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  1. Sexy Beast

    The truth about 'lifting'?

    Not trying to prove you wrong or anything but why would you wanna do that?
  2. Sexy Beast

    The truth about 'lifting'?

    Sounds like you have a classical teacher. I think the "lift" as you call it is related to lifting the soft palate. Anyway if you feel it helps go for it.
  3. Sexy Beast

    Sunfly karaoke

    Haven't listened to them but they're probably just cheap recreations of the originals. For the backing track to sound just like the original you need to bounce the original track without the lead vocals so you get an instrumental + background vocals (this is something only the mix engineer can do). Or you have to spend a lot of time copying the original track: learning the parts note for note and carefully selecting/designing sounds. That is a lot of work!
  4. Yes I understand F1 and F2 for different vowels are not fixed they depend on vocal tract size (a chipmunk's vocal tract is obviously smaller than a human's) and can also be modulated somewhat. Still I think my explanation is good enough for most people. They don't wanna know all the details they just want a simple explanation that makes sense. The main point I wanted to get across is that vowel tuning is real.
  5. Pitch is a frequency, vowels are frequencies. You need to tune the frequency of the vowel (formants) to the pitch you are singing. No ammount of "support" is gonna change this.
  6. Sexy Beast

    I think I'm a tenor, but I want to be baritone

    If you are using your voice correctly and still sound kind of thin and boyish then I'm sorry but this is your voice you're gonna have to live it...
  7. For most people it's the opposite...
  8. Sexy Beast

    Do rock singers deliberately 'thin' their voice?

    hmmm... nice bottom...
  9. Sexy Beast

    What Famous Musicians Have You Met?

    Have you guys ever shagged anybody famous?
  10. Sexy Beast

    What happens after the training is complete?

    Well let's see...: bimbos, hoes, limos, ...
  11. Sexy Beast

    Looking for ideas for a vocal tip video series.

    Can you make one on Mark Gormley's stage techniques especially the "power stance"?
  12. Sexy Beast

    How Can I Get Rid of Morning Voice?

    Hot tea is not gonna do much for you... Learn good singing and speaking technique and check your diet/lifestyle/allergies etc...
  13. Sexy Beast

    Inhale the voice technique

    I also teach people how to sing without sounding like they're taking a dump...