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  1. Hey Joe, been swamped... I'm not familiar with this song, which is surprising. You have a real Robert Zimmerman vibe going on here. My advice: - Slow down the guitar / accompaniment, its rushing a bit on any potential groove here. - Pay more attention to the intonation, its a bit pitchy. Toss up a v2.
  2. Improving resonance is not going to directly produce a natural vibrato, BUT... it is hard to have nice vibrato, without good resonance. Good resonance is one of the "ingredients" to getting vibrato to work and sound good.
  3. Welcome Gedas, Your video doesn't work. You probably have your privacy settings set. Also, please embed the video into your post. Just copy and paste the "share" link into the post.
  4. Agreed. There is a lovely voice here, but it isn't being utilized to its full aesthetic potential. Draven is correct on his point about resonance. You are resonanting too much in a lower position ( throaty )... with a little bit of good direction and practice, you can learn to lift your resonance to higher positions where it can sort of "float" more. A more "top down" resonance is more maneuverability of your voice because your resonance will not be tethered by the bulk of a more primitive, throaty position. The result of this will also be a much more beautiful timbre and sound color in your voice, in particular for this kind of singing in your sample. Yes, my program The Four Pillars of Singing absolutely will help you if you choose to make a commitment to the training.
  5. That definition sucks in my opinion. It makes no sense. If someone trains to become really good at something; singing, gymnastics, dancing, investing, painting, etc... they have not developed talent? This definition seems to suggest that you can't develop or enhance inherent talent. If that is their meaning, it's absurd. There is inherent talent and there is developed / trained talent. Neither of which you won't be able to capitalize on if you don't train regardless.
  6. Hate to sounds trite and cliche', but if you want to become a singer, odds are... you can. Most people can learn to sing if they train and a very large % of that group can actually learn to sing great. MOST people can learn to sing great with enough time and practice and some study. So like anything in life, you have to be willing to do the work and make the sacrifice.
  7. Real MEN don't treat people like this. Real men have integrity and are not cowards that lash out, bully and hurt innocent people. He is a boy ( emotional maturity ), with no job, no integrity, no respect & no consideration for other people. Below, from an article I found online. I think it is well written... What Does It Mean To Be a Man? I. A real man puts others before himself. Do less talking, and more listening. Don't go on a tirade about how bad your day was without first asking about your partner's first. See an old lady struggling to unload her grocery bags? Stop and help her. Have a pet at home? When you get home from work, you best pay it some attention immediately. It's been home, missing you all day. II. A real man is firm in his convictions, but accepting of others. If you believe something, you should believe it with passion and conviction. But at the same time, remember the world would be a very boring place if we all felt the same way. Just because you're a Republican and this other guy's a Democrat doesn't mean he's an idiot. He probably has very good reasons for believing whatever he does, just like you do. Feeling brave? Have challenging (and rational!) conversations about hot-button issues with people on the other side of the fence. You'll learn something new and hopefully develop some empathy while you're at it. III. A real man isn't concerned with meeting societal stereotypes. Being a jerk isn't manly. Calling somebody a slut is not cool. Picking on somebody isn't funny. Don't be a bully to impress your friends. Be yourself, and don't apologize for it. Only rule? Don't be a dick. Otherwise, that's all on you. IV. A real man learns from his failures. Failure to lose weight in your first month isn't a reason to quit working out. A rough break-up doesn't mean you're eternally doomed for loneliness. Lose your job? You'll find another one, so enjoy the unplanned vacation. Ever wanted to try self-employment? Here's your chance. Whether you lost a job, screwed up on your diet, went through a Hell of a break-up, or whatever the case may be -- failure isn't a reason to quit. If you stretch yourself, failure is inevitable -- but it's a good thing. You'll learn a lot about yourself. You'll discover your weaknesses (and then you can fix them). V. A real man holds himself accountable. You--and only you--are responsible for your situation. You can't be a dick to your girlfriend and blame it on stress at work. If you're late, you're late. Don't blame "the traffic." Accept responsibility for everything. VI. A real man builds others up. Compliment people as much as possible. Sweet tie? Cute dress? New hairdo? Tell them how awesome it is. Is your girlfriend's new skirt really HOT? Say so. Did your bro get an a swank new suit? "You look quite GQ today. Watch out, ladies!" VII. A real man admits when he screwed up. If you mess up, apologize. Don't dodge the issue. Damage control is best done as quickly as possible. The faster and more convincing your apology, the better. You screwed up, so accept the consequences, and explain yourself.
  8. Although that sounds a bit silly, I believe that it actually helps with this... lol. I recently had to coach this song with a student a few weeks ago and found it to be REALLY hard. You are correct. The only way to make it work is to break a lot of rules and just give it frick'n hell into some kind of chaotic, Falsetto position. Hats off to anyone that tries it. But another good point, be careful, you can hurt yourself with this.
  9. It is producing noise in the vocal tract, distortion, inside what would otherwise be a Falsetto position. Thoughts Jonpall?
  10. Jonpall, great to see you in here again. Where you been? Don't be such a stranger. Well, I have to say you do have that sort of Brian Johnson thing going on.... NICE JOB. Sort of sounds like a hyper squeezed falsetto...
  11. ... and BTW... Your challenge is not about lack of "placement. "Placement" , or referring to where the resonant / acoustic energy is "placed" in your upper vocal tract... or where you are resonanting IS important and IS something that we all need to be concerned with, however,... it is not the thing you need to be focusing on. Your placement issues are one of many other issues that are not working properly, because.... you don't have the right musculature built and motor skills required to engage it. In other words, you want better "placement", than train and get stronger as I recommended and your "placement" issues will resolve themselves, mostly... Everything gets better, when you begin to train the belt musculature and create real stability in your voice.
  12. Jesse, The skid row song: - ? lacking any musculature. You have to ask yourself why this is so falsetto-ish. I get the feeling that YOU don't have to do this. That you have the ability to bring more musculature / TA to bare into this entire performance. You are choosing to sing on the edges of your vocalis which is a mystery. It says more about what is going on in your head then your capabilities... that is just a gut feel. There are some fleeting moments when the vocals connect better, but then you back off to this falsetto position. - Dan is correct about resonance, but if you bring in more musculature support, resonance will suddenly "pop" better and "sit in", in addition to intonation. As well as so many other elements in your phonation package will come together. The singing is a mess because there is no framework, no musculature support. You can't expect to sing this song, or just about any song, in pur falsetto. So what do you do to fix that? You find a good training program and teacher if you can, and you begin to workout. - What are you doing for training? ... What training techniques are you working with on a regular basis that can help you to strengthen your belt musculature, your ability to throat shape vowels ( narrowing ) and can strengthen your ability to maintain compression? It sounds like you are not doing any resistance training to my ears. Are you just singing songs ONLY? If so, that isn't going to cut it for you... Very few people can get by by ONLY singing songs. The purpose of training is to hasten your physical strength and motor skills required to support singing like this. If you were my student and were using The Four Pillars of Singing, I would be putting you on these routines right here. see the video capture. The Scorps: - Honestly... the same thing. It's a mess. Make a commitment to TRAIN, ... practice some vocal training techniques or no one can help you. I am really just giving you the "tough love". Protecting your feelings isn't going to help you. Being straight up, honest and telling you like it is, is the only thing that really has a chance to help you, provided that after you get that message, you take the steps that have been recommended.
  13. Manny! It is great to see you in here again... hope you have been well. I actually have been coaching this song the last two weeks with another singer... I also performed this before in a choral group once. Your Review: - The opening sequence is pitchy and a touch shouty. I like Dan's suggestion to cover to a mixed position more. - Given the genre, I feel like you could be more articulate on the lower parts, "softly, gently, etc.."... its sort of a lost opportunity. - 3:51, nice /i/. - The last falsetto "night" was flat... NO. make sure that last note is straight on. Overall Manny, I think it was a nice performance. I would give it a B+. You have nice interpretations and expression in here that I think a lot of people would likely miss. But the biggest point of improvement in my view would be intonation. Many of the onsets start low and scoop. They come and go quickly, but for a public performance of a theater piece like this, I think you need to get straight in on pitch on your onsets. This is an easy thing to fix.. just pay more attention to it. Good to see you back in here.
  14. Avinash, Your kid is cute. And I can confirm for you that she has a gift for singing. You are not delusional or just the "over zealous parent". For her to even DARE to try to sing this song at 9 years old, and then actually ... sort of pull it off, is impressive. It does need a lot of work, but that doesn't hide the fact that for her age, there is something here that is promising. For example: - Here pitch is not perfect, but for her age and the difficulty of this song, not bad. About 80% in. - Notes such as at 1:40, are very nicely resonant and pretty. Foreshadowing what she could do with a more mature voice , more consistently. - She seems to have a rather darker tone to her voice which is unusual for girls. Girls tend to be very shrill and it is nice to NOT be hearing that ear piercing shrill from a little girl, but some more warmth from her sound color. Again, another hint at potential here. As far as competing for talent shows are concerned, I think she could be competitive IF she trained and got serious. Does she have a voice coach? Without professional coaching and someone to really raise the bar to prepare for auditions, she would not be competitive. I believe she can do it, but you and your family are going to have to make a decision to commit to hard work and serious training, not just singing songs for fun. Is she ready to make singing her "job" and study it like she does homework at school? If so, she has a chance. I am available to help you and your daughter if you are looking for a qualified coach. I have a training program that would do a lot to clean things up and get her stronger and more serious about what she is doing. Feel free to give me a call or send me a private email. I hope this helps.