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  1. Am I singing distortion correctly?

    really cool!, for me this is a mix of 3 distortion types, false folds, creaking (vocal fry dragged up in range which is done on the true folds), and arytenoid rattle distortion i wanna congratulate you, you found a really cool sound, that a lot of people would like to be able to do! to answer your post, yes, you are using your throat, but this isnt bad, since -anatomically- you ARE producing those distortions on your throat and it would be impossible to do them in any other part (since it is done with the true & false vocal chords, and with the arytenoids vibrating, at varying degrees, at the same time). if it isnt uncomfortable, it means that it is well coordinated and efficient in regards to the distortion + throat shape + support, so if it feels good, keep doing it like that, and maintaining the sensation you found for this distortion, you are doing great!
  2. Why is my voice cracking?

    im pretty sure i answered this topic a couple days ago, mmmhh anyways "I will upload another clip of me singing scales when I can manage to sing the entire piano at some opint over the weekend" do it
  3. Why is my voice cracking?

    i would say this is what they call on CVT (as you have noticed till this point im heavily based on CVT hahah, well, on some things at least!) "flageolet split" of the voice, research what you can about this term on the CVT book they talk about this, but i have an old version, i dont know how it is currently!