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  1. Avinash, Your kid is cute. And I can confirm for you that she has a gift for singing. You are not delusional or just the "over zealous parent". For her to even DARE to try to sing this song at 9 years old, and then actually ... sort of pull it off, is impressive. It does need a lot of work, but that doesn't hide the fact that for her age, there is something here that is promising. For example: - Here pitch is not perfect, but for her age and the difficulty of this song, not bad. About 80% in. - Notes such as at 1:40, are very nicely resonant and pretty. Foreshadowing what she could do with a more mature voice , more consistently. - She seems to have a rather darker tone to her voice which is unusual for girls. Girls tend to be very shrill and it is nice to NOT be hearing that ear piercing shrill from a little girl, but some more warmth from her sound color. Again, another hint at potential here. As far as competing for talent shows are concerned, I think she could be competitive IF she trained and got serious. Does she have a voice coach? Without professional coaching and someone to really raise the bar to prepare for auditions, she would not be competitive. I believe she can do it, but you and your family are going to have to make a decision to commit to hard work and serious training, not just singing songs for fun. Is she ready to make singing her "job" and study it like she does homework at school? If so, she has a chance. I am available to help you and your daughter if you are looking for a qualified coach. I have a training program that would do a lot to clean things up and get her stronger and more serious about what she is doing. Feel free to give me a call or send me a private email. I hope this helps.
  2. Hello Avinash, I can't listen at this very moment, but I will tonight or tomorrow. I am back to back teaching today. Welcome to our community.
  3. Here is the Webinar, it went great! ENJOY!
  4. Excellent. Diphthongs are one of the biggest culprits to singing problems and they are quite hidden and not noticed unless a good coach points it out to you. Often times, the "trigger" that is making the voice break, chirp or otherwise shit out... is the diphthongs. Why? Because if you examine diphthongs closely, you discover that they are all typically, closed vowels; /i/, /u/ & the /r/ controlled vowels; /er/, /ar/, /ir/, /ur/, etc... these are the bugs in a lot of people's singing. Be aware. On top of that, I hate trying to spell the word diphthong. Another really important insight. YES. Most singers will start their onsets low and scoop up and end their offsets with a slide down. Once or twice in a song may not be a big deal, but do this repeatedly on every single phrase and you have a major pitch problem. With a few stylistic exceptions, 90% of the time, get in clean and get out clean. As a sort of general rule, ... "singing" happens on vowels/sound colors.... not consonants and diphthongs". So in a sense, get to the vowel and stay on the vowel as long as is reasonable. Get the hell off the diphthong as soon as you can. An exception might be singing low in your range, something that is more balladish. There are always stylistic exceptions. Because the "weight" not only darkens the sound color which is probably preferred, but it is also a symptom of more musculature engagement Joe. TA, higher closed quotient, more "fat" , surface area and probably some cricoid tilt which tends to also stretch and tighten down things. GO JOE!!
  5. Thanks Marcus, we appreciate that. It is at 1:00 Pacific Standard Time... or California time. Go online and look for a time conversion web page, there are many. I believe that Sweden is 9 hours ahead of California... so that would be 10:00 pm in Sweden.
  6. MDEW, Nice, soft acoustic version. Kinda reminds me a bit of Bob Dylan, but I dare say, your a better singer then Dylan. At this light and soft approach, there is little risk and therefore, little to critique. But I would say this... Why are you allowing your sound color to be so thin Joe? It sounds like there is no larynx dampening and/or added warm vowels to your resonance. I would like to hear this again, same approach, but conscientiously try to "man-up" and warm the sound color. Let's get more beefy modal voice behind this. It is kind of thin and tinny. I don't believe it has to be. Shoot again Joe. Hope this helps.
  7. Yeh! I'm looking forward to hearing it. I'll get to it in the morning Joe!
  8. I agree and that would be a good idea. It is in my plan to invite Ken to do this. It would be cool. ken kinda keeps to himself, not really a collaborator type , but I'll try.
  9. Your welcome, glad you found it helpful.
  10. Uh,...Ya, ... its not better. One of the things you learn as you evolve into a conscientious singer that is serious, is you get a lot of practice shelving your ego and exercising the courage to humble yourself, especially when you get feedback you don't want to swallow. Being humbled from time to time is part of the lifestyle of being a singer. For everyone, at all levels. Until you can be open to this, it won't happen for you. At the moment, you are sort of... pretending to be a singer. To be clear, If you sounded exactly the same, but were being accountable by taking our advice, you would appear to be more real to me. Your attitude, not your singing, is what weakens your credibility at this early stage. Either you are a bit delusional or this is a joke. Maybe this is a joke? I suppose its possible, but I fear it isn't. I don't feel like protecting your feelings. I feel like giving you the tough love truth, because that is what you are going to need to make any kind of progress. I did my part. Good luck on your journey.
  11. Over 42 Registrants & Growing!
  12. Ok, good luck with that. In the meantime, I am going to fix yoru signature. This is not a signature. It is a big picture file and it can possibly slow down our site. I made it smaller.
  13. Its better then the last sample you shared a couple days ago, but it is still a complete mess. Honestly, its not good enough to capture an audience. Just being honest with you so that you will take action. You need to train, you need to practice, you need to learn how to sing. Stop trying to 'wing it'... if you really want to become a singer, you have to take it seriously with lessons and training. Not much is going to change until you do. This is how you are going to sing, which is not good, until you choose to do something about it. Although I do give you an A for courage in your decision to share your singing with us and trying. That IS the first step, so take the next step. This will help you immensely. For you, this would transform your singing forever. If you do the routines and what it teaches you to do. You have just about everything you need to become 95% better in about 30 to 90 days. The choice is now yours... how important is singing to you? Is it worth $197 and approx. 90 days of hard work? Only you can answer that question.
  14. Draven, Ellise joined our community about four years ago and from the get go, was posting songs of her singing. She's our little sister here. We have literally witnessed her growth and maturity in the forum. We've watched you grow up in this forum Ellise. From a girl with potential to a young woman who sings great. It's pretty cool. Ellise is a good example of what can happen when you work hard at singing and never give up. Ellise is the real deal. Congrats to your family, your coach down there and to you.