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  1. Together in the Heat (quicky original)

    Beastly song, nice work man. Can't say much more than that. Think the melody and guitars syncopated really nice together.
  2. China Girl David Bowie Cover

    Thanks for being polite about the really off pitch parts about this guys, I know I messed up a lot in hindsight but I'm glad you picked something good out of it. Thank you very much guys and much love.
  3. China Girl David Bowie Cover

    Really hard song to do lol, tried my absolute best to pull it off because I do like it a lot. Thanks in advance.
  4. I Will (The Beatles) Cover

    Nice and clean, well blended upper registration. I envy your ability to navigate that range with no tension. Sounds very clean, the musicianship was great with the guitar and vocal harmonies perfect. Good song choice too.
  5. Cat's in the Cradle Harry Chapin acoustic guitar and vocal

    Thanks a lot man, I actually still had the project files so I just removed everything but the guitar and voice original track.
  6. On The Inside (original song, soulful hard rock)

    Really dig this track man, dig the gritty and breathy low singing complimented by the piercing high mid range stuff. It's hard for me to pinpoint the influences in here but I could almost say this is some Electric Light Orchestra-esque stuff hahaha. Especially that psychedelic break with the harmonies... reminds me of this: Great job overall man, not really in a place to give you criticism vocally as you are out singing the hell out of me here lol. Btw: really dug the ad-libs you threw in there, sounded genuinely soulful and 70s rockish.
  7. Cat's in the Cradle Harry Chapin acoustic guitar and vocal

    Thank you both very much, REALLY cool to see you stop by as well Felipe I appreciate the hell out of it man. MDEW, I do try to connect and project the story as well as I can but obviously I still am working on conveying lyrical content better and better. In a way it's sort of an acting thing, you gotta really be able to make it convincing. Cheers all
  8. "Killing Me Softly" - Live at David Jaanz Mic Day

    Love it, very beautiful song and you performed it with great passion. Not much advice for me personally to give besides keep it up!
  9. My First Song On The Radio. I'd Appreciate If You Listened

    Hey man, due to the fact that in the past hundreds would sign up to this site just to post a cover, get a review, and then leave we've opted to make getting a review a payed service here since we do in fact have many professional teachers and singers on board with genuine advice to offer. You can purchase that here if you are still interested, for now I have removed your link until we can get confirmation I apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. Cat's in the Cradle Harry Chapin acoustic guitar and vocal

    Hey thanks Robert, in hindsight I agree with the criticisms about the double tracking. In the end I was not pitch perfect on both takes so it just messed up a good thing a bit, but I'd be more than happy to work on this tune next time we work together. As far as the picosong thing goes, I don't think they offer an embed link otherwise I'd do the trick you are suggesting. Thanks for your time.
  11. Cat's in the Cradle Harry Chapin acoustic guitar and vocal

    Thanks a lot Ron, and I am very flattered to be considered in your original. If you ever want to lay some lyrics or melody on me in PM I'd be happy to hear it. Thanks for listening.
  12. Cat's in the Cradle Harry Chapin acoustic guitar and vocal

    Yeah the mix could be much better but I'm working with some lo-fi setup right now, unfortunately it's really hard to record good quality piano with my current mic as well which sucks because I'd do more piano stuff if the quality wasn't so average. I got that effect by double tracking the voice like I did in the John Lennon cover, just two separate takes all the way through. And yes I believe I am a tenor in terms of timbre, but my range is so small at the moment I may as well be called baritone haha. Thanks for listening. It's definitely going on the set list.. and when Ron arrives, probably the backyard barbecue jam list as well.
  13. Let's see if we can get some fathers misty eyed hahahaha... really beautiful tune with great lyrics and most importantly for me, very easy in my range. Enjoy
  14. Cover of Bringing on a Heartbreak (Deff Leppard)

    HELL YEAH man! This is one of my all time favorites... great mix and great feel brother! Seriously carried the song very well, enough so that I was able to jam to it just like the original. Keep up the good work man!