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  1. You're amazing! better than Dio!

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    2. kirkovin84


      Listen to your recording, then listen to Dio. What do you think?

    3. kirkovin84


      Straight Up.

    4. Gill Appleby

      Gill Appleby

      Your friend is NOT a great singer whether he can "take" that or not. It's not just opinion but based on fact. His attitude stinks. Clearly he does not want to improve as taking constructive criticism is the first step to a better voice. 

  2. I hope you're not offended by this but I do feel that you need to take on board Robert and Draven's advice, both with wide experience of vocal techniques. In my own experience I have found that eating humble pie and listening to the sound advice of Robert has improved my voice immensely. In short, your voice won't improve without hard work and applying well-proven vocal exercises to give you the support that you need.  I feel that the most accurate way to asses your voice is to be brutally honest. If others don't like it (for example I was singing in falsetto with a very harsh tone) then TAKE ADVICE and do the hard work to correct it. I wish you all the best but please listen and learn from those more experienced. Believe me you will be doing yourself a huge favor! 

  3. Gonna play the song this summer. It is gonna be awesome. Whenever i sing karaoke i dont get an audience or they just sit down. Weird. Well i made a better version.
  4. I think i can sing good im gonna play it live soon
  5. Hello I just sang this in a karaoke bar yesterday but i didnt receive any applause. I wonder why because in my ears i sound good.
  6. Hello I sang this together with a karaoke song. I tried to not use chest voice in this. Sounds kinda bad?
  7. Hello I just did a great cover of this song. It was pretty hard but i sound better and better.
  8. A song i have been starting to practice on. https://www.smule.com/recording/meatloaf-bat-out-of-hell/713794929_1185320021
  9. Hello I have this american friend who is a singer and we are gonna perform a musical this year. Does it sound good? I am the guy singing. https://www.smule.com/recording/meatloaf-bat-out-of-hell/1006625169_1179925409
  10. I am watching Robert Luntes tehcnique about lift up and hold back where you bridge between your chest voice and head voice without choking and pushing. But it's hard to make it sound good. I want the tone to sound less yelling.
  11. Does it sound weird? Because at that A4 i was'nt in my chest voice. Here i did another recording of me in chest voice A3-A4 http://vocaroo.com/i/s1TSGYfsiugL
  12. I tried to do the A3-A4 thing without any tension. It sounds crap.
  13. Well i think it sounds good. I dont care if it sounds off tune or off pitch im gonna sing this song tomorrow infront of an audience. Diamonds and rust.
  14. I did another one which i think sounds good http://www.smule.com/recording/judas-priest-diamonds-and-rust/713794929_540004560
  15. No answers?