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  1. Well, let's be kind. I just think that any time you start looking at symptoms, you might end up thinking you have anything and everything
  2. Found a guitar professor who's been on stage with some big names. Starting lessons this week. Plan is in motion
  3. Rob just suggested the song below. Sounds like a cool jam. Who else wants to try it?
  4. I would say to anybody who thinks they might have a health issue, and not just a vocal health issue, don't diagnose yourself. I'll never forget being 14 and thinking I wasn't going to see another day because of Web MD There are lots of singers who have nasal voices and it's not because all of them happen to have a health problem. I say that so somebody starting out or somebody who just doesn't know their voice that well yet doesn't read this and think they have one of these issues because they think their voice fits one of these criteria. I'm not saying this stuff is 100% wrong, but that it might be right in a very specific case where these voice changes are the only symptoms you have. Like, if you've got throat or thyroid cancer, a hoarse voice is probably not the only big thing going on. If you think something might be off, just go get it checked.
  5. Exactly why I was saying you could do more with it once you get the fundamentals down. It's usable without a certified coach, but it's more usable for somebody who has been working on their voice for a couple years than someone starting out.
  6. Please don't endorse pirating. Complete Vocal Technique is one of the few systems out there where you can learn more than you would learn from a $15 vocal exercises cd from Amazon. It's actually worth the money! Though I think you could do more with it once you get the fundamentals down. Pillars is probably the better thing for you now, if you were to buy a system.
  7. Been a little while since the last one was proposed and started. We've done genre-related challenges, which are self descriptive, and theme-related challenges. What are you up for next? Say it loud and proud!
  8. Hey Cats, Whenever you post a clip of your singing and ask for it to be critiqued, it becomes a Review my Singing Request. The Review my Singing (RMS) forum is a consultation service that we provide to help you get feedback on your singing and training. As such, it is a paid service because a thorough consultation of your training and singing takes time. We wish to provide you the best feedback and insights regarding your singing that we can. Kindly navigate to the link below if you wish to pay for a review.
  9. Steven Perry is Zeus and Steven Tyler is the Minotaur. That's why nobody has even seen him for like 10 years; he's been in the labrynth. If your favorite singer can't even bridge above M5 then I'm sorry, they're trash. Just playing.
  10. I'd like to go lower too. Get into bass territory.
  11. Try to get out of the whole mindset that you don't sound like a "man". You are a young man. People have different voices. And even beyond that, puberty isn't the end of the changes to your voice. It continues to change as you get older. So you are comparing your own voice to people much older than yourself and saying that you sound your age, but you don't like it. I say that just to make a small note that you can get carried away with comparing yourself to other people. You're not any less of a guy because your voice is naturally higher. I'm around your age and I'm a baritone. I don't think that I don't sound my age. My head voice is actually bright, but when I go lower I can get a darker effect, but part of it is I also like to drop my larynx a lot, so listen to what Draven is saying.
  12. Lol, I think there may be marketing to people with deeper voices by telling them they can sing higher too. I don't know about the "more males use the internet" thing, lol.
  13. I guess singing the same word while alternating pitch would help your sense of pitch. Not sure about the other stuff.
  14. I almost thought that was somebody else. I'm a beard guy though. Don't like how I look without it and my shadow comes back by the time the day is over. You know I'm proud of you, man. You used to join the singing challenges all the time. You really came up. And that's the best story Queen could have read here. The worst possible thing somebody could say is you suck. I had the privilege of having a family who didn't tell me I sucked. Other people gave me positive and some negative comments. But when it comes down to it, who cares. You're not doing it for anybody else. You're doing it for yourself.