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  1. Dio Holy Diver

    Speaking as a big fan of Dio, this does not sound great at all. Take lessons!
  2. Felipe,  damn bro, you killed Man on a silver mt!  I don't think it needs any tweaking.  Great job.  Your voice sounds like one register from top to bottom and I like the way you can hit the closed vowels high in you range. It adds a lot of color and quality to your sound.  Reminds me of Tamplin.  You have made enormous improvement! Great job!

    1. Felipe Carvalho

      Felipe Carvalho

      Oh thank you man!!  I really appreciate the feedback, and that someone noticed the difference haha, thanks for letting me know!

    2. Rufus Rufus

      Rufus Rufus

      You know me, I am the guy who was suppose to write about high level singers and never got around to it.  Lol  I sent you the John Cowan videos, too.  The way you are developing the ability to do the oo's and ee vowels up high is really paying off (u are not sacrificing the natural beauty of the vowel). Your words are understandable and well balanced.  Some singers do the narrowed ah vowel continually and to me it kills any quality the song could potentially have.  Also, you can't understand the words or lyrics.   You have a great balance going between light/darkness  and it is very effective.  You are definitely on the right track now. 


  3. Man on The Silver Mountain - Rainbow Cover

    Thank you guys @Robert Lunte Dio in this era was a monster, on Rising in special, its absurd! @aravindmadis Thank you bro, I think one of the things the track is missing is Blackmore playing, the other is Dio singing . haha but the dynamics on this track are a bit (*auto edit*) up, the guitar playing is a bit too stiff, it all sounds "harder" than it should and I ended up doing the same with the vocals. Probably a bit of delay and extra reverb could help indeed.
  4. Someone screaming my name Come and make me, holy again!
  5. Thoughts on Blink of an Eye EP

    Very nice man, reminds me a bit of Muse and 30 sec to mars. Gonna listen to it more closely next days, sounds very tasteful, full of dynamics .
  6. 22, Male - What do I need to do to improve?

    Hello Ryan, I´ve listened to a few clips, Coldplay and James Blunt. There are some technical issues, but what is really getting in your way right now is rhythm and melody, you are kinda going blindfolded at the songs it seems. Listen more to these songs, pay attention to the tempo of the phrasing, notice which parts the singer uses a more "connected" sound (no pause between notes), and the more rhythimic parts (strong marking to the beat, longer pauses). Perhaps sit down on a piano or keyboard, and map the whole melody as reference. In my opinion its where you will see most improvement from what you are doing now. For these songs you might want to get a bit lighter handed, I don´t mind the more aggressive approach but most people won´t enjoy it so much.
  7. Why is my voice cracking?

    I´ve just heard the clip and honestly I have no idea of what you are even trying to do there Sing a song, these scales, done in this manner, will do you no good.
  8. Felipe Carvalho - Time (Angra Cover)

    Thank you ronws!!
  9. Felipe Carvalho - Bring Him Home (Les Miserables)

    Thank you my friends
  10. Felipe Carvalho - Time (Angra Cover)

    Thank you bro, and sorry for not seeing your reply sooner!
  11. Im not much of a fan of theater songs, but this one has a very beautiful melody line and points that call for a bit more of punch (and that I can just let go and sing all out) very fun study! https://app.box.com/s/0l8idxrzlyh9kb3q09igptoz5ztbglot Let me know how it sounds peeps
  12. Felipe Carvalho - Holy Diver ( Dio Cover)

    Little up, mix updated, some new tricks applied (and melody corrected) .
  13. Cat's in the Cradle Harry Chapin acoustic guitar and vocal

    I like it bro, voice relaxed, secure delivery, that's it, singing :). Very pleasant to listen and cool interpretation.
  14. Felipe Carvalho - The Clairvoyant

    @aravindmadis and @ronws Thanks folks! Received some very positive feed on this one .