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  1. Hi Adolph, was browsing through this site and came across the "Review my singing" section. I understand that this has been made a paid service. Would like to know more about how this works. As in, after purchase and posting, am I expected to receive feedback from X number of people or will it be one composite feedback? Also, is there a special panel within the community that gives the feedback or can anyone comment?  

  2. Rodrigo, Given that you have been smoking for only three years, it would be my opinion that the changes in your voice are related more to smoking as opposed to your age. As for the specific chemicals in cigarettes, in the following link, Dr. Kenneth Altman mentions tar and other irritants. Note that he wasn't specific in mentioning the "other irritants". Here's some other links that may be of interest to you : Hope this has helped.
  3. Hi Adolph, I'm not sure who I should ask this besides Robert, but I just received a notification about the renewal of my yearly subscription in the amount of US$25.00. As the yearly subscription costs US$60.00, I was wondering if it was a mistake or I got a special discount. Many thanks in advance, all the best

  4. Rolando, Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World Forum ! May I suggest that you contact Maestro Robert Lunte, the founder of this forum. In addition to being a vocal coach, Robert also specializes in voice therapy. I had some "issues" of my own due to several anterior cervical spinal surgeries/fusions. As a consequence, a significant amount of scar tissue was pressing up against my right vocal fold. Robert helped me immensely and I'm truly appreciative !!! You can send him a private message via our internal email. OR Here's some additional contact information for your convenience : THE VOCALIST STUDIO Robert Lunte I 800.269.9040 The Four Pillars of Singing Respectfully, Adolph
  5. Hey Adolph is this the personal message area now. I don't seem to have an inbox :/

  6. HI Adolph, may I ask what did she died of?  

  7. You DESERVE the break, Coach. ENJOY !!!
  8. Welcome to The Modern Vocalist World Forum, Jon !!!
  9. Agreed ! While I don't have a Rode condenser, I DO have the Rode M-1. It's one of my favorites, and is also built like a "tank". Excellent mic !!!
  10. WOW !!! Coach, I listened to "Behind Diverted Eyes" several times now and there was just something SO SPECIAL about it. I couldn't quite figure out just what it was ??? And then, I see "...for Monica". All of your songs are superb. No doubt about it..... We all strive to do our best in all of our songs/performances, however, I noticed MYSELF that when I dedicate a song to someone special it just STANDS OUT !!! Simply put : "Heart and Soul !!!" EXCELLENT, Brother !!!
  11. I AM NOT a physician or otherwise, but I often have repetitive problems with "ear problems", particularly during the winter months, or those times of the year when allergies are running rampant. This is a technique taught to me by my chiropractor and has worked wonders for me on a number of occasions. It has helped me significantly with clearing the EUSTACIAN TUBE : "Grasp the ear lobe, and pull out, back, and down, all at a 45 degree angle. While holding it in that position, breathe in, swallow, then breathe out. Do this several times. It drains everything down the throat. It takes some time to get used to the sequence and timing, but you'll get it down in no time. It's still effective if you go through it slowly at first. (I can "whip" right through it, and so will you after some practice.) A second technique: Just behind the chin, there's the Hyboid bone. (The only bone in the body not articulated to another bone, and which supports the tongue). GENTLY apply some pressure with a couple fingers, and slide it over sideways. At the same time, breathe in through your nose and hold it in place. Now breathe out and swallow. Then work the hyoid bone from the other side the same way. Gargle afterwards (if you wish) with peroxide, in the event there's any bacteria in the "drainage" to prevent any other problems. Yes, I know, the peroxide doesn't leave a very good taste....(Do NOT swallow the peroxide). Final tip : Place you hand over your ear (I do both ears), and lie down on it for a few moments. When you get up, you'll feel a "suction" type feeling as you remove your hand from the ear. It will also help to drain the eustacian tube. Hope this helps you as much as it does me... Adolph Adolph Namlik Executive Moderator and Membership Support
  12. Nicholas Jensen Stilborg @ Maestro Lunte - Looking forward to that documentary !!!
  13. Coach, Wow ! This is a lot, so I have to break it down : First, You mentioned "having fun again". As I've said before, you DEFINITELY deserve a VACATION !!! You've busted your butt putting all of this together for ALL of us here at the forum. Not to mention running your business..... Honestly, I don't know when you get to relax or sleep ??? Secondly, Yes, there are definitely "issues" and technical challenges that I'm having. As I mentioned in our recent PM, I had my friend in the computer business check everything out on my "system" and I was correct about the problems being a result of Hughes net. (I hope they don't sue me, but that's a fact). There is something in their modems (?) that block certain sites/features. My friend told me he gets a LOT of complaints of this sort from many of his customers that utilize Hughes. Unfortunately, where I live, in the "middle of nowhere" - "No Name N.Y.", I'm stuck as I simply cannot get cable. Finally, I am TRULY HONORED that you have invited me to join you in your "travels". That is SO AWESOME !!! It ROCKS !!! I'll PM you with the details.....
  14. Robert has been all over conducting his "mater classes" since we've know each other. At least eight years now.... I've asked him to take me several times, but never was able to go. I would have even covered my own expenses ! Hmmmmm.... I wonder why I couldn't go ? Perhaps I talk too much ??? Poor guy wouldn't even be able to snooze on the flight