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    Really excited and grateful to be a part of this Robert!
  2. Hey guys 2017 is the year of the singer! Wishing the best to all.



  3. New tune!

    Thanks guys. I've been pretty disconnected from making my own music for a longtime, with owning a studio, teaching and making other people's music you forget that you need to do music too. The tune was mixed on my new SSL 6048 E|G+ console:
  4. New tune!

    Just wanted to post up a new song of mine. I've kind of been off the radar around here but I've been reading the threads the past few weeks and trying to get with the community. Anyway this just came back from the masterer this afternoon. Kind of a different sound for me I think, especially in the hook. My voice seems darker with a more open relaxed weight to it. Maybe it's the range I'm in, not sure but it was refreshing to hear myself sing seeings how I listen to clients sing all day. Enjoy. http://www.jameslugo.com/sounds/Cage-Master.mp3 Cage Written by James Lugo Produced by James Lugo & Gregg Sartiano Mixed by Ryan Williams 2nd Mixers, Gregg Sartiano & James Lugo Mastered by Brian Gardner Recorded and Mixed @ Hemispheres Recording, Los Angeles James Lugo - Vocals, Guitars, Lead Guitar Gregg Sartiano - Bass, Baritone Guitar Charles Ruggiero - Drums