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  1. I guess singing the same word while alternating pitch would help your sense of pitch. Not sure about the other stuff.
  2. I almost thought that was somebody else. I'm a beard guy though. Don't like how I look without it and my shadow comes back by the time the day is over. You know I'm proud of you, man. You used to join the singing challenges all the time. You really came up. And that's the best story Queen could have read here. The worst possible thing somebody could say is you suck. I had the privilege of having a family who didn't tell me I sucked. Other people gave me positive and some negative comments. But when it comes down to it, who cares. You're not doing it for anybody else. You're doing it for yourself.
  3. I think just doing the exercises will get her out of it. Once I started doing the exercises properly and then trying some of my favorite songs and getting better at them, little by little, I would get more confident. By the way, looking very distinguished with the stubble!
  4. Yeah, Kev, I think most people who have been training for some years are really surprised at what they're able to do. I don't even like saying odds, because it sounds more out of your hands.
  5. I seemed to just have accomplished one big thing that I didn't put on my list. I've had problems with my vibrato for a while. First, I used it too strongly and too much. Then I realized it became a crutch for not singing clear voiced. So, I started singing clear voiced a couple months ago and things started sounding better. I didn't realize how much of a good sound you could get out of that. Still had problems when I did use vibrato though. It would mess up my pitch about 25% of the time, because it would add another syllable to the end of whatever phrase I said. I ended up developing something where my jaw twitches and I stop it before that extra syllable comes on (I've noticed some singers have the same twitch). Yesterday, I happened to stumble upon a placement in the back to where everything is smooth. I don't feel like I really have to steer it to use it as an effect. It just comes on and off as I use it, and anytime I mess up with it now, it appears to be me doing something else improperly. The summation is, my vibrato was completely controlled and I thought I just had to keep using it the way I was using it to get it under control, but I stumbled upon another way to use it, and it's easier and more efficient.
  6. I read that the same way MDEW did. Didn't even see studies being linked because of the formatting. I was really talking about most of what Stoney was saying though. Specifically didn't like that little part about top athletes. I just don't believe in setting limitations like that. Seems unnecessary. It's discouraging to people who are just starting. You don't know how far you will go.
  7. Most instruments are out of tune before you try using them. Don't be afraid to sound bad. You have to learn how to tune your instrument. Stop judging yourself so harshly. You do it quietly, but you have to do it louder. Go somewhere you can be alone if you need to. When I started, I would do 30 minutes of scales in my car everyday.
  8. To clarify, you mean the 4th "La", right? She says, "Say La La La La-La". I wouldn't call what she does on the 4th "La" an actual run. She just says it twice, fast. You could do that if you just practice basic singing scales off YouTube. Do the exercises here from 2:26 and onward: I can hear the Gnash video now, but it's trickier for me to explain, so I will let somebody else chime in. It's not that complicated either though.
  9. I can only listen to that second song. All I hear is La La La La-La . The 4th time it's just twice, quicker.
  10. I use a karaoke app. The songs on there usually have the words playing across the screen while the songs are playing and they are regularly updated. You can also replay parts of songs so you can keep trying difficult spots
  11. Already made some progress on the distortion front. Before, it would take a lot of effort to use it while actually singing. I could only do it once in a while, while I was singing, without going out of key on the first try. And the kind that would come out would often be a flavor of distortion that's too heavy to use with the type of stuff I sing, Sang something here to demonstrate that I can switch from clear voice to distortion and then back. I started using a different placement. I can do it this way more consistently. Still needs some work, but on my way
  12. Not too many other R&B guys here, lol. I actually recently posted how I met Lauryn Hill a bunch of times in one of the other threads, who happens to be one of Adele's biggest influences. That's important because knowing who inspired the people that inspired you can further inspire you and keep your flame going. Thinking about which songs you like also can help you with figuring out what kind of techniques you want to develop.
  13. You don't have to get into why it's hard, because you won't know that when you start out, lol. Just a song you think you can sing better than any other song you like, without hurting yourself. At at one of my first lessons, my teacher asked me what my favorite song was and to try and sing it. I said I couldn't. At that time, my favorite song was a song where the guy sang while drifting back and forth between falsetto and full voice throughout the song, but also multiple times within a single phrase. Then he sang with vibrato and used melismas at the same time (at that point, I could barely do any melismas whatsoever), and at one point, did both while employing rasp. Of course I didn't know all of that at the time, but I just knew I couldn't really sing it well. Now, if I had showed him the original, he probably would have tried to explain it to me to try it without the different dynamics, but you don't understand all that when you've yet to have lessons. It's important not to try to sing something very difficult because you want people here to tell you where you are starting from. If you are trying to do certain relatively advanced techniques that you can't do properly, it's harder to see what basics you do and don't have.
  14. Of course you can. There's a few things you can do. For one, you should look into getting lessons. You could get either one-on-one lessons or Skype lessons. One other thing you could do is to take one song you like, not anything too hard, but a song you really like, and try to sing it, and make a recording of it. You could download this app if you're looking for an easy way to do that. Then you can buy a singing review on here for $10, post the recording, and then people can help you with telling you what you need to work on. Reviews can be bought here. You must be serious about it though. It could take years to get the voice you want, but your voice is the one instrument that you could never put down, so you should always keep practicing. Also, join our singing challenges, which are challenges to yourself rather than competitions against other people, to keep your eye on the prize and stay working on your voice.