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  1. I guess so. Is it all emotional though? Or are there technical aspects of sound that will get that effect. I haven't seen anybody do what I'd call overacting. Maybe I just haven't seen it. I'm not working on anything, lol. Just a general question.
  2. Do you think developing the connection to songs for yourself would be more difficult than doing something to make somebody else feel what you're singing?
  3. 'I should have said, "You may post examples if you wish"
  4. I was just thinking about the emotional responses that some of us get from hearing music, particularly singing, and I was wondering, what causes it? Like nails on a chalkboard will make the hair stand up on the backs of the necks of a lot of people. Other sounds will have a similar effect but in a more comforting manner. People often talk about something giving them "chills". What quality about certain sounds can end up resulting in that kind of effect? And for anybody responding, what, as far as music goes, has given you an emotional response?
  5. Can't sing low notes.

    It sounds like maybe you use a lot of falsetto. When I was just starting, I would do a lot of that and it would cause my lower range to be harder to sing in afterwards. It goes away after singing in that part of your voice for a while.
  6. Question

    Completely ignorant. Comments like that are the reason somebody will start several years from now, instead of right now, because they'll realize it's absolutely incorrect. And I don't know what the "X-Factor" is, but it sure as hell isn't "most vocal skill".
  7. Is there such a thing as a natural singing voice?

    The funny thing about that is I used to have a huge speech impediment. I went to a speech pathologist and it didn't get any better. My friend told me I could learn to sing and when I started doing lessons, after 2 years, it was just gone. Wicked.
  8. Is there such a thing as a natural singing voice?

    I don't understand the purist thing about trying to encourage people not to be influenced by other singers. I guess there is a certain configuration where a lot of things happen easily, but what's wrong with wanting to sound like somebody else, if that's what pleases you, rather than trying to please somebody else. You don't need to sound exactly like somebody, down to every last detail, for it to be clear that you sound somewhat like them.
  9. Turning on the whistle?

    I'm just going to give you some advice. Don't go for whistle right now. I did the same thing, but I had been practicing for a couple years. A LOT of people do this. I was actually told I probably shouldn't go for it at that time, even though they said I was doing some things alright., they were right. This is a really cool trick, but it's not as useful when you've got other core things you need to work on.
  10. Youtube Copyright... fair use

    What are IP violations? Has the "problem" been corrected?
  11. How would I know if I'm a baritone or a tenor?

    If you've been practicing everything right, then probably a tenor.
  12. Youtube Copyright... fair use

    You used an instrumental track?
  13. Baritone pop?

    I saw in the other thread that you got 4 Pillars. That's great! It's a great self-study system. The best. Rob will probably tell you, when you get near your breaks, don't slow down. Yeah, it doesn't sound as good, but it will later. I'm a big falsetto guy too. Make sure you train your whole voice because it will open up your range. Brendan is doing great. I hear he's even been doing all the production.
  14. Baritone pop?

    Watch out. Some instructors are very opinionated and it messes with their teaching. They have god complexes. And don't be fooled by a great singing voice, because that doesn't mean they know how to teach. John Legend And here's a Brenden Urie song you might like
  15. Singing in the car

    You don't want to be forced to sing quietly. Let freedom ring.