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  1. Congrats Adolph! But you sure he needs a mic? Something tells me his mom thinks he's quite loud enough as is. :)
  2. LIFE BY THE DROP -Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Nice version of a great song! Is that you playing guitar too?
  3. Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana

    Stick with it! You are in tune and your tone is pleasing. There's not a lot of power/dynamics in your voice yet, but that will come with practice.
  4. The man who sold the world - Need feedback

    You're off to a good start Donduck! I wish I had started singing at 16. Just my opinion and others may chime in to disagree, but I think a song like this can be difficult to pull off because it does not have a superstrong melody. You kinda need to bring a certain energy or emotion to it to make it work IMO. And at times you really do have a similar vibe as Kurt, but at other times, the emotion lags a little bit. So I would say listen back to it a few times and look for places where you can bump up the energy a bit. However, be very careful as you can easily hurt your voice if you are trying to exactly mimic Kurt.
  5. Opinion on my voice:)

    I like it. Lots of character.
  6. Audioslave gasoline cover + video

    Nice. You sounds a lot like Cornell.
  7. Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

    That's very nice Elena!