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  1. Saw him live twice Bob, he is indeed an amazing musician. My favorite was always "Crimson and Clover" though.
  2. We got a guy claiming to be a true bass here, I am ready to hear it. Not out of doubt, but out of interest. Although I will admit it is quite easy to perceive your voice as being deeper/higher than it is without having heard yourself in recording but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've already done this? Please post a link.
  3. Beastly song, nice work man. Can't say much more than that. Think the melody and guitars syncopated really nice together.
  4. Yo VideoHere is left and right posting my favorite singers talking about "the younger folks might not appreciate it." LOL Alright guys, nobody has gone here yet so I'm gonna be the one to do it. I will now formally introduce, the ORIGINAL, master of the whiny, twangy, piercing high falsetto. FRANKIE VALLIE LET'S GO:
  5. Awesome clip brotha. Big fan of Tom and Farnham is a complete beast in his own right.
  6. Thanks for being polite about the really off pitch parts about this guys, I know I messed up a lot in hindsight but I'm glad you picked something good out of it. Thank you very much guys and much love.
  7. Really hard song to do lol, tried my absolute best to pull it off because I do like it a lot. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nice and clean, well blended upper registration. I envy your ability to navigate that range with no tension. Sounds very clean, the musicianship was great with the guitar and vocal harmonies perfect. Good song choice too.
  9. Thread derailment: never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.
  10. Take me fifteen minutes of staring to put my jaw back up and appreciate Agnetha for her talent.
  11. Cool clip Bob, Frank is indeed the master of all the subtle things that makes a great voice. The range may all be simple but his sense of rhythm and all the nuances in his delivery make him (to me) certainly a high level singer even though he isn't belting fifth octave.
  12. Yeah I've been partying to "China Girl" a bit lately honestly. Hahahah..
  13. Amazing high level singing, in my opinion. So consistently strong his voice is, in this one. Reminds me a lot of John Lennon's rocker voice at some points.
  14. Spoken like a true Lou Reed fanboy hahahahahah....