both the lyrics and music for and worked with a local producer that helped me put the instrumental track together. Just wanted to get some feedback from you. Thanks ~Sophia Grayce~
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    Hello Sophia, I look forward to helping you.
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    Hi there, I was asked from a friend to record Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley) for his wedding. I have at the moment only piano. Would you think it requires adding some other instruments?
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    Interesting. This recording is either one of two things: 1. An attempt to tune the heck out of it with pitch correction software ( which can also be autotune software, same thing sometimes ), in which case, I agree with Draven. This would be WAY too much AT. It should not sound cyborgish. or 2. This is intended to be an effect, and autotune or vocoder software was used. Consistent with current trends where singers are using gobs of autotune or vocoder and pitch shifting effects to actually create a similar result, but the intentions and the plug-ins used as different. I've also heard it referred to as the "T-Payne" sound? I'm not a big T-Payne fan, but apparently he must of been one of the first to popularize this effect. My God, you hear EVERYONE doing now. One is designed to help you on a few notes that should not be noticeable. The other is designed to caked on and heard, very noticeable. I am willing to bet that the trend toward vocoder / autotune effects came from producers that were trying to pitch correct the artist and were getting nowhere and decided to just turn autotuning into an effect. Sort of like when your playing pool and you make an amazing shot and say, "... ya, I meant to do that", to save face. Autotuning and vocoder effects are cool. Its all just art and creativity. If I have a concern it would be that it is way over used these days in my opinion. So Flor, what was your intention here? Were you trying to correct your pitch, or were you trying to create an autotune/vocoder effect?
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    You have a naturally gorgeous voice, wow. But it does need to be tweaked a bit like the other guys said. You have a ton of potential. You did a good job, keep up the good work = D
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    HI Gill, Welcome to the forum. I love Janis. My favorite is Take a Piece of My Heart. I do not know what is is about that song but it gets to me. Try this song a little less "Singy" and more "Conversational" and almost like pleading. The idea behind the song is "Please lord won't you help a girl out? All my friends are getting something in this life and I am being left behind. I try Hard. Please? "
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    Gill, Nice work getting rid of the noise in here... now we can properly hear you. This is better. Do it again and I want you to do two things: 1. watch your timing. You are rushing and jumping in front of your cues. Its rushing... so lay back. 2. Laying back more will also... get you to sing it a little more softer. It is a bit eratic, attacking too hard... soften the vocal mass just a bit. Stop rushing the cues, get tighter on the timing & lay back more... a touch more "sleepy". take 3!
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    https://www.smule.com/recording/bette-midler-wind-beneath-my-wings/1088277799_1483226920 This is a warts and all presentation of my singing. I tried a different intro to Bette Midler. Be interested to know whether you guys think that is works. I was going to re-record correcting any vocal errors but i feel to get the best from a review I need to show where I'm actually going wrong as well as the well-executed parts currently I have quite a poorly chest. Any thoughts on speeding recovery? Thanks guys.
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    This is the link to the new recording Rob
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    Heck ya, I got up on Saturday morning AND put my handsome shirt on... thats commitment, I'm telling ya!
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    My handsome shirt Awesome webinar guys
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    Robert Lunte & Draven Grey offer one of the best vocal technique webinars on YouTube. Topics of discussion include; support when singing, Bernoulli physics, How Mario Runs, Warm Up Routines, Jimi Hendrix Stories and why your voice will be ok when training, but when you start singing, it begins to weaken. http://www.TheVocalistStudio.com http://www.RockSingingLessons.com
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    Fun Gill. I can sort of hear your country draw... can you do this without the back vocals of JJ so we can hear your voice more clearly. It is masking your voice too much and sort of getting in the way. Let's hear YOU do it alone.
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    It needs a lot of work. I'll give you more feedback.
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    Please give us a proper title. What you wrote is what you put in the body of your topic post. Also a guaranteed review can be found here.
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    Did this Webinar happen? I lost my internet for a few weeks.