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  1. Recent Analyisis of Freddie Mercury's Voice

    I think that he actually was a tenor,that destroyed his voice with bad tehnique and after that started to sound like baritone. I am tenor,and when i hurt my voice(for example with cold drinks or sour food) ,I sound pretty much like baritone myself.
  2. Male singers that sound like women

    wow,yea sounds like girl I still belive that it is in the most cases just good singing technique,and in same rare cases natural voice.
  3. So is that possible by nature or it is just a goodtehnique?
  4. Thank you,didnt know that that can be that much dangerous!
  5. "LuKa ;) I will probably do that later,I do not have money now for that,and I am still working on old one.
  6. Yea,I am bad with rasp,If I want rasp I need to drink cold water.But I tried to sound more bluesy.
  7. ​Because this was not competition who can sing higher or lower note! I was just curious about extremes I don´t care for range as well,I´ve made few songs and they are all below my break (a4). But i like to scream when I am home alone
  8. Tnx guys,very interesting !
  9. Classification and Fach

    Sorry for early replay bro I agree with your post.
  10. ​Ofc That was just try to find limit.
  11. Classification and Fach

    Male voices: - Bass - F2 - F4 - Baritone - A2 - A4 - Tenor - C3 - C5 Female voices: - Alto - F3 - F5 - Mezzo - A3 - A5 - Soprano - C4 - C6 This is not correct,since that is only for Operatic singers...And female singer in opera do not sing in full voice.Girl I know (soprano,her voice is "helium like high") and before vocal training she could only hit d5 in full voice,now she could belt G5 but still.I am tenor and I could hit F2. Alto and tenor probably have same placement.
  12. For me it was weak C8 in whistle register.In full voice(If we can call that full voice) screamy strained Eb6 with touch to E6.The lowest I ever measured was E1 in fry day after 10 beers.