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  1. I wanna know what is my register (mp3 audio inside)

    I wanna know what my fach is... I want you to show me...
  2. Lift up, Pull Back & Track & Release (Four Pillars) 

    Just listened to your sample, not bad. I don't know 4pillars but aren't you supposed to keep an "ee" vowel all the way through the exercise? The vowel is distorting on the top note.
  3. 'Cry', Yawn, Support and Lifting of soft palate

    Just for the record: Singing Success is not SLS it's a vocal program. Studying with an SLS teacher is not the same as using the Singing Success program. There's nothing wrong with goo, gee, mum, or whatever exercise you may label as SLS. It's how you do those exercises that counts not the exercise itself. That's why you need a teacher. And that's also why I personally don't believe in vocal programs. Yes there are a lot of bad teachers out there, some SLS some not. "Speech Level" doesn't mean you have to sing with a low volume and no support... It's more about not pushing and reaching up and down for notes... There's nothing wrong with singing big as long as you do it with good technique.
  4. 'Cry', Yawn, Support and Lifting of soft palate

    I would bet on the opposite but I might be wrong.
  5. 'Cry', Yawn, Support and Lifting of soft palate

    Ok then work on getting a clear, free, resonant, strong tone in your chest range (up to D4). Get the basics down. To get higher you don't have to do anything different it's mostly a matter of tuning your vowels correctly. If you wanna learn those things you need a good teacher I'm sorry but it's the truth...
  6. 'Cry', Yawn, Support and Lifting of soft palate

    Maybe it's time to get a real teacher? Yes there are a lot of concepts out there. People loooove concepts and fancy words... You think there's some magic ingredient you are missing when in fact you simply need to train the fundamentals correctly: air, muscle, vowel.
  7. Kermit the Frog Sound? (Depressed larynx)

    Sorry can't help you there my exercices only work for fish...
  8. U2 - Song for someone

    Hey Nash, your tone is squeezed and thin. Work on relaxing your voice so it sound fuller/deeper, the tone should be closer to that of your speaking voice. Hope that helps
  9. Josh Groban

    Your link doesn't work!
  10. New song i'm working on

    I wanna hear that. Can you post a clip?
  11. New song i'm working on

    Oh please you can call me sexy
  12. New song i'm working on

    Hey Jarom in my opinion the only thing that sounds good is the 1st line. Everything else sounds like this: Obviously you got a lot of range but can you sing a simple song and sound good? If not that should be your main focus! Sorry if I'm a little hard on you... I mean well
  13. New song i'm working on

    I like the first line, could you sing a whole song like that? The rest is way too wild and out of control... Are you actually trying to sing a song or just having fun making crazy weird noises???
  14. Donny Hathaway - A song for you (cover)

    You don't need to do that. Just imitate your favourite singers Your SLS teacher doesn't teach you that? I do it intuitively so I don't understand all the science behind it but basically the vowel is your resonance and you need to tune it to the pitch and the intensity you are singing. For instance a closed "oo" vowel and an "ee" vowel need to be opened a little for the mid/higher range unless you wanna sing softly. If you don't do that you will end up squeezing. "ah" needs to be closed down a little more like an "uh" if you want to stay in a "mix type sound" as opposed to a belt... Listen to your favorite singers you'll hear them doing it!
  15. I think you sound closer to Jaheim and Teddy Pendergrass than to Harrison Craig. Your voice definitely sounds bigger which is nice! I could never get that tone...