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  1. M, feel free to Skype me if you ever want to hang out and talk vocals.  Skype name: Bob.Buttinelli

    1. MDEW


      Sorry I didn't see this earlier........ Thanks for the invite. I am not set up on skype yet. Pretty weird situation, I work on computers but I do not trust them too much.

          I have seen you on a lot of the Webinars and such that I have viewed, but I must admit that I never saw your face........ You were usually looking down at the keyboard or standing up where I could not see.

       My name is Joe, if you ever wondered about that.

      My Email address is

      I may send you a recording of one of the songs my brother wrote, with him singing and another with me singing( a pale comparison). He passed in 96 and I still cannot sing his songs like he did.

    2. VideoHere



  2. HI Adolph, may I ask what did she died of?  

  3. E, boy can I help with you this issue.... Just so you know, clogged sinuses create pressure so don't be surprised if you develop headaches when you sing. But from personal experience, post nasal drip can wreak havoc on your ability to sing. The mucous can drop down your throat (at night when you least expect it) and literally wrap itself around your vocal folds making singing very difficult.  I've had it to where the pitch actually gets deflected because of the mucous interfering with the vocal folds!  If you have this issue, you have to control the viscosity of the mucous by staying very well hydrated. You also have to take action to control histamine production, which can come from many places, foods, allergens, even stress.  A neti pot or Neilmed Sinus Rinse helps a lot if used consistently, and you might need to take an antihistamine. But an antihistamine can dry you out too much which is no good. Also, get to an Allergy doctor and see if there's anything you might be allergic to.....I was to dust mites (many people are) and I went out and bought special mattress covers which helped a lot.              
  4. hi folks, i read this great book by debra lynn, "the bel canto buzz." i wrote to her to let her know how much i liked the book, and she sent me this great exercise to help with phlegm. with her permission, here's the link to the exercise, and the link below to her web site. exercise: website:
  5. fellow singers, don't procrastinate on treating your reflux issues. reflux can be painless and without symptoms and can increase the likelihood of developing vocal polyps (which i am now having to deal with). drink water, watch what you eat, eat sensibly, take your meds. bob
  6. hi folks, i'm usually in the "technique" forum, but i came over here when i got the news. i have a small, white-colored vocal polyp that has to be removed. i'm concerned about doing it (or not). can anyone share their wisdom. experience with this with me? i'd greatly appreciate it. bob(if you wish:) email: 914-963-8437
  7. i wanted to let you know i am (not that easy though) up to a gallon a day of water. i feel waterlogged lol! let's see what happens
  8. i am a firm believer is visualization. sitting in a room completely alone, practising the song in my mind as if i was actually singing it..deeply, deeply visualizing & concentrating. and yes, 1/2 gallon or more of h2o..has to be downed before i go to sleep every day. prilosec every single day, a good diet.
  9. thank you for your help
  10. thanks my friend, apprecaite th advice.
  11. as always thanks steve and thanks joshual...appreciated.
  12. hi folks, i typically hang out in the "vocal technique" forum but i jumped over here to ask for your expertise on this issue if you would be kind enough to help. i didn't see this particular question posted, so i don't think i'm asking a question that may have been addressed already. i drink 1/2 gal. of water every day, and i take prilosec for my reflux, but i noticed lately my throat gets progressively dry as a sing. i was singing an ambrosia song "how much i feel" last night and i noticed i became very dry in the throat. it starting to happen more frequently, so i'm a bit concerned i drink 3 cups of decaf, no soda or sugar in any drinks. any help is greatly apprecaited. bob, 56, age may matter? (videohere)
  13. hi, i'm 55, and i have acid reflux as well. i had no idea what it was but i was relieved to find it's actually quite common among singers because of all the breathing and diaphram use compared to the non-singer. i, like you, went to the ent because i couldn't sing without gettng raspy figuring nodes too. but the ent diagosed reflux , so every morning i take otc prilosec, watch for too much acid in the diet.