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  1. Mucus

    Hi Collin, what I do when have mucus bothering me or preventing me from singing is gargle warm water with salt and a few drops of lemon. Also, when I am drinking water, I gargle every sip I take before sending it down. Sometimes when I am gargling I also try to bridge registers/resonances (from low to high pitch). However, when I get a lot of mucus because of my allergies, I do all this plus take some medicine. I hope it helps you. Take care.
  2. Body changes from different technique?

    Hi MDEW, I think the area under your armpits might be getting a workout when you keep your ribs expanded, during singing, and so are your ab muscles because of engaging support from the diaphragm. I'm just not sure about the neck. Cheers
  3. Hi Adolph, I'm not sure who I should ask this besides Robert, but I just received a notification about the renewal of my yearly subscription in the amount of US$25.00. As the yearly subscription costs US$60.00, I was wondering if it was a mistake or I got a special discount. Many thanks in advance, all the best

  4. So, in the first clip you sang up to a C5/C5#. And in the 2nd clip it sounded like a light head voice to me. I think this is a classic example of the difference between singing notes or sirens and singing songs with words. So, the guys might be right, and you need to strengthen your chest voice up to your passaggio.
  5. That is exactly what is going on now: we are just beting on what is going on based on Rockstar's description, which might not even be accurate.
  6. Dude, I honestly think you should be the one posting a clip. Without an audio it gets really hard to identify the problem you are going through just by text. You say you can sing up to C5, but it sounds "not beautiful", right? You could be singing too heavy below your passaggio and when you go through or try to sing just past it (above it) you might be singing in falsetto, or not even that, as you used the word "squeal". Post a few octave sirens going through your passaggio, and people can give you better tips and fixes. All the best
  7. Hi Rockstar, may I humbly suggest you to post a clip of you singing parts of a few songs that you feel you do well, and other that you don't, and even maybe octave sirens spanning your passaggio. I have to agree with JonJon, if you can actually sing up to C5 connected, without flipping into falsetto, you are in your head voice/mix already.
  8. Yeah! It just happened to mine too. Actually, it didn't eat my post, just changed it...
  9. Hi Rockstar, I have to agree with Sexy Beast on this. What is your current usable/singable range? Where are you currently breaking? Cheers
  10. Great timbre Jeremy! I love this song, man! And you really did it justice! I don't have any technical advice for you, only to record it seriously with separate tracks and metronome, you know, the whole nine yards. So, you have such a bright timbre that I bet you are a tenor, although you may not know yet how to access your high notes. I was wondering how you got the effect on the voice, if it was doubling (recorded twice x copied and pasted with offset) or a really short delay. I also liked the part when you added the keys. Great job! Put it on your set list
  11. Eden- Wake up

    Yeah! I can totally relate to that Collin. I always do this too. Regarding the distortion, I may be mistaken (it would not be the 1st or last time), but I don't think it is fry, cause it sounds like overloading the mic. It could be your doing fry/distortion and getting to loud and overloading the mic. Like you, I'm planning on getting TFPOS too. Cheers
  12. Cover of Drift and Die by Puddle of Mudd

    As I know you just started training with The Four Pillars, I think you did a good job, man. I am not sure if you recorded everything in one take (I'm assuming you did), but as a fellow guitar player I would like to humbly suggest you to use backing tracks, or record the guitar in one take, and then record vocals in another track. This way you can focus 100% in your singing. It helps tremendously when students start practicing or recording songs. I don't consider myself a beginner in singing, but I notice a big difference when I do it. Although I'm getting better at coordinating both activities, at least in some songs. Also, if I may suggest you not to mimic the original singer's lack of enunciation. I found it very hard to understand the lyrics, so I listened to the original, and realized that it is not your fault. Nevertheless, way to go. Keep on Rocking!