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  1. What are the four voice types?

    Sounds like the poor mans terms for the modes of complete vocal technique, look it up
  2. Question

    I think some of the contenders in the auditions have bigger problems than vocal technique Haha 9:21 in the first video "how do I bridge the passaggio" that feeling!
  3. Question

    You don't why? Even if you convince some stranger on youtube you gain nothing
  4. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    I'm wondering if it's maybe safer to scream WITH grit because it's added resistance above the glottis, sort of like a lip bubble is added resistance above the glottis.
  5. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    Yeah writing own stuff doesn't always turn out like the stuff you listen to the most, I find that really interesting. I always record myself and listen back, and I'm really sensitive to what I like and dislike so sometimes even small details that I hear in myself (like a riff or a vowel shading) can disgust me even if it's not that bad... And then I'm hoping other people will like my taste... It's all about molding the sound into what you want, that's probably where the individuality comes in. Of course technique is the premise so we keep working on that too...
  6. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    Yeah but it is high level because you're already doing what 95% of forum dwellers are trying (singing up in the high range). You can make the sounds now you just need to make every detail as good as it can be. I'm still working on some of the skills, but sometimes I'm just listening back to myself singing and maybe changing the shade of vowels and just trying to make it sound more honest and natural. I think there are a lot of people who can sing the pitches but what separates the really good singing is that all the details are there and the singing really portrays the emotions
  7. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    You sound really good for the most part I think you know that, sometimes a bit unstable (like 1:29 "all I see" if I have to critique something). You're already singing at a high level so what can be improved is just nuances (like sound color on some words) that you probably will figure out yourself. It's really hard to critique phrasing and details because ultimately that's not really technique. Good job man I'm impressed
  8. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    Haha I don't know. He's been a bit hoarse in a few clips on youtube. But they've been active since 2008 and he sounds better than ever, so probably not. Vocal fold swelling/early nodes go away with rest anyway so maybe he overdoes but his vocals are not declining
  9. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    Yeah this guy sounds great too. I think it's good for us singers to pick a style and work really hard to get good at it. Personally I prefer the singers who get beltier and beltier at the top range and not the ones who sing it with balance like Nathan James and this guy. I like the danger when it sounds like the singer isn't gonna make it There is so much the voice can do, I don't think there is time to become a master of every style Check this out, this is dangerous singing
  10. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    Yeah Nathan James is still awesome Bulletboy guy sounds great, it just goes to show there are countless awesome singers
  11. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    Yeah I like Nathan James a lot, I've seen him live... but he sounds nothing like dio though He sounds beefier in the studio...
  12. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    Yeah I think you at least need a timbre which fits that sound. But to be honest, there is not much point in sounding exactly like Dio, unless you're doing Dio covers. Ther are tons of amazing singers who sound like themselves. I don't really think Dios or Freddie Mercurys sound is that much better than everyone else. Dio just had a great sound and is unique.
  13. Singing like Ronnie James Dio

    Longer muscles don't generate less force so that doesn't make sense
  14. Yeah man once you find the coordination things can happen fast... I sort of went from F4 to C5 in an hour too. But the next part is taming this new part of your voice, not as quick
  15. Skulls (Genetics), Training, & Vocal Coaches

    This article seems sketchy at best. Arguments such as "singing is like going to the gym, some naturally are more buff than others" and supporting it with a study about vocal tract shape and sound color, when the arguments seems more about stamina and range. What exactly does "carrying a tune" imply even?