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  1. JohnnyL

    Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    I've been to a concert from this tour (July in Toronto). Never heard off Ghost before but I was impressed. Then Bruce started singing and, well, the guy is a legend for a reason. The big comparison I did was actually between Maiden's guitarists (to avoid the long story altogether - Dave's approach to live tone worked better to my ears than Adrian's...)
  2. Various genres have different standards as to virtuosity and proficiency. While in Opera and some forms of technical Metal it is important for a singer to show perfect control and extended range, in some styles of music you need to be more down to earth. It's the same with the lyrical content - most Opera's were written about royalty, and with operatic metal the texts are often about fantasy, gore and sci-fi. Sometimes it's nice to hear about everyday life dilemmas and even if you talk about great events - to hear the perspective of a private in battle and not the warlord... think what type of voice fits where... aiming for great technique is nice, the problem starts when it makes you ignore everything else related to the song. I missed this forum... great discussions.
  3. JohnnyL

    Let's Do a TMV World Song Together!

    I don't see anyone as genius. Too easy to start throwing around examples of good or bad things a person does... Again - good songs are a matter of definition, taste and mood... Zeppelin might be great for you (and also for me) but a lot of people don't like them for their music and that's it... I have a big issue with their lack of integrity not with the big hits... And you know what? here's an experiment - you try ripping them off. You have the production tools right? take one song and see what you can improve in it. For starters, I bet you can do a better job with the lyrics (Plant usually didn't try too hard)... then post it as your own and pretend that there's no problem with plagiarism as you "made it better".
  4. JohnnyL

    Let's Do a TMV World Song Together!

    Funny thing is - they constantly received horrible reviews from the Rolling Stone magazine critics. I read somewhere that critics were getting hate mail from LZ fans and there were even critics quitting as the editors demanded to tone down the criticism as LZ were very popular. I think that I'm in the small unpopular group who see the too many faults in Led Zeppelin.
  5. JohnnyL

    Let's Do a TMV World Song Together!

    Well - I think Zep managed to rip-off something from each one of them... I've been a long time Zep fan and could (and still can) play A LOT of their riffs. Taking vocal lessons made me recognize Robert Plant's great talent. However - when I discovered the unaccredited originals of Whole Lotta Love and then Dazed and Confused and finally the Lemon Song - something snapped. I mean, everybody steal, or at least might write something that unintentionally sounds like something they heard and really don't remember what it was. However, with Zep it was a method and not an accident or a happens here and there. The other thing with them is that 90% of their lyrics are nonsense. People talk about how stupid current pop lyrics are... Robert had such a great voice that he could make an idiotic line like "You need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin', I'm gonna send you back to schoolin'" sound like it really means something... not to mention the hey-hos in the end like he's pulling a gigantic turnip... Plus, on every album there are a bunch of crap songs.... So - no, I don't find Zeppelin more genius than other bands/artists. Best production values in Rock history, I'll easily hand this on to them. Lyrics? they had their moments, not too many of them though. Songwriting abilities? they'd be kicked out of the competition for methodical plagiarism.
  6. JohnnyL

    Confusion when achieving fuller highs

    Thanks. So, any suggested exercises one should do to get more orientated? or should I just give it sometime and keep practicing as usual?
  7. JohnnyL

    Confusion when achieving fuller highs

    You've just defined my problem - and defined it really well. I get a sensation that is completely different than what I expect to feel when I hit a certain high note. I hit an A4, it sounds like an A4 but the sensation is much lower.
  8. JohnnyL

    Confusion when achieving fuller highs

    The question wasn't about belting vs. mixed voice. I'm pretty sure I'm not belting as I never practiced belting, at least not knowingly... Not sure how a soundclip would help here... It's not the technique I'm worried about - it's more about perception or psychology. What happens is that I'm hitting a note in a voice that is much fuller than I expect it to be (it doesn't have to be full on an absolute scale, just fuller than I expected) and then hesitate singing the next line...
  9. I've been able to sing in a much fuller sounding voice in higher notes (let's say D4 and above?). I think that what I'm doing is more mix than belting. When a high note, let's say an A4, comes out full I'm sometimes surprised with the result while I sing. It's not a fun: "wow, I sound so full in high notes!" but more like "it came out very full compared to what I was expecting, am I off-key?". Usually - the answer is "no". However, when singing, this moment of doubt is problematic and might cause mistakes in the next notes. Anyone ever encountered something like this? ideas on how to deal with it? I'm trying to sing quite a lot to get used to my high register but I didn't manage to enirely resolve this (crazy?) problem...