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  1. Hi Guys! Another Blind Guardian cover - in the original it's Hansi Kursch throughout the song and Kai Hansen on the pre-choruses, so I tried to approach these parts a little bit differently. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Thanks Adoney! Yes, it was a tough job for me to stay in the rhythm on the blast beats - I am not used to them cause I never really listened to extreme metal - to me such beats have almost no pulse to relate to :D
  3. Hi! This is my vocal cover of a great symphonic power metal song by the band Pathfinder. A lot of high screams, larynx dampening, grit, growls and what not It was difficult to me but I think I somehow managed. If you like it, please leave a comment under the video on Youtube. And sorry for the poor vid/audio synch - I tried to fix that for like an hour, but eventually gave up. Cheers! Special thanks to Jens for his great piece of advice;)
  4. I liked both the Sabbath and Dickinson covers. Not easy stuff to sing. You have a good ear for emulating different singers' tones.
  5. Wow, impressive! Where can I find more of your art?
  6. Adoney, I really liked the lyrics video! Can you tell me who did the graphics and animation?
  7. Helloween - How many tears (vocal cover)

    Very impressive. The chorus is really tuff, and you managed to put an even higher harmony on top of it:) I liked the rasp too.
  8. Painkiller - my attempt

    Ron, sure, I could try that! Have you got any specific songs on your mind? Preferably from Painkiller or his HALFORD records:)
  9. Painkiller - my attempt

    This one is with the backing track, verse + chorus.
  10. Painkiller - my attempt

    Should work now:)
  11. Painkiller - my attempt

    It's been over a year since my last Painkiller attempt:) Here's my recent take on the verse, acapella: I like it a bit more than the one I've posted at the beginning of this thread, the sound is more open. What do you think? Dr. Evil - sorry for the late answer;) You can find the track on youtube and download it with any flv to mp3 converter (there are also online converters). Just type 'Painkiller instrumental' in Youtube search.
  12. Thor (the Powerhead) - Manowar Cover!

    Thanks, Akarawd! Check your email Ron: I can't really feel offended by being mistaken for Thanos, can I?:D