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  1. Berton Coffin vowel mirror/echophone??

    You can use a cellphone for that purpose, download a signal generator app (on android just search for this exact name) and set it to sawtooth or square wave, then set the frequency and it will work. I don't know if it will help that much on training, but, its a curious experiment.
  2. Merry Christmas - Carol of The Bells

    My take on this nice song, with my own little twist, let me know how it sounds.
  3. Emotional Responses to Certain Musical Things?

    Have you ever seen someone on the TV shedding tears when singing a super sad song, with sad lyrics, and sad melodies, and sad backings, all so sad. With a sad lighting perhaps? A live catharsis. Did you buy into it? Would you care watching the guy crying his ass for a few hours in a show? Or did it look pretentious and over the top? I like to think of movies. Compare a good horror movie, something like the first Alien movie or The Shinning with some random trash horror title, where people are all around screaming about how scared they are and you can see these carefully crafted monsters in all their rubberish splendor? One presents a situation, a (*auto edit*) up situation, but its still just a situation without making a point of TELLING you to be scared of it. Its a setting where you can easily picture yourself in the place of one those people, and then you will not just feel scared, but also curious, etc. The other... The other is all about telling you how scary the movie is, weird monsters everywhere, bad actors dying all the time, just an overwhelming display of things that should be scary, but that leave no room for YOU to fit in, so it becomes a mockery. I am not saying it is simple or to "not feel it", but I think we need to draw a line specially when attempting to make others "feel what you feel". This just won't happen, you won't transmit your emotions through the mic cable. People can UNDERSTAND that you are feeling something, sure, but this isn't much. How many people complain about their life in a rather emotional way and are just annoying instead of entertaining? Instead I believe that using the music well, with a nice interpretation line, and not overdoing on stating the same thing repetitively, could make even indiference be part of a good experience: the listener just does not need to share your feelings. Example: If you are the bad guy on a musical, and you are dying in agony, it can very well be a satisfacting moment. And if you try to hint that, it can very well spoil it. One of the tools, probably the most powerful one, is using Tension and Release as Rob mentioned. You create patterns, which will become expectations, which then you can either fulfill (release) or surprise (tension). This can happen on the context of the harmony, rhythm, melody, phrasing style, dynamics, vowels used and even the emotions you want to show. Without this movement, even the most emotional performance will probably just sound cheesy.
  4. Echo on the performance

    For practice its best to hear yourself dry. On the shows, you hear compressor, equalizer, de-esser, reverb and auto-tune, the whole effect chain. Reverb (the echo as you said) is necessary to make it sound more natural, to sound like you are singing in a room of some sort. But should be very subtle, never upfront.
  5. Alexander Kariotis Podcast & Vowel Modification

    I think this is a bit unfair man. The guy is a singer after all, not some teenager whose mama praised for singing happy birthday and now thinks he is Freddie Mercury. He is talking about his experience with youtube material, do you really think overall quality of info on youtube is anywhere near decent? Be it with modern terms (twang?) or classical (appoggio?), out of 10 videos, 9 will be a guy/girl showing some other singer on their best performances and talking about how they know everything they are doing (using terms to "explain"), or the other way around, pointing out problems. People teaching need to know the mechanical side of course, but its no excuse to misuse the information or overwhelm someone trying to learn in order to impress, I am sure that there are many singers out there that finds it all confusing. I remember very well how hard it was to find decent information on singing when I began... You don't need to go far, I recently saw a cute "interpretation map" that a CVT guy gave for a Dio song, curbing, belting, edge, blah blah, super nice on paper. Since I am so curious about Dio, I kindly asked to hear how all that sounded in his voice. Still waiting for it to this day. And I am quite sure I will never hear it tbh... This kind of stuff is the problem.
  6. How much does face shape affect tone?

  7. How much does face shape affect tone?

    While physical differences will of course lead to differences in sound, if you sound "thin" its very unlikely its due to it. Both the singers you mentioned used a somewhat low placed, in your face, approach on the low range. I doubt you will still sound thin if you do something similar.
  8. Is there such a thing as a natural singing voice?

    There is such a thing. Its why people can identify you from how you speak. Similar to handwriting, a life-time of use develops gestures and traces that are unique to you and that you express without trying, they become "natural" for you. Its not like you were born with it, but you can not avoid it either. There are many things we can learn, but training voices is not like painting on a blank canvas. You don't just go "humm I would like to train myself to sound like James Brown". Its a very good idea to work with it, rather than against it (or worse, ignoring it).
  9. Why Are Male Keys So Difficult For Me To Sing ?

    Record yourself on one of the problem songs and one of the female songs that you can sing. Send it over so we can understand what you are doing.
  10. Question

    Ask the guy where he bought his talent'o'meter, I want one! (if possible, analog type, for a more vintage feel)
  11. Highway to Hell - RIP Malcolm Young

    Since I can´t play the guitar to save my life, this will have to do \m/ RIP https://app.box.com/s/uixx0of9tffyqdipds6ckkgjf4wn1ngw
  12. Roy Khan

    Yeah I normally would boost a couple of dbs around 6k, just for the sake of clarity (specially recording on the SM57 like in this one). I've structured this approach when I first saw this thread and forgot it. Was going to do the whole song, but I also am not finding much time lately. I can send the BT your way if want it. But I got this from youtube...
  13. Roy Khan

    The direction I would train would be something like this: https://app.box.com/s/kmblv1rr8n45hk68rhk9qyuue2u7oyvf Dunno if its "rich" in the terms you mention, but this is possible to learn for sure. EQ pretty much flat (low cut), just compression and reverb.
  14. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    As a Dio fan to me the main problem to solve is the power he delivered WITH the comfort and consistency he did it Jorn and Russel Allen come close to it, but its different, they dont use as much dynamics. I mean just listen, his voice sounds larger than the whole band. Its all up there, but it sounds so comfortable and easy you don't really notice: The minute you sound like you are trying you lose this. Thats, to me, the main problem on emulating Dio.