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  1. Please see : "The TMV World Guidlines". In particular, rule number 10 ! 10). Any discussions about illegal downloading services and pirating protected, intellectual properties of musicians, teachers or anyone will be immediately deleted and those that created the thread will be removed from the TMV World Forum permanently.
  2. Hi Adolph, was browsing through this site and came across the "Review my singing" section. I understand that this has been made a paid service. Would like to know more about how this works. As in, after purchase and posting, am I expected to receive feedback from X number of people or will it be one composite feedback? Also, is there a special panel within the community that gives the feedback or can anyone comment?  

  3. Cats, With all due respect, Geran is not here to cause trouble, he's not a troll, nor is he the individual of whom you speak. Geran registered in October 2011, and the photo is indeed himself. Can we please stay on the topic ? Thank you. Adolph
  4. Welcome "moonabid", The Review my Singing (RMS) forum is a consultation service that we provide to help you get feedback on your singing and training. As such, it is a paid service because a thorough consultation of your training and singing takes time. We wish to provide you the best feedback and insights regarding your singing that we can. Kindly navigate to the link below if you wish to pay for a review. Respectfully, Adolph
  5. I tend to talk (or write a lot), but I'll attempt to keep this brief. At the young age of seven,I began to play keyboards. Over the years, I found myself in a number of bands playing keyboards and doing backing vocals at times. To be honest, I wasn't that great of a singer. Such as life goes, it became necessary for me to put my musical aspirations on the "back burner" due to raising my daughters on my own. Many, many years later, I suffered a severe spinal injury when I was a police chief. After several failed surgeries and permanent nerve damage, I discovered that there wasn't much I could do. I had always aspired to be a "frontman" in a band and at the age of 57, I decided to pursue my dream. I purchased a number of books and CD's of which I will not name. I also visited a number of vocal forums as well. Had I learned anything ? Absolutely. I also gained a considerable amount of knowledge from the various coaches here at TMV World. However, it was in 2007 when I first came to know Maestro Lunte. I had purchased his very first version of TFPOS sometime during the early part of 2008 and taken a number of lessons with him. Within six months, I found myself fronting not one band, but two ! I believe I just answered Moe's questions as well : "Is it even possible to learn to sing in my age? Is it too late? Where can I start? " Just to add a bit of humor as well. After purchasing the most recent version of TPOS I used a different name. Upon logging in one day, Robert immediately messaged me and asked : "May I help you ?" I couldn't help but to laugh. But seriously, Robert will ALWAYS be there to answer any of your questions or concerns. And FINALLY...... I've been a part of this forum from the very beginning. I also get called "Sir" on occasion. Like Robert, I don't expect that. Anyone can call me "Adolph" or as Robert and some others call me : "Chief". Whatever one prefers is fine
  6. Awesome !!! If you wish to create accounts at either Soundcloud or, here are the links for your convenience : Again, a very sincere welcome to our forum ! Adolph
  7. Connor, Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World forum !!! To get reviews on your singing, I'd like to suggest that you create an account at either YouTube, Soundcloud, or rather than using Facebook. I'm sure that our coaches and Subject Mater Experts will be pleased to review your singing. Thank you for purchasing a membership to our forum. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to write me. Respectfully, Adolph
  8. Hello Franco, Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World forum !
  9. Cats, My apologies for the confusion. My initial reply was to you in which I mentioned that you MAY have access to Skype via a friend's home. If that's possible, then it would be a perfect arrangement for you. As Robert had mentioned (in part) : "The best advise I can give you is to train with me, or any of these other reputable, contemporary coaches like Draven, or James." My second reply was to MDEW, of course. I've never had the opportunity to visit the U.K. so obviously, I don't know if you have "Internet Cafes". I have a friend who has been in the computer business for over 25 years. Several years ago, he told me he was considering setting up such "Cafes" and I suggested that he set up some sound proof booths for singers, or others who desired privacy. The last I knew, his business was flourishing. I don't know if you have that option, but if so, it would be yet another consideration. Again, my apologies. I'm simply trying to help you and possibly find some options for you to be able to take Skype lessons.
  10. Wow, MDEW ! You really are in a predicament. 3 Gb a month ? That's insane !!! Obviously, I don't know your living situation, but if you rent an apartment, I don't understand why the landlord won't allow you to install a phone line. All it takes is a network interface and a phone jack and you're good to go. No big deal as it's only a couple of small holes that have to be drilled. As for using public internet, I don't blame you for not doing that either. I certainly wouldn't do so myself. As you mentioned, people would look at you like you're a lunatic. Although, I've been known to sing to some of the ladies when I visit one of my doctors. They like it, and quite frankly, I could care less what anyone thinks especially at my age ! Yes, I see that you live in a small town, last population of 2,308 so I can see the problem. It's much like where I live "in the middle of nowhere" in a rural area. The strange part is that cable ends about 1 1/2 miles either side of my home and Time Warner refuses to hook up that section. They calculated that it wouldn't be worth the costs to connect that section. However, there's about 40 homes in that section of highway that I know would rather have cable than to be stuck with Hughes. I called Time Warner a couple of times and was once told that they'd be happy to provide services to me. My reply was "Really. That would be awesome". Followed by the response : "Sure,If you have a $100,000.00". Yeah, RIGHT !!! There are so many times I would like to view the songs in the "RMS" forum, the "Technique" forum, or the content provided by Robert, Draven, James, the other SME's, and of course, our members. However, I have to be very careful of my "limit". Consequently, all I can do is watch portions and click "Like". The other odd part about Hughes is that they provide a business plan that would double my "limit" for the exact same price, however, they don't consider me being a part of a business since I'm in Western N.Y. and TMV World is in Seattle. I'd like to threaten them with a cancellation, however, they KNOW that I have no other options as they have the "corner on the market" so to speak.... I plan on being persistent and hopefully, I can find an employee that will get the idea ! I'm curious..... What service do you have ? I've never heard of heard of a 3 Gb limit. Yes, you certainly ARE in a predicament !
  11. Cats, I'm in a situation much similar to you. I live in a rural area and am unable to get a cable connection. I'm stuck with Hughes net which allows me a 10 Gb bandwidth per month. (BTW, Hughes will tell you that it's a 20 Gb limit, however it's not so. The other 10 Gb is between the hours of 2 A.M to 7 A.M. As such, I was limited in taking lessons with Robert). I've know Robert since 2007, have each and every version of TFPOS, and have been a part of this forum since it's inception in 2008. My solution with Skype lessons ? I was able to go to a friend's home for lessons who had cable and my problem was solved. If that's possible for YOU, there's an option. Quote: "Well, then I am lost for solutions for you. The best advise I can give you is to train with me, or any of these other reputable, contemporary coaches like Draven, or James. But if you don't have the ability to make a skype call, then we are stuck." Again, there's an option and you're not necessarily "stuck". Just some suggestions on my part.....
  12. You ARE being sarcastic ? Or at least, I would hope so....... He lacks a LOT more than support. I'm not sure a tree would help, either.
  13. Hello Frank, Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World forum !
  14. Welcome Resin, This forum is for a consultation service that we provide to help you get feedback on your singing and training. As such, it is a paid service because a thorough consultation of your training and singing takes time. We wish to provide you the best feedback and insights regarding your singing that we can. After you have made a payment, reviews will be available for you and THIS post will be removed. Click Here: Kindly read the private message I sent you. Respectfully, Adolph