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  1. This is intriguing for sure.   BTW - what is with the 'croaking' that younger teen girls seem to use so much? It's awful and I want to clear my throat every time I hear it. Stop it!
  2. Hi Miasma- Don't listen to Daniel, he's a troublemaker! (Actually, listen to every word he says for he's really knowledgeable on all things singing)   I've been a vegetarian for the last 3 years. To be honest, I actually have noticed, not necessarily improvements in range, but less problems vocally. I do seem to be vocally healthier and experience less phlegm and that kind of thing which used to really be a problem for me. My recovery time also seems to be better after gigs. I'm JUST ABOUT to reintroduce meat into my diet, but at a way cut rate than I had it in there before and only because I suspect that "no meat at all" may be responsible for some other (minor) health issues that I'm experiencing. Having a bit of meat might help those issues, but it will hopefully be a very small portion of my diet. If it doesn't help within a few months, I'll go back to no meat for ethical reasons. Good luck.