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  1. I've always worked hard on my voice but I've never had the guidance I needed. Recently I have elected help from Jens and Daniel and they both played a substantial role in peeling away the first layers of bullshit to get me on the right path. However I took lessons sparingly and unfortunately I realized I was so profoundly lost in assumptions, bad habits, bad muscle memory, etc etc that merely getting a few lessons was not going to be enough. So that's why I recently decided to buckle down and get a genuine vocal program that I could adhere to and schedule to.. to optimize and streamline my training to it's fullest potential. Of course, when it came time to make this decision there was no program that came more highly recommended than Four Pillars. I haven't even been at this for two weeks and yet I already see great progress and more importantly, I have complete confidence in the information I am being given. I have already had two lessons with Robert and each one has been a genuine pleasure and one step further in the right direction of achieving my dream of having a big and exciting voice. Thank you Robert, for your help and for drafting what I truly believe to be the best program out there right now.
  2. R.I.P Scott Weiland, I've heard his voice all my life. I wish he could have gotten off the hard drugs early on so we didn't have to lose such a great voice.