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  1. napoleonboot

    Please Critique My Singing

    Hi, it's difficult to get into this as a listener, the tempo and melody aren't obvious and seem to move around unpredictably (that may not be strictly true but it's what it sound like) and that distracts from your singing. How about re-recording it against some backing rather than acapella, such as this
  2. napoleonboot

    Blinded (original Rock)

    Usually I can hear loads of things to work on in my own singing. I can't hear many here, so my suspicion is that I am getting used to my own faults. Happy to have them pointed out to me though (I know you won't be shy Ron). George
  3. napoleonboot

    Judas Priest covers

    to me they sound either a bit talky or shouty, not actually singing much. Throat too constricted. Follow the Four PIllars course, it will fix that for you.
  4. Hi, I posted this a few days ago, but for technical reasons the post was lost. Robert Lunte already kindly reviewed it, but if anyone else feels like giving me (constructive) feedback on singing, songwriting or recording, that would be great. It's a prog rock piece just over 8 minutes long, hopefully you'll stick through to the end (which was the hardest part to sing due to the challenging harmonies). George
  5. napoleonboot

    The Game (original prog rock)

  6. napoleonboot

    The Game (original prog rock)

    An original number by my virtual prog rock band. My singing. As usual, constructive criticism is welcome.
  7. napoleonboot

    Original Prog: "The Construct"

    That's me!
  8. napoleonboot

    Original Prog: "The Construct"

    Thanks Ron. 
  9. napoleonboot

    Original Prog: "The Construct"

    Thanks for listening and commenting
  10. napoleonboot

    Original Prog: "The Construct"

    All vocals by me. Constructive Criticism is welcome.  
  11. napoleonboot

    Original Rock "Show Your face"

    Thanks for listening an commenting Robert .   I mostly create the songs with a bunch of long term collaborators, so it was co-written. I created the vocal melody, and about half the rest of the music, but not the lyrics.
  12. napoleonboot

    Original Rock "Show Your face"

    As usual constructive criticism is welcome .     I'm didn't belt so much on this as a often do on rock songs, and I think its better for it. I did all vocals and guitars on it.   George        
  13. napoleonboot

    Run to the Hills - working version

    Good effort!   This is a great song, and a hard to sing. I think Jugulator here has posted a super version in the past.    When working on it, it's tempting to focus on the "money notes" - the long high bits. That's what most of the comments are about here.    But... what makes it great is not just those high parts, but the lower part where Bruce Dickinson tells the story. I think that's what you should also work on!   I tried singing it a couple of years back, and struggled a little with the higher bits, but I got a lot out of working on it, and really enjoyed the story telling in the lower parts. Here's a link to my effort - this cover was created from the ground up with a friend of mine, it's not an existing backing track:   George
  14. napoleonboot

    "Money Maker" - original rock

    Thanks Ron, there are odd times when I hear a bit of Tom Jones in what I am singing. It's not a bad thing.
  15. napoleonboot

    "Money Maker" - original rock

    Many thanks for listening and commenting.  I thought I was invisible for a few days there!   I think you might be right about the chanting chorus. I'm working on a new song with the same folks just now so I'll take that idea into it.   Yes the EQ is not quite right. The mix process for this was a slog, we had two competing mixes form different folk all the way up to the end..... but I'm glad they did it, rather than me, as it's a lot of work.