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    I guess it got postponed.
  2. How to find a singing teacher?

    Was not Sil Fiore in the UK?
  3. Do, Ri, Mi, Fa, So, La, TI

    What do you guys think of tools like this one? It appears listed in The Vocal Gear Store. Here is a video.
  4. Robert Lunte -Alice In Chains Tribute - "Rooster"

    I guess he means you should post it as a featured video on, Mr. Lunte.
  5. Took the plunge! I bought Pillars...

    Thanks for your prompt answer, Robert. With just that glimpse of the new things now included, 'me has abierto el apetito' as we say in Spanish. I guess I can wait until January to upgrade to 3.0 when it is ready
  6. Took the plunge! I bought Pillars...

    Please excuse me for being kind of off topic here. Robert, could we say that what Iridal and gilad just acquired is already Pillars 2.5? If so, will you make available (via download) the upgraded and/or new content at a special price for the ones of us who bought one of the first releases of Pillars 2.0 (Agust 2011 in my case)? Or is it still 2.0 and 2.5 is meant to include even more innovations? (This Training Media Interface stuff is really catching my attention, hehe)
  7. Pilot Session of the TMVW Skype Conference Project

    Thanks for the information, Dante. I've just followed your instructions when adding tmvworld as a contact.
  8. Pilot Session of the TMVW Skype Conference Project

    Could I attend as a listener? If so, does the skype account that will host the conference already exist?
  9. TVS mode/techinique?

    Greetings, Mr. Lunte. When these new onset exercises are ready and covered in the book, please let us know, so I can get them too [i bought 4 Pillars 2.0 back in Agust 2011]. Thanks a lot.