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  1. Don't worry, these are not challenges against each other. These are challenges against yourself. We select songs that aren't easy and work on them. I heard your clips. You are certainly capable. No pressure though. It would just add another element to your practice.
  2. Great going, Muffin! You should come join us and take on the challenges in the Challenge forum.
  3. Thank you. Anything in particular that needs work?
  4. Thank you for coming and seeing my exercises. T&R: Alright, I understand what is being said here. I need to look in the book at edging. I actually did keep the Track and Release exercise going until I was on a note that I couldn't quite maintain pitch on. I trimmed this audio file and a couple others so that you could see just the notes I could do comfortably. Now that I know you want to see me go all the way, I will leave that on next time. D&R: Cool. I need to look at respiration in the guide because that's another term I don't understand. I will also keep in mind to lower the larynx. Q&R: I do notice the change that can be heard when I open the embouchure. I will work on it. W&R: Oh, is the idea to do every exercise as loud as I can? W&R + Glissando: Oh, it's windy as well. I think I'm coming to see the way things need to be done. Increasing the volume is an easy way to channel the aggression and the aggression makes it easier to maintain the compression. I also do have a breathing problem but I did see a guide last night to repair that.
  5. Did the exercises. Stopped right where things started to constrict. Don't usually sing with much volume, so I gotta get used to it. Also did a siren Track and Release with Guide: Dampen and Release: Quack and Release: Wind and Release: Wind and Release Siren:
  6. Think I gotta work on my resonant tracking. The vibration is there but I don't think it's strong enough and it's definitely not as loud as done on the instructional videos. I was about to upload an exercise but it would make too much noise now. I was going to do the Track and Release along with the mp3. I will just do it real quick tomorrow. I'll probably do a few others like Dampen and Release, Wind and Release and Quack and Release. Just gotta practice the vowel transitions on that first tuning workout a little more and I can use it.
  7. Will do, Coach. I've already done several of the workouts, but I want to put stuff in here regularly to keep me accountable. And I'll be able to see how I gradually improve.
  8. Alright, so 5 months later, here we go! Going to upload some stuff within the next few days.
  9. Nice work, muffin. And Robert is right about jumping into things. I'll be posting in my progress thread very soon so you'll have somebody else posting progress regularly with you.
  10. Good luck!
  11. I'm about to start doing something like bi-weekly check-ins. It will be a nice way of monitoring my progress, and keeping me accountable with practice.
  12. Yeah, I'm thinking that type of sound is more reserved for Rock. I'll probably do some Rock covers at some point (I'm a Jersey boy, and there's Bon Jovi and Springsteen), where I'll use that. Who knows though. I know it's got that airy quality to it because falsetto mode is involved.