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  1. Judas Priest - Desert Plains

    You can learn a great deal of music by yourself without formal coaching, but you will never know until you take another person's opinion. To all of us, especially singers, we always sound good. A good teacher can add a lot of value. Value comes from interaction, from a teacher being not emotionally invested and thereby being able to see flaws, from just having a different point of view possibly from coming from a different school of learning. You can never become really good until you invest time, energy and money. For mediocrity, you have the internet and all the "free" material!!
  2. The Spirit Carries On ( Dream Theater )

    James's voice is a bit of an acquired taste. It can get very shrill and bordering on annoying. I can understand the hate that he receives on forums. But in some of the band's earlier albums, the material is so darned difficult from a singers' standpoint. The quality of their musicianship is extremely high and all members are incredible in their own repertoire. This is simply one of the highest quality of musicians who have worked together. La Brie's songs in the earlier albums are so demanding that it is difficult to do justice to them in the studio, let alone in a live environment. Most armchair critics do not realize how difficult this material is even for professionals to pull off. I have the highest regard for La Brie's work, even if it is in the studio. It is borderline impossible to sing such a tough repertoire for decades. The only exceptions I have seen are Dio and Bruce Dickenson. La Brie does modify heavily even when it is not required. So yah, it can be very tough to understand what he is singing. He is harsh sounding because his technique is toast. He is off pitch because he is signing again with a wrong technique. Still respect to this man..
  3. The Spirit Carries On ( Dream Theater )

    Thanks Rob for the kind words Yes I have seen both these videos. The lesson I have learnt is to find a way to use our own voice. I think my voice at this range sounds heavy, possibly both due to my singing and my voice perhaps being slightly higher. Fabrico obviously has used a much lighter tone consistent with his voice. I actually love Shigeki's version most musically and tonally, but I don't like his diction, possibly because it is his second language. James La Brie himself has a very light voice, lighter than mine for sure and he sings it very close to Shigeki I feel... If we analyze the same song sung by different voices, there is so much to learn. I would love to hear a Baritone with a really heavy voice cover it, so yes, I look forward to your version.
  4. Hi Folks, This is one of my favorite songs. I posted a version earlier, this is after I did some work on my musculature. Now I am able to retain more of the muscular sound even on my high notes. The verse as many will attest is one of James La Brie's finest performances. It has taken me several years to reach this level. For now happy with the outcome. Thanks to anyone who drops in a sentence or two..
  5. Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma

    Your tone is nice. I like it. But whether it is operatic, I am no judge. You have two points that you need to improve 1. Your pitching is inconsistent, there are many places where you sound off. If you can't hear that you are "off", then it means your ears are not sharp enough. You will do good to invest time in ear training. There are many many good apps that will teach you to do interval training, but best way is to listen to a lot of music and listen very actively. I can speak from personal experience, this is the best investment you can make in your singing. 2. Your tonal quality is impressive, but needs more work. You need to sound more effortless in your high range. Tonal consistency is what makes a certain singer pleasing. Right now, as in right now, this song is beyond your current level. Which is not to say that you will not be able to sing it. It just needs more work. Work of the kind that is consistent. Keep on what you are doing for 6 months to a year, both on your ear training and actual singing. You will see massive improvements. You are already at a reasonable base level. The climb from here on will become steeper and steeper and will take time and effort.
  6. Iron maiden wasted years

    You sound like Bruce in his old age.. I mean this as a compliment. The core of the vocal color is there, but there is a squeakiness in his high notes(just compare the studio versions to the live versions especially from his recent performances). This leads me to believe that you have the basic voice character to pull off and come pretty close to his studio version. Which is a big deal. You are pretty sound in the earlier parts, but the performance really tapers towards the notes. Metal singing is not about being exactly at the center of the note, but there were a few places where you sounded off beyond what is acceptable for my taste. Cheers. Keep singing and you will in due course sound like Bruce..
  7. Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

    Any Black Sabbath fans out here??
  8. Open Arms(Work in progress)

    Thanks Rob. That is very valuable feedback indeed. I had not noticed that..
  9. Open Arms(Work in progress)

    Thanks.. Steve Perry is by far the most difficult singer to emulate. All his songs lie smack on the passagio. It is easy to imagine everything going terribly wrong if not sung with the most perfect technique. You cannot force his songs in a manner that you can do wth a lot of other singers. He sings in a very high range with a light character with a lot of dynamics. That is what makes his songs so difficult. He is not monotonous in the high range. That takes a lot more skill I suppose. I guess this is where having a high tenor voice helps, since you can sing with less effort and still retain the weight. I am not sure if I can support anymore than what I am doing currently. Perhaps another two years and maybe it will sound better indeed!
  10. Open Arms(Work in progress)

    Hi Folks, This is a song that I have wanted to sing for a very long time. This is as you all know, an incredibly difficult song on the passagio. I don't think I sound anything like Steve, so it makes it way more difficult for me. It is a bit of a Mount Everest for me this song This is a work in progress version. There are some pitching issues, please ignore. I am curious to hear what you think about my tone in the chorus Thanks to anyone who can drop in a few words
  11. Love will keep us Alive(The Eagles)

    Yes I do. Bought it 2 yrs ago I think. Helped me a lot to understand concepts. I am lazy to do exercises. Always prefer to sing songs to scales. The community is awesome and like I said, I am both inspired and humbled to be in midst of so many great singers and coaches. It always pushes me to do better. I am 38 years old. I started singing when I was 34. I have been around in these forums for nearly as long. So yah, it has been great for me. Kudos to you Rob and the wonderful bunch here. I know it takes a lot of effort to set up a community like this and you are all really making the world a smaller place.
  12. Love will keep us Alive(The Eagles)

    Thanks Rob. I have to give a lot of credit to "The four pillars of singing" and the amazingly talented and knowledgeable singers here who have inspired and helped me over the years.
  13. Hi Folks, It has been a very long time since I posted. I have made some jumps in my technical skills and so thought I should post a song again. This actually I did about 2.5 years ago. Unfortunately I don't have the older recording to do a Before-After comparison. but the old version was around the time when I started to learn to bridge but had still not learnt how to smoothly connect to the chest voice. I had lot of issues then with nasality and "Quacky" sound. I think since then I have addressed some of them. One thing that I would like to share in my experience is how important it is for us singers to keep pushing the boundaries every single time. When you become better in singing, it reflects not only in your ability to do tough songs at an acceptable level, but it really improves the way you can sing "simpler" songs..
  14. Man on The Silver Mountain - Rainbow Cover

    Awesome Felipe. Singing is amazing. But something is missing in the mix to make the track jump at you. Maybe a touch of delay, not sure? Kudos..
  15. I have had a mickey mouse voice for several years. Only very recently I learned to get over this problem. It will disappear when you trust your true voice and fully start believing in the capabilities of your voice. Then you can start with almost a conversational tone in your voice and bridge to stratospheric highs without "thinking" about it. You will also sound more like yourself across your entire range. Needless to say, it will involve countless hours of singing, recording, listening and rinse and repeating this process over and over again.