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  1. OMG. I cannot believe I just read this...
  2. Mucus

    Hi Collin, what I do when have mucus bothering me or preventing me from singing is gargle warm water with salt and a few drops of lemon. Also, when I am drinking water, I gargle every sip I take before sending it down. Sometimes when I am gargling I also try to bridge registers/resonances (from low to high pitch). However, when I get a lot of mucus because of my allergies, I do all this plus take some medicine. I hope it helps you. Take care.
  3. Compressing Over Vocal Fatigue

    Hey Man! Is this happening because you have a hard time listening to yourself over the band/backing track music? Or is it because you don't practice enough with a microphone and amplification? I'm only asking because I go through something similar. Whenever I practice at home with my acoustic guitar, I sound really good and sing with ease. Almost every time I practice with my band in a studio I get tired and lose compression by the end of rehearsal and have a hard time to listen to myself, and end up shouting/singing louder than what I need.
  4. Singing at High Level

    I saw him last night in Rio. The last concert in Brazil...And I read it somewhere he will be retiring from rock performing next year...sad...
  5. Singing at High Level

    Jeremy, that is no excuse! If you can't reach the 5th octave in a way that pleases you, just lower the key...Rock on man!
  6. Singing at High Level

    Hey, even though I posted a Cover of Five for Fighting and other by A-Ha, I have posted my shot at Sweet Child O'Mine, When Love and Hate Collide, Bringing on the Heartbreak, and still haven't posted here (only on my soundcloud account) but I just finished I Saw Red (Warrant) and Soldier of Fortune. I know it is not Metal, but it is rock. Although I have no problem singing some pop songs...
  7. How low can you go? (+ other questions)

    Even though this is not the way to assess a singer's fach, I would guess you might be a tenor, as I have the same "issue" below A2, although I can and have phonate down to E2. It is not usable in songs, yet.
  8. Huge improvement in range

    Great News Muffinhead! You were already making progress with TFPS, and now with a good vocal coach you'll be soaring high in no time! Keep up the good work man!
  9. Sometimes when I'm practicing head voice between B4-E5 with hard twang my head/ears ring so much I get dizzy.
  10. I just remembered Now and forever (Richard Marx) is a good tune
  11. Body changes from different technique?

    Hi MDEW, I think the area under your armpits might be getting a workout when you keep your ribs expanded, during singing, and so are your ab muscles because of engaging support from the diaphragm. I'm just not sure about the neck. Cheers
  12. What is twang???

    Excellent post MDEW!
  13. I am not sure about the young crowd where you live MDEW, but down here in Rio, the youngsters enjoy classic rock and 80s rock better than newer rock songs/bands. Well, at least the ones who like this type of music...