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  1. We will make a recording. Not sure where it will be hosted, but probably here at TMV World.
  2. you are referring to 4:01 correct? Yes, that is more cool... I like it. It increases intensity and adds interest. Try to get one verse up to the high G. But, yes, that is the idea.
  3. Thus, when you are singing through a belt or edging/overdrive position, you feel anchoring or contractions inside, which are healthy. The best way that I know to build that muscular strength is with resistance training onsets, plus sirens with good narrowing, and application to hard parts on songs. Like the chorus on "tears of a dragon" above. Really great topic posts...
  4. Excellent. Why give a crap about that? I think you just did an eloquent job of explaining why. ... Or, you can keep choking on high notes and continue to be confused about what to do. In spite of what some people seem to advocate from time to time in here.. You can't just "will it to happen". You cant just "think happy thoughts", or "just let it go and let it happen"... if you are a beginner. If that were the case, there would be no need for voice coaches, books, schools, this forum, etc... That approach works for people that have experience and the motor skills already in place... that have often long forgotten what it feels like physically to be a beginner. "Will it to happen" and "just let it happen", "don't fixate too much on the mechanics"... doesn't help beginners! At best, maybe for a brief sort of moment, but most people can't find lasting success and permanent progress with "just will it to happen" & "don't worry about mechanics and how things work, just let it go". For beginners that approach doesn't work any better for singing, then it does for basketball, painting, dancing, acting.. any activity that requires motor skills and muscle memory.
  5. No. Try as you may, you cannot shortcut physics. Do not dare to draw any conclusions that the vowel, resonance, formant and all things acoustic are only aesthetic concerns. That is a road to problems with an eternity of confusion. You may as well believe that the sun orbits the Earth.
  6. Vocal instigators Lesson 1 = /ah/+/uh/+/a/ "cat" + /ou/ ... I hear all these colors.
  7. Thanks James! Welcome Felipe... Already hit'n it hard.
  8. Anyone? We got the lyrics, we got the bed track, its all ready to go. How about some of those top notch singers we have in here? Hello?
  9. You're in the zone Benny. Another great point... The most acoustically optimized note, does NOT = the best sound color for any note, in any song. Perfect acoustics does not mean that is what you want for the art.
  10. Critics have their purposes, and they're supposed to do what they do, but sometimes they get a little carried away with what they think someone should have done, rather than concerning themselves with what they did. Duke Ellington My video is relevant because Bruce Dickinson was brought up as an example a couple times and, to sing this song well, you have to practice a lot on narrowing the vowels. If you decide to try it one day, I would be happy to help you with it. Geoff, I suggest that we make "Tears of a Dragon" the next singing challenge and let's see who steps up. .... that being said, let's stay on topic. Back to the vowel modification discussion.
  11. THE MODERN VOCALIST WORLD PRESENTS ROBERT LUNTE & JAMES LUGO Q&A WEBINAR FREE Q&A on singing and voice training! That's the agenda! March 30th, 1:00 PST/4:00 EST ... Will be super cool, so don't miss it. Click magic button below to register
  12. ... did someone say "the best thing you can do to learn how to narrow is to sing Bruce Dickinson songs?" I can't say that I necessarily disagree... This song was AWESOME to learn for narrowing and throat shaping. SNEAK PREVIEW... hope you gents like it.
  13. Leaning could refer to several things, but when I use the term, it typically means more intrinsic anchoring; narrowing, compression, throat shaping vowels. YES, AWESOME POST BENNY... ACTUALLY, YOU HAVE ALL MADE GREAT POSTS HERE... THIS TOPIC IS GREAT.