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  1. Felipe Carvalho - The Wicker Man

    Awesome cover of an awesome modern Maiden song. Great job Felipe.
  2. Felipe Carvalho - Time (Angra Cover)

    Felipe, I am a huge Angra fan and love all 3 of the band. Anything Andre Matos sings is usually in the high range and sounds really difficult. With that being said, this was an amazing cover of a really tough song. You did an outstanding job.
  3. Points to Jeremy for trying to lighten the mood
  4. Take Hold Of The Flame 2008

    Great job, dude! Sounded great.
  5. Rebirth by Angra - Acapella Cover

    Yes, this is the acoustic version, which is shortened. I agree, the "minutes go round and round" part is cool! Yes, I can! Although the adduction is not very good. There are some samples on my soundcloud account... the ones that sound more full are the belted ones: All "heady" placements, although not as connected as they need to be: Belt vs Head The Passagio Sirens are all belty: These are all belty head tones:
  6. Rebirth by Angra - Acapella Cover

    Thanks for the feedback and kind words... I am practicing, always trying to get better.
  7. Rebirth by Angra - Acapella Cover

    Definitely, this is something I've had issues with from the start with regards to the pitchyness. I need to train a cue with a phonation. Thanks for the compliment regarding my timbre (although Rebirth is an Edu Falaschi song ). Andre Matos is one of my major influences. I do try to hear the music as I sing, but yeah, my throat isn't cooperating. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Jabroni's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Absolutely, I aspire to sing this song properly one day. Geoff Tate is what got me into singing. Unreal voice.
  9. Jabroni's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Rob, thanks for taking the time to respond and listen to the sound clips. Earlier in my training, I was practicing D & R onsets and doing the "Elmer Fudd freestyle." Here are a couple on onsets I did last night with belting, definitely more mass and adduction here.
  10. Hi all, Decided to do a classic Angra song, acapella. Any constructive feedback is welcome. I kept it light mostly, but there are some covered belts as well. Definitely pitchy, but I'm working on it.
  11. Jabroni's TFPOS Progress Thread

    Honestly, to be able to sound full and connected in the light mass configuration. When doing onsets it sounds OK, when singing it falls through. In the belty configuration, I can get a full, voluminous sound, kind of a quasi-operatic tone. But it doesn't provide me with as much flexibility as then light configuration. I'd like to get good enough to eventually perform in a band or even in karaoke.
  12. Hey guys, Figured I'd start with my own thread like Anthony to show what I've been up to regarding training. Here are some sound samples from today: simple onsets and a couple of songs. One is Bleeding Heart and the other is Carry On, both by Angra. I recorded everything with my phone and nothing was a formal sit-down practice... I was just doing this throughout the day and in the car (limited practice time). In the Carry On sample, I definitely need more fold closure... not enough edging / front placed vowels. There is a lot of falsetto there. The Bleeding Heart sample is mostly chest voice, very relaxed and light, with a couple of belts here and there. Any input / feedback would be welcome! Rock on!
  13. Rob, is this the new online course system that you have been referring to? If it is, looking forward to seeing it!
  14. The Evil That Men Do (Iron Maiden Cover)

    Could you record that and post it? ‚ÄčI plan to do another take will a little less mass in a few days. I'll be sure to post it in this thread when I get a chance.