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  1. Would something like this get me through an open mic performance?
  2. Looking for critique...
  3. I certainly appreciate the feedback. I gave it another go and I think the result is a little different but I'm not sure if the 10.00 only gets me submission and review or if I can even do the event I can here it is...
  4. Trying to work on singing on pitch/ is appreciated.
  5. No John Prine fans?
  6. Title says it all...comments welcome.  
  7. I'll jump in...let me ask-What are your realistic goals? I'm still learning but someone ask me the same question and it really clarified things for me.
  8. Singing is def harder than I thought....I changed the way I play the guitar and started to do more travis picking.It has fallen into place and seems to better suit my style....Thanks for taking time to comment.
  9. That was pretty smooth, my friend.
  10. I don't have any hair so maybe that's my problem I really appreciate the detailed responses....lots of good advice which I try to use. "sounded a bit like karaoke".....not necessarily a bad thing. I'm not sure what that means. I've heard really good karaoke and really bad. Again, my goals are not very lofty. I'm really just trying to get to the point to where someone would HONESTLY think "he's decent/on key", passable etc...