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  1. New Song I Wrote (critique)

    Wow, man! You really have something unique here. Like somebody said in the old Eddie Vedder discussion, you can train all the vocal technique you want but in the end it's just a means to a purpose and not something that will transform you into an artist. This was truly beautiful and you sir are an artist! Looking forward to more songs from you.
  2. I think that sometimes vocal technique can "overcome" a singer in training. Like when you start to over think about what you're doing while you're doing it. It's just controlled breath flow in the end. When your breathing is "correct" it feels like alot of the other stuff just happens (even support). When you think about it more straightforward (like I guess many of these guys just think of it as a "gift") you just end up doing it right while not thinking about it and trying to force anything to happen. I'm just a newbie singer though so what do I know.
  3. Wow! I've always liked the content you've put on this site but this specially was cool with all the dynamics in the voice. It was powerful and fragile at the same time, fit the song really well!
  4. What register am i singing in?

    Wow, the non-falsetto thing sounds awesome! Good work.
  5. VIDEO HERE (Bob's) Magic Moments

    I just love this singers tone! She does the rock thing so good.