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  1. Need your help guys!

    Gilad, I'm not an expert, it's just that your voice seemed somewhat "receded" in the mix. Hers sounded more intimate, as if she were closer to the mic and yours had been recorded further away. It's very subtle, but in a small way, it made you sound as if you were backing her up and not an equal duet partner (as I felt you should be). I hope it doesn't seem like nitpicking, sometimes I focus on weird things. It sounded great!
  2. Need your help guys!

    Liked and "liked". Would have liked your voice a little more prominent in the mix, but it sounded very pro and very good.
  3. Story of My Life - One Direction

    You have an attractive voice, just need technical work in the higher range/chorus area. But I would think your voice could get your girl if you stick to the lower range, it sounds good there.
  4. I know this is on old thread, hope you're still around. I think it's very cool that you put this together. It sounds good, the weakest part is the vocal. A lot of it just isn't together. It's like if you were playing bass and you flubbed a note, would you just let that continue, or would you go back and fix it and practice until it was right? I think you could go back and work on the vocal until it was much stronger, and then it could be easier to see if there are consistent things flaws in your technique that need to be corrected. I hope you keep working and having fun with your music.