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  1. Can't find my falsetto

    I've got this slight problem with my voice, and thought I'd get your guys opinions on it. Basically, as the title states, I can't find my falsetto. It's been this way for 5 years maybe? I think this whole thing started after I caught a particulary bad flu. The rest of my voice is perfectly fine and I have no problems getting into "head voice", but when I try to get into falsetto I crack and go into head voice instead. Sometimes trying falsetto even hurts. The only time I can sing stuff in falsetto is after a long gig or practice session. What's the deal? This hasn't bothered me for the longest time but I've been starting to feel as if there's this whole part of my voice I can't seem to unlock. Is this a matter of persistent vocal training or is there something wrong with my vocal cords? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Lump in my throat?

    Just tried sleeping a night with my head elevated and the difference was huge! Singing feel good for the first time in a week! Thanks a lot guys!
  3. Lump in my throat?

    For a couple of weeks now I've started getting this weird sensation in my throat after sometimes after singing. It feels kinda like I have thick mucus or something else stuck at the "root of my tongue" (or whatever it's called). At first I though it was just a flu but after it didn't go away in a week I made an appointment the see a ENT to make sure I don't have nodes or anything like that. The doctor didn't find anything and in his words my vocal folds looked "100 % healthy". He did point out that I might have acid reflux and gave me some advice on that. Anyway, what ever it was it when away after a week or so.... But now I think it's coming back. Whenever I vocalize I feel the same lump in my throat! I'm beginning to think that I might get acid reflux during the night, even thought I don't feel anything "wrong" in the morning. What should do now? I know most of you guys aren't doctors but has anybody have any personal experience with acid reflux and how to deal with it?