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  1. kevthemusiclover

    Best female vocalists technically

    I forgot I made this thread lol. I'm gonna have to say Pink is a lot better now since she stopped smoking. I never even thought of the fact that she smoked before.
  2. kevthemusiclover

    Who would like to have a free voice lesson with me?

    I could do it too. Just gotta give me a couple days to get over being sick.
  3. Practicing it over and over again is probably your best bet. I think you should try to put more twang into a little. When I do those parts it feels like its resonating behind my nose on the "in". Try to make it SUPER nasally then change it so it doesn't sound nasally. The high "in the aftermath" feels like the whole phrase is in the same place for me so that's probably why you can get it if you just get the first note, the "in" is just a bitch lol.
  4. kevthemusiclover

    So, you're out at the karaoke bar....

    Yeah it does depend on the audience lol. If there are a lot of black girls then I would probably do "How Come You Don't Call me Anymore" Alicia keys version, and "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. If there are a lot of white girls "Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson seems to get their attention and "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry is good if people are drunk and/or not old.
  5. kevthemusiclover

    here's an idea

    That was great raphaels! I wish I could write songs that good, but I'm working on that lol. How old are you?
  6. kevthemusiclover

    Whataya want from me (A. Lambert)

    Just look at the lyrics and try to read them slowly to get the words right, and when you sing want you almost just sing wnnt. Try to just do a pure head note, without really any effects at all and try to have the feeling above your nose a little, then try to add twang without adding nasality. You know what nasality sounds like, but twang just makes the sound brighter and more powerful.
  7. kevthemusiclover

    Whataya want from me (A. Lambert)

    I think that it was pretty good until you started the "there might of been a time...." part and on, became too nasily sounding, I think from the too much twang and the vowels you were using. I'm pretty sure you have an accent, and I think you could easily make it WAY better by working on pronunciation; I think you stay on the consonants too long sometimes also.
  8. kevthemusiclover

    If I can't have you

    I feel like you need to put a little more twang in it, which is funny since you told Opaa to do the opposite on his attempt at an Adam Lambert song lol. And the Oooooh at the end of the chorus, I think he is actually more of the sound "oe" as in "foot" and then going back to an "oh" when he gets a little lower, also you did "oh oo ho oh", and if you want the kind of sound Adam made on that note then an "oo" shouldn't be in there, sing "oh" on the lower parts of the run and "oe" when it gets higher. The "if" after that he sings more like a yeah without the y. Also if you try to sound slightly more whiny like a cry, hence why people call it cry lol, then you would counteract some of the twanginess. And when you sing "baby" you let out a puff of air at the end of it. You pitch control was actually good except on the "if i cant have you oh" part, and I think you just didn't go for the really high "if" after that, but that note is really short and I am pretty sure you can hit it. I hope I didn't make that really complicated or too long.... I'm not an expert either by the way.
  9. I've never heard of the "cough-off" before, but I guess that is why if i try to sing a pop song it ends up being a train wreck because I start to get choked off. Time to test that out I guess. Yay for nice links. Thanks VIDEOHERE.
  10. kevthemusiclover

    My attempt at Kelly Clarkson's version of Up to the Mountain

    No not hurt, just sounded bad to me, at least some parts, I did "like i've been working" a lot better than I normally do.. The line "though the sun shines, I see nothing at all" I am really close to falling off the notes the whole time and most the time I do, I guess I really just got to practice a little more on it. I'm planning on doing a video of "I Don't Believe You" by Pink soon too. Thanks for thinking it sounds good lol.
  11. kevthemusiclover

    My attempt at Kelly Clarkson's version of Up to the Mountain

    I didn't think about doing what you suggested Spectrum, but now you just get to listen to me without a creepy picture of me xD. Also I listened back and some of the runs were sloppy too especially at the beginning lol.
  12. kevthemusiclover

    My attempt at Kelly Clarkson's version of Up to the Mountain

    What's a better one to use?
  13. Not perfect, but it sounded better all the way through then the other ones. My biggest problems are the notes on "like ive been worKING", "though the sun SHINES, i see NOTHING at ALL, but i hear your SWEET voice", where they are in all caps. The two afraids before that second line normally sound better, but I'm normally good at those so I'm good on those. On sweet I would like to make a sound more like hers, and I can only do it occasionally but I normally either do what I did in this clip or the sound is more of a clear rock scream kind of sound and that just sounds weird in the song. Hope its good lol.
  14. kevthemusiclover

    Hoping to share some wisdom

    Just start on buh and shift to boo on the lip rolls if you can't do the boo down low.
  15. kevthemusiclover

    Vocal range shifts ???

    I think it has something to do with what you ate that day, how well you slept, and probably how much you have used your voice. I can only go up to about a G5 sometimes, and sometimes I can do a B5 and on rare days a C5. Of course I don't think I have sung over an A5 in a while because I've been practicing songs more and there are rarely even G5s lol. Also sometimes I have access to whistle notes and sometimes I don't, and up there it varied too, highest note I actually know I've sung is a B6, but I did the whistle runs in "Emotions" once.