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  1. Felipe,  damn bro, you killed Man on a silver mt!  I don't think it needs any tweaking.  Great job.  Your voice sounds like one register from top to bottom and I like the way you can hit the closed vowels high in you range. It adds a lot of color and quality to your sound.  Reminds me of Tamplin.  You have made enormous improvement! Great job!

    1. Felipe Carvalho

      Felipe Carvalho

      Oh thank you man!!  I really appreciate the feedback, and that someone noticed the difference haha, thanks for letting me know!

    2. Rufus Rufus

      Rufus Rufus

      You know me, I am the guy who was suppose to write about high level singers and never got around to it.  Lol  I sent you the John Cowan videos, too.  The way you are developing the ability to do the oo's and ee vowels up high is really paying off (u are not sacrificing the natural beauty of the vowel). Your words are understandable and well balanced.  Some singers do the narrowed ah vowel continually and to me it kills any quality the song could potentially have.  Also, you can't understand the words or lyrics.   You have a great balance going between light/darkness  and it is very effective.  You are definitely on the right track now. 


  2. As long as its not a infection, you should be fine. It does affect the tone a bit, but the technique does not depend on the sinus to work.   Infection can really mess you up on the other hand.
  3. There are indications that the ammount of sleep that each person needs varies, the 7 or 8 hours rule is not true for everyone, I for example feel like crap if sleep less than 9 hours, I know people who sleep 4/5 and are good to go. That of course depends on how tired you get during the day and etc. But anyways, you should feel recovered and rested when you wake up, if not, its likely you are not having enough sleep, or, not having a good quality of sleep. This will have a negative impact, specially if its habitual (you never sleep properly).
  4. It can cause problems if too much tension/inneficient coordination is used. To know is simple, suspend the exercises and the use of the coordination for a week. If it improves the condition, you know whats wrong. GL!
  5. It almost feels like I'm using too much effot. It could be the problem, or a part of it. So the ENT decided it was ok to just ignore the problem and consider the daily degradation of quality as "normal"?
  6. There are ways of course. Do you have any problems related to the TMJ? Besides the pops, locking jaw, headaches, etc? If so it may be a good idea to consult your dentist just to be sure. You can try some massages around the area where you feel the tension kicking in, I don´t advice pushing against your jaw, try to find some exercises that makes it relax in the place. Like melting your face down with your hands, something like this: imagine that your face is melting and slide your hands down gently to aid the idea Or the "you dont say face": http://static.igossip.com/photos_2012/53/You_Dont_Say And of course, it can be a technique related issue, in this case a very good idea is singing in front of a mirror and spotting where and what triggers the tension/protrusion. When you can isolate the issue, maybe a vowel near the passage for example, you fix the execution so that the tension is no longer necessary (and repeat it over and over and over).
  7. gilad, Saw this paper today and reminded of you: http://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc3130/m2/1/high_res_d/thesis.pdf May give some insight. Its a good read anyways.
  8. On the resting time, how much do you speak? Or during the exercises? You are sweating and breathing hard, so the folds are the first to dry. And usually the gym is not exactly the same kind of space that you find on public library, people talk, and its loud. Do you do a lot of conversation in there too? Try to take a vocal rest of 30 minutes afterwards, dont experiment or force it before taking the rest, also make sure you drink water. See if it makes a difference. Still man, the doctor is always the best idea when your health is involved. Its best to be on the safe side, and singers should have the habit to go the ENT once in a while anyway. You only have one pair of these ;)
  9. Doc, prescribed medication, tons of water, lots of sleep, light meal tonight, I would have a tea with ginger to relief any inflamation, 0,9% saline solution to clean your nose. And tomorrow, besides the water all day, a long and really careful warm-up. Sing by the book, all technical even if it feels fine to let go a bit, careful with any meds or mints or teas that are anesthetic before singing, you will want to feel everything more than ever. This of course if the gig is really unavoidable... Its really not a good idea to sing when you have anything wrong with your vocal tract, even if your technique is capable of handling it... GL!
  10. :( Sorry to hear that. As rowns and Joanna said, do whatever is within your means to haste the doc visit and rehab your voice, even if it means squeezing the budget a bit... Its your working tool... Dont risk it meanwhile. I strongly recommend considering technical instruction afterwards to work on your voice endurance, health management and get strategies for maintenance and to deal with the demand, as well as a good orientation on vocal health to minimize the risks. GL hope you get well soon.
  11. gilad Indeed rule out the possibility of reflux, although something you would surely have if the larynx is getting irritated is a lot of phlegm, specially in the morning. It could be just disturbing your sleep, and sleep, along with water, are the two things that singers need to ensure to be right. But please, "damage from bellow" is not possible, bellow the folds are your lungs, not the digestive system. And even so, its not like we gargle on acid the whole night, the fluids do not have to get in direct contact with the folds to cause an issue. If that was the case, believe me, you would know it happened. So yeah,go to the doc and see if its really an issue, do change your meal for a few days. But please just forget about these fears of invisible damage, you been to the ENT and it was fine, Remember her diagnosis was of functional nature, technique.
  12. Hey Gilad, been looking at this thread for a while, advices on vocal health were spot on. And its really a very good idea to take a break when things are not feeling fine. Still I think it falls short on something... Consolidation of the middle voice takes 2 things Gilad, no matter how skilled/talented you are: good orientation, and patience/time. Alone you can "expand range". You can sing with quality and do nice deliveries, lots of people do so without ever getting to a vocal lesson. But the technical work in the middle range is literally a mess that must be undone, its usually a complex state of many things getting in the way of each other, and the adjustments if done on large changes instead of a slow progressive compensation and correction, will just shift the mess around instead of giving you understandment and control to know how to ballance it. The goal is exactly having consistency and a registration that you can absolutely trust on a live situation, regardless if its a day where you are not feeling so well, a bit of alergies, so on. The devil is on the details, I dont think you have new tricks to learn, rather you have to really iron out the issues. Any unballance on the middle voice will cause more effort, and with more effort, if you are on a day that you are not feeling so good, maybe something silly like just a bit pissed at something, you will feel that something is wrong and it will have an impact on your voice. Of course the point is not to become super-human, its exactly accepting your human condition, the fact that the activity you want to do is very, very, VERY demanding on your body and will require a lot of specialization. You have to be nearly perfect at it because in there, the error margin is too thin. Last but not least, getting more range is not necessarily a sign of improvement on this particular matter. Although progress on the definition of the middle voice makes it much easier to understand and handle "extra" range needs, the opposite usually does not hold true. Hope it makes sense, I know that it dont really help directly. But I really think thatm at the point you are, which is quite far, improvements start to require more and more attention and fine tuning, which when summed together, will give you the result you want. And by orientation, I mean a long term work together with a good teacher that can do what you want. This should avoid frustration, and Im sure you can nail it fairly quickly given your discipline and I suppose, diligence on your studies.
  13. Hi Luna, Well consider the kick in the butt given ok . Its hard to know for sure the reason for this. Your voice depends on what happens on your whole body and mind, so a change on a habitual behaviour like smoking will have an effect on it. You said yourself, there is an improvement on lung capacity, which is a change and will have an effect on support. Smoking causes a bit of swelling on the folds, which would mean you are used to them on another state of ballance. Heavier so to say. Anyways I would not be surprised that a change would reflect as a need to reposition your technique a bit to make things work. With a work to readjust emission/support probably things will be back to the way you are used to. Id say quit smoking for good now, check with an ENT to make sure your vocal health is ok and with your teacher ask for help on the issue of this change. It may take some time to readapt, but just the difference in lung capacity will make your life much easier in the future. Even if it takes some good 6 months to "learn" how to handle things. GL! :)
  14. I do it with physiological solution, 0,9%, if I feel its necessary. To me it is great to prevent sinusitis crises, and to improve my overal health condition, sometimes it gets very dry around here and I have all kinds of "itis" to deal with. In fact I think that using a few drops on my nose during the day to keep it moist is much more important to me than doing the irrigation. Ive read a lot of ENTs treating it as a personal hygiene matter instead of a treatment, dont know if its the case or not, but to me its very important, sinusitis is literally a pain to deal with if you have to sing and in my personal experience, its helpfull...