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  1. Oh sorry wrong file. This one is correct and sounds better.
  2. Hello I dont really know if this is the high c but i tried it today. It sounds kinda like opera to me but it sounds very constipated or what do you think? I apologize for my negative attitude in my previous post. This is in chest voice.
  3. I apologize for my outburst sometimes i get a little too angry. But i realized i am not a good singer so won't bother you anymore. I wish you all good luck in your future in singing.
  4. Ok i dont care really because we are playing that song in about a week. If it sounds horrible then i dont give a (*auto edit*). I had it with this forum. You people like to criticize and i cannot deal being around negative people. I have sang for about 5 years. I am out goodbye. And you all know deep down you cannot improve a singing voice. This crap attitude from me is just made to make you people know that I can't handle constructive feedback. A good voice is all based upon timbre and tone which is something that you are born with. I mean how can you change your vocal cords? I quit music. Bye.
  5. Well i think the song sounded fine to my ears. And my vocals sounded good. But not to you?
  6. I think i sound on key. What did you think about the song? Is it important to sing in key?
  7. Did you hear the song from my band i posted?
  8. what is SLS?
  9. Our band is writing a new song.
  10. If i am not a baritone can i be a baritenor? I tried this with more power
  11. Did i sound good on the video? if i start practicing around the F4 with head voice i can move to C5 later?
  12. does my voice sound baritone? So i shall train my head voice more?
  13. I just made a video maybe it's easier to see what i do wrong by seeing me?
  14. Thanks i shall keep singing high notes in my head voice instead of pulling chest. I sounds constipated when i sing high in my chest voice. I hope the show will be good.
  15. Ok but did it sound good?