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  1. Month 2 progress update thing, Greenday, Wake Me Up When September Ends:
  2. Messa di Voice is more difficult for me. But I'll practice it a bit more in future. OP means original poster.
  3. Absolutely, probably the most useful for me so far. Actually, wind and release was at first the only phonation I could use in my head voice and passagio. I strongly advise OP to practice it if they haven't already.
  4. Robert is right. Your octave sirens are very good. Obviously as you approach the passagio it will get harder to do it seamlessly but the onsets are designed to make that easier. Your Q&R is very good. Have you tried wind and release? I don't know what stage you are at but W&R is incredibly helpful for both learning to bridge and mastering the different vocal modes. Q&R involves lots of compression while W&R involves a lot less compression and a falsetto mode. So transitioning from Q&R to W&R is vital for training to bridge and training vocal modes.
  5. Welcome! I'm fairly new to this too so I can't really give informed advice. But I will say, keep at it. Bridging and connecting is literally the holy grail of singing. Nearly everything you do in 4Pillars is specifically designed to help you bridge the passagio. But it isn't an overnight thing. It might take months to hear results and longer still to be able to bridge seamlessly. Right now it probably feels like you're sitting on your own for an hour making stupid ugly noises that sound nothing like singing, but keep at it and the benefits will come later.
  6. Okay, here's the song with the instrumental. I reckon I'm singing flat - bit blocked up at the moment, but here it is anyway:
  7. This song is beautiful yes, just wish it could be a bit longer haha. Anyway, I'll try and get a chord sequence or an instrumental on my phone and sing with it, it won't be great quality but I hope it's enough to judge my tuning.
  8. It's now been a few weeks since I got the programme so I have got well into training. So, given that this is a progress thread, here is my "step 1" recording. Something that other people did in their threads so I'll do it too. It's a song that I'm fairly comfortable with as there aren't many high notes. Please Please Please by the Smiths. As I progress I'll probably upload more but this will be the last recording I post for at least a month or so. So it is.
  9. My head voice - is this falsetto?

    That's faster than I was thinking to be honest
  10. My head voice - is this falsetto?

    I'm not asking because I'm not patient, I'm asking because I don't want to get anything wrong and damage my voice. How long (roughly) does it take until ACTUAL progress is made?
  11. My head voice - is this falsetto?

    Okay, so I'll keep on with 4 Pillars and keep practicing sirens, and hopefully my head voice will get stronger. Thanks.
  12. Hello everyone, I've been working through 4 Pillars in the past couple of day. One problem that I've always been faced with is breaking into a falsetto whenever I'm in my head voice, so I've been using 4 Pillars to try and work on that. I feel I've got a bit better lately, but I'm not sure. So here's my head voice, am I still falsetto-ing or is this a clearer, less breathy tone than falsetto?
  13. Okay, I won't be able to book lessons for awhile for financial reasons but I hope I will be able to in future. Until then I'll keep progressing on my own, not as effective but the only viable option at the moment. I'll use the demonstrations to gauge whether I'm doing stuff right.
  14. Yeah I'll probably ease off with the updates later on. It's just that I want to make sure I'm not making mistakes early on. If I get the foundation wrong the rest of the whole process will take far longer. Of course, I don't expect immediate results, but I'd rather avoid unnecessary setbacks. So I'm just sharing as much as I can in the beginning to ensure that I don't learn mistakes and lay the best possible foundation. In terms of psychology, I haven't been using the programme very long but I noticed that I'm much more comfortable with high notes after watching the "Stop hitting high notes" lecture,when you actively think about singing in a deeper position rather than just shouting at high notes, it makes a noticeable difference. The whole myth-busting section of the book is an interesting read as well, gives a much better understanding of how the voice works too.
  15. Oh and by the way, sorry if I'm uploading stuff sort of sporadically and not in an organised and well-planned out way. I just jumped into Four Pillars and with the enormous amount of content that's vital to practice and get right it's a bit hard not to try and do everything at once. In future I'll try and organise stuff a bit better.