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  1. Thank you,didnt know that that can be that much dangerous!
  2. "LuKa ;) I will probably do that later,I do not have money now for that,and I am still working on old one.
  3. Yea,I am bad with rasp,If I want rasp I need to drink cold water.But I tried to sound more bluesy.
  4. The Four Pillars of Singing - Best Training Practices

    At the moment Establishing the resonet track and bridging and connecting with calibrations I am still seacrhing what works the best for my voice ps . I dont know which password to use :/
  5. Thank you maestro! I am working at the moment on The Foundation Building Routine
  6. Tnx bro! I hope so ps. I can hear that I was out of pitch few times,but I was borred to record again
  7. Hello guys,my name is Luka I must say that only after few hours of reading book,and about hour of watching videos ,I was able to do this(It is probably bad and for sure needs more practice ,but still before this it was like dream for me to hit those notes without hurting my voice ) :
  8. Do you find this as funny?

    I am thinking about  4 pillars,but there also some some other courses,so I want to search a bit to find which one is best for my voice. ..Axl rose is screaming and he sounds thin(I like his voice,but that is not sound I want to have),I want to belt effortlessly up to let say C,D,E and have that round ringing sound, everything above have to be screaming right? Even females sounds screamy that high,and I dont want to scream. but I want to ask could baritone have that tenor natural high sound(vocal weight if I not wrong),and do I have that sound? I am more into pop/rock then metal or hard rock so I dont want that metal sound ,I am more for nice colour then just power and range      
  9. Do you find this as funny?

    yea ,something like that like „if I am baritone high singig will destroy my voice„. but could baritone sing high without sound strained? I notticed that when baritone try to cover tenor song it always sounds bit weird.
  10. Do you find this as funny?

    tnx man I would post some regular covers soon.How would you classify my voice ? low tenor,high baritone etc?
  11. This is my funny cover Sorry for bad english! This is way out of my range,but I give a short try,so is it possible with good vowel modification  make this sounds good?   ps. I usually sing in regular male range