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  1. Maciek P. - Riptide [Vance Joy cover]

    Thank you for warm welcome! I hope for some good criticism to learn as much as I can. I imagine singing as my way of living in the very near future!
  2. Hey! I decided to come back here after really long time. Some of You may remember me from my duet videos, but life is life and I'm trying to do something on my own now for some time. Could I get any feedback? Any criticism? This video is a bit old but I think it's one of the songs I feel most comfortable with If someone like it or think that it's worth it I would really appreciate subscribtion on my channel, it means a lot Cheers, hope to stay here for longer period then last time!
  3. Knocking On Heavens Door [cover]

    ​Thank you very much Jarom But what do you mean by something more belty? (yes yes, my understanding of english language is sometimes "perfect" :P) You mean more "difficult" song more or less? ​Thank you Pekka, it means much!
  4. Hello again! Well we haven't been here for a while, but now we have more and more spare time so I guess it should be better. So... Neighbourhood Days (big party) once again, with few songs from our duo. We choose to post "knocking" and listen to some criticizm/advices - both are really welcome and helpfull, along with every kinds words And yes... I know that stress is still with us ^^ Knocking On Heavens Door [cover] By the way, if you like it and want to be "with us" subscribe our channel, it means much!
  5. Give Me Love [cover]

    Thank you very much Pekka And yea, nerves are really annoying for us becouse when we're sitting in the room (just two of us) everything is fine and we're really relaxed. But when we record video or play in front of the people we're quite stressed. But I guess that's just beginners issue?
  6. Give Me Love [cover]

    Hello! Finally me and my friend Sylwia made something new. We made this song really fast (in the terms of cover making), but never had time to record it, but now we made it. We just hope you'll enjoy it and give us some new advices... Of course you're really welcome to subsribe our channel and "be with us" on this first music steps
  7. Hello again! After posting video with "Big Jet Plane" cover, made by me and my friend Sylwia we had a small break due to university exams. Our duet will definitely come back slowly with some new songs, but for now I tried to do something myself (becouse after longer break I don't "feel my voice" - if You know what I'm talking about) Stil... I hope that your ears won't explode. All criticizm is welcome ... is it not the reason we all are here? Cheers! Maciek
  8. Big Jet Plane [cover]

      Thank you again. It would be totally cool to be (if I can call it that way) true part of this community and actually help other people, instead of "only" waiting for video reviews if you know what I mean. But as you also mentioned we're just beginners, so I think it's a long road before this happens. If we speak about posting more stuff, we actually had christmas break so we can say we finished 2014 year by posting two videos on our youtube channel. Now, when the new year started we'll definitely work hard to make a big step forward (not only by working on our voices, but also by posting more videos or even making some small live performances)... becouse as we see, it's worth it And about the song you posted, we'll definitely look at it!  
  9. Big Jet Plane [cover]

    Thank you for some motivating stuff, our teacher told us one day that it's not so easy to find someone like this (I mean who will fit you with his/her voice - on the harmony meaning) so I guess I should be double happy about that
  10. Big Jet Plane [cover]

    Hello! I'm quite new here so I hope you won't be cruel. We (me and my friend) would like to hear some opinions about our cover of "Big Jet Plane" song, originally played by Angus & Julia Stone. I hope you enjoy it And we appreciate all the criticizm & motivating words from all of You (dear vocalist community)