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  1. Thanks man.. Very interesting discussion.. Really appreciate your inputs.. I will definitely try out some of the things you have pointed out... Cheers.. 

    1. Xamedhi


      You're welcome :D  Anytime, man. Keep up the good work :P 

  2. Man, that is very good You're getting the hang of how the vowel and embouchure changes while going up, and you are getting how to smooth that passaggio. Very good. Some suggestions :3 : Your head tilt to your right is a very ingrained thing, try doing the same notes, hold them for 5 or 6 seconds, and while you are in the note nod left and right, like saying no, slowly and then increasing the speed, just to check if your larynx is maneuvering freely inside and no skelletal muscles are being involved unnecessarily. It is noticeable that you put a lot of attention on how you are doing the sirens, although I'd recommend putting even more attention, and doing it even slower, at least for a week or two . Really, working slow will give you crazy control. You'll feel eveything, like a vocal Daredevil, lol Muscle memory really is key in this I'm a ballet dancer, so I know really well how muscle memory works, and how any difficulty will decrease incredibly just by knowing in your body what to do when. I tell you that because I noticed that you start to rush a bit on higher stuff, don't avoid it, or try to get through it so it ends quickly, haha. Our weaknesses can often become strengths if we put in enough attention and effort on them. I'm referring also to when you demonstrated those high shaky notes, you almost didn't have any pause in between each other, it would be better to take your time, get your muscles neutral again and try to nail it ( even if it sounds shaky again, you tried your absolute best That's what counts! ) . I promise if you do every single thing with complete awareness and detail, then in time, all you will have is what is correct... This is nitpicking, but I'm a professional nitpicker, haha. I started doing ballet when I was 16 ( OLD :'( ) and I was the weakest in my class. I have followed this philosophy of life and now I'm one of the only two students of my original class that actually graduated and got in on the ballet company. So I guess my experience counts as something, haha
  3. Man, I experience something similar on some notes like D-E and F3. CVT says that unintentional distortion can happen when you are doing a coordination that would be between two modes, like being between curbing and overdrive for example. That would be an unbalanced coordination. What I feel happens when I get this, is that the fold's adduction is not balanced with the amount of air going out, so the distortion happens. I don't know if that reasoning is true at all, but it is a hypothesis/theory(idk) I happen to relate to sometimes. It would explain what happens, also because I can correct it when it does. Practice adding more adduction with a bit more air pressure, or release a bit of the adduction and back off the air in that particular range. Just experiment and you'll get it right This distortion maybe happens because in that particular area of your voice your muscles are stronger, thus they do more work for the effort invested, idk. Hope I helped, at least to shake up the creativity :P