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  1. Whistle Register for Men

    Well, I was crazily hungover from New Year celebrations yesterday.. my voice was completely shot. I thought it would be interesting just to start making sounds and see if there was any head voice available.. This was the funny part, my voice was cracking all over the place and was just making really weird noises... I recorded these weird noises for a laugh and on this my voice seemed to crack into a 'whistle' ish pitch... check it out, very strange!
  2. New original : Whispered prayers

    Just had a listen to this... I remember hearing your voice a while back and it's still as awesome! Nicely done, awesome tone man, very easy to listen to!
  3. Mad world by Adam Lambert

    Nicely done man! Good tone. I've been working on this exact thing, shading between a light head voice and gradually adding 'weight', it's pretty hard stuff!
  4. Any Way You Want It - Journey

    Damn man, your voice sounds wicked! Really good! What mic do you use to record btw? It sounds pretty professional
  5. Piercing.....high larynx?

    Hey thanks for taking a listen guys... Ron: Thanks for your reassuring comments, I guess it's quite amusing how psychology plays a big part in how you 'hear' yourself. :)
  6. Hey guys, I was messing around playing some guitar earlier and started singing this song, I thought i would record it just for the hell of it.....Anyways, after listening to it, I noticed my voice seems to sound really piercing and maybe thin? Just wondering if some of you guys could find a minute to check it out. Now, I know I have a relatively thin voice anyways, but does this seem to sound like high larynx singing to you ? It feels easy to sing like this and i have focused on lowering my larynx but it still seems to sound characteristic of a high larynx.... but maybe this is just the nature of my voice? and just for poops and giggles:
  7. Short Bon Jovi cover

    Hey Chavie, I'm a huge Bon Jovi fan and I thought that sounded wicked dude! Seriously good job, you're making the notes sound effortless. I also heard your Yesterday cover which i thought was equally as impressive.....nice one, was enjoyable to listen to.
  8. Thanks for all your feedback guys! I have been working with my vocal coach since I made the recording and we have been working on some songs which fly around this same kind of high area. Progress is being made too which is awesome! I've found that focussing on my support and (sounds stupid) but energy towards the floor really takes pressure away from my throat which opens it up and makes the higher notes sound fuller! I will have to post another recording sometime soon and get some more feedback off you guys. I am loving this forum btw, it's amazing how someone can record a song and others can put their constructive critique on and help out those in need......wicked! Muchos love Tommy
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the replies! Yeah the sustain was destroyed, I recorded that clip just using the built in mic on my laptop, it was done more for speed than anything else to be fair! devaitis - Thanks for your comments, very kind! I thought it sounded pretty bad?! Anyways yeah definitely with you on trying to improve the lower notes too. I think a lot of the time I'm just lazy and end up not focussing as much as I should on twang and overall support. I'm gonna try and start focussing on this more. As far as the higher notes go, I just feel that they could definitely be more relaxed and free. I think that the problem could be due to my throat not being as relaxed as it should. Any tips on figuring this out as well would again be hugely appreciated! Tommy
  10. Hi guys, I've just joined this forum and it looks and sounds great! I'm looking for some help........One main obstacle (among many, haven't been singing long at all!) is a choking sound to my higher notes. It is super frustrating as I know i can hit the notes, they just sound strained and terrible! I feel i am supporting correctly, nothing feels painful at all but I definitely feel that maybe I could ease up the pressure on my throat, it's not crazy pressure but I definitely feel that it could be relaxed. The thing I need help with is; how do i do this?? I've posted a clip of me singing a song with some higher notes in (Journey's Faithfully) . . I know this sounds pretty damn bad, but I had to choose a song with some high notes in to illustrate my point Also apologies for the recording, it was done on the fly really just through my laptop speakers. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Woo check it out, I'm no longer a forum posting virgin, less painful than i imagined (so far).