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  1. B2M- On Bended Knee

    Exactly, buddy. Keep practicing.
  2. B2M- On Bended Knee

    Wow! Boyz ii Men and I didn't even get to hear it! Who's part was it? Was it Shawn? Was it Wanya? Edit: It wouldn't play at first and I thought it said it was locked, but I heard it. You have a good base, brother. If I would say anything, I would say to try to put more passion into it. The Boyz almost sound like they're crying when they sing this. And try to work on your runs.
  3. Should I start singing? Review my singing.

    Do you want to learn how to sing? It's not something that most people can just do. They practice. Talent is developed. I haven't heard the song, but I assume that's by Ariana Grande. She has one of the most impressive voices in mainstream music today. I've been following her for like 9 years. She developed that voice. She has been singing since she was a kid. She used to actually perform for her parents every few days. She's also had lessons for years. See that? Even she recognized the importance of training. You start out with the desire and then practice to get better.
  4. Rate my singing please ;)

    Crazy what X Factor and all those shows will have you believe, huh?
  5. Why is my voice cracking?

    And I'm saying that as in he doesn't even need to go looking around for anything. It's an incredible luxury to have the key to everything just sitting there. You don't have to look for it. When you're a beginner, and you don't know how things work and you have no idea what you even need to do to make things work, it can take a lot of time to make progress. Even after taking lessons for some years, I went on the self-teach route for a few years, and I've just now started making big progress because I started doing something that a musical friend of mine told me to do like a year and a half ago. I realized I was listening to him. So, to just have it all there and have somebody telling you to "do this" or "that" exercise, and have things start to work before you even full realize why they're working, that's a very worthwhile investment.
  6. Why is my voice cracking?

    You can work it out, Cats. Just trying to do too much at one time. Work on your pitch first. What I hear is the actual scale you're singing doesn't sound like you just completely don't know what you're doing; it's off based off the reference note you're playing, and the notes you're singing in the scale tend to trail off. Try playing the note and matching your voice to the note while the note is actually ringing out, and then record it. Then you'll be able to hear whether you can match your voice to the pitch you are hearing. Once you can do that, you can sing the scale starting from that note. And you should also be mindful of the vowel sounds you are making when you do these scales. Focus on the sounds "A" as in "Aye", "E", as in "Ee", "I" as in "Eye", "O" as in "Oh", and "Oo" as in "Ooh". Hold onto the vowel all the way through the scale. Right now, you are focused on your voice cracking while singing notes in your head voice and you demonstrate that by performing a scale improperly, from the wrong reference pitch, while in falsetto. You sound the same as I recall hearing you in that initial Radiohead cover you posted. I said it before, and I will say it again: Four Pillars would be wonderful for you. And this is coming from somebody who has it and sees how you can benefit. Tons of exercises. Robert does many of them, so you can actually do them along with him and perform them as he does them, just like I used to do with my vocal coach. That alone would allow you to work on pitch, strengthen your voice and help develop timbre. There are clear workflows to guide you through the delivery, step by step, which will allow you to pinpoint exactly what you are having trouble with. And then there is the section on this forum for Pillars students to help troubleshoot things further. I think you'd be well on your way with that. Otherwise, you can still solve these problems and work on your voice, but it's much more involved. With Pillars, it's just all sitting right there in the luggage; you just have to unpack it. But, like I said, you can work it out.

    Is it over already?
  8. Why is my voice cracking?

    Hey Cats, Whenever you post a clip of your singing and ask for it to be critiqued, it becomes a Review my Singing Request. The Review my Singing (RMS) forum is a consultation service that we provide to help you get feedback on your singing and training. As such, it is a paid service because a thorough consultation of your training and singing takes time. We wish to provide you the best feedback and insights regarding your singing that we can. Kindly navigate to the link below if you wish to pay for a review.
  9. Blue sunken dream

    Were you trying to keep it down?
  10. Fire and Rain

    Yeah, I thought about that. Then there is the whole paying thing. I think you can only do like one song unless you pay. I recommended it to people here before. If nothing else, it's a nice tool for singing a lot of stuff, improvisation and getting feedback.
  11. Fire and Rain

    Wow, this is gold. You're grooving
  12. Fire and Rain

    Yeah, I just didn't want to bother with anything until I thought I was getting somewhere with my voice. I've got GarageBand and I think I still have Logic Pro.
  13. Fire and Rain

    Wow, yeah it was. Every recording I put on here was with that, because it was always easier to do just so people could hear me. One of my resolutions in the resolution thread is to make something with my computer. No idea I was using that. I remember you mentioned it in the book. Thanks for listening.
  14. Fire and Rain

    Well, I did the thing : D
  15. What do you think about this ??

    Welcome Safa1, This forum is for a consultation service that we provide to help you get feedback on your singing and training. As such, it is a paid service because a thorough consultation of your training and singing takes time. We wish to provide you the best feedback and insights regarding your singing that we can. After you have made a payment, reviews will be available for you and THIS post will be removed. Click Here: