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  1. Thunderstruck cover

    I still have a bit of a difficult time handling distorted lines that go down in pitch and maintaining the distortion. I sometimes get to thin sounding. That's what Brian Johnson does as well, but I'd prefer not to. I'm going to work on it.
  2. Thunderstruck cover

    Yes, that's probably correct. It can actually help to think falsetto, but then really try to project to your voice and make it as loud as you can while bending at the waist and knees slightly each time you sing a line. And it can also help to think that you just want to go for it and basically scream your lungs out. Here's another tip, ask a band if you can try to sing Back in black and don't expect to nail it until after many, many tries and tell your band mates that you're just experimenting with this. That's what I did. They'll just be happy to play a song like this because it's a fun guitar song . The lines are so high that it's impossible to land in chest voice and singing this stuff with a band is the only way for you to see all the difficulties of this type of singing style. If you're just practising this at home, you may THINK that you're covering all issues but might found out that some things are missing when you try this with a band.
  3. Thunderstruck cover

    Now that I've been practising vocals for 7+ years with this type of singing in mind, I feel in some ways that I know less about singing But such a thing can happen on the road to mastery, if that can truly even ever be obtained. To answer your question, I believe it's a matter of several things but the most important ones are overtwanging to create the distortion (and actually conciously trying to make the sound ugly, evil and angry - and then perhaps pull back slightly if you want a bit less of the distortion), thinking about being in head voice and not chest voice for such high notes, bending slightly forwards during the sung lines to support your voice (probably the most important element because you will be experimenting with this and occasionally hurt your voice a bit, which is when you must take a break for a few minutes, and this is what protects your vocal folds from being fried to dust with too much airflow when you're doing vocals like these) and finally, try to "project" your voice to the back of the room instead of tensing up in the throat (this makes your voice big and I've found that it sounds much better with a powerful band behind you and the audience connects MUCH more to such a sound). There are other important things too, but these are the things I found to help me the most. But you guys might already be doing all or some of these things - and maybe lacking in other things, so what you need to to could be slightly different. In that case, look into stuff what you probably already have learned on this forum, like inhaling on a slight smile while keeping your shoulders down, not overly pronounce consonants, merge your vowels into the most resonant ones (Eh and Ah can help in this type of singing), etc... Good luck and hope this helps.
  4. Thunderstruck cover

    Thanks Robert.
  5. Thunderstruck cover

    MDEW - fixed!
  6. Thunderstruck cover

    Hi guys, long time no see. I thought I'd post a very recent live recording of myself for the fun of it. This is me joining up on vocals with an Icelandic band called Rökkur (translates roughly to "Dusk") last weekend in a pub called Bar 11. We did many 70s and 80s rock songs that night. This is one you all know - called Thunderstruck by AC/DC ! Let me know what you think
  7. Highway to Hell

    Great job man. Could you describe how you add that rasp to your voice and how loud you're singing? I doubt it's actually as loud as it sounds.
  8. Eye of the tiger

    Cool. Thanks guys.
  9. Eye of the tiger

    Btw. note that the sound quality is bad, unfortunately. Sorry about that.
  10. Eye of the tiger

    Hi guys,   I just thought it would be fun to post a short clip of me singing Eye of the tiger into my mobile phone. It's been a while since I posted a song and I just dug this one up and decided to let it fly here for the fun of it. Been buisy singing lots of different songs in a cover band for the past few years, actually. Here it is:
  11. You Shook Me-AC/DC

    Loved it dude! *Headbangs* Just about perfect rock tenor vocals :)
  12. Boat on the river

    On the cover of the Rolling Stooooone: . It's cool and an honored to be featured on my favorite web site. It's strange though that if you press the "Home" button, you're not taken to that page?
  13. I agree with Adoney. MDEW, I'm going to suggest that you experiment a bit with using vibrato. I think you might start to get more good comments if you do that, especially if you can practise it enough so that it becomes relaxed and natural. You could also experiment with some falsetto or even head voice, like improvising with that every now and then. Cheers!
  14. Hmmm, I think they changed the web site so that now you have to sign up there in order to listen to clips like these.
  15. Beauty and the Beast

    Pro as always Martin. I dug that . Great singing and acting. You really got in character there. And the whole experience must have been fun.