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  1. GHOST

    I love it when a "new" band with a great new sound emerges! Their not brand new but i just found out about them last night. Just had to share for anyone else who might not know about them. I've posted one song and their grammy acceptance speech which is hilarious! really like their melodic, minor-ish, mystique, and they are most definitely groove maestros!!!!! enjoy!
  2. Devin Townsend, Suicide - Cover

    Well Done Draven! Your voice sounds comfortable in that song! Great guitar work Charlie!
  3. I thought this video was fascinating! Just had to share it! k
  4. Cobain & Grohl - Vocal Coach Lost Opportunity

    You make a good point Hopeful, I know Robert Lunte has minor scales as it also improves pitch recognition for good relative pitch development. I have seen some coaches innovate scales that have more relevance musically as you are suggesting. Rob also incorporates some of these type of vocalise. I'd like to hear a coach comments on this.
  5. I'm unaware if this video has been posted here before. I think it underscores what's wrong with some vocal coaches who seem to remain stuck in outdated teaching methods from circa 1985. I would have come away from my first voice lesson with the exact same opinion were it not for the fact that a major rock star told me his coach increased his vocal range, stamina, and power significantly! I went to his same vocal coach. I went to the first lesson expecting that whatever the coach instructed was gold, and I was going to follow it blindly! After all, I had seen the results in a singer he taught! It's true, just like Grohl implies in this video, after that first lesson I thought, "it just seems bogus that these singing scales are gonna help me achieve what I'm wanting vocally!" There was very little in depth discussion about what the science of the vocal instruction was. It was just, take this cassette home of the scales I just recorded you singing, and practice them every day for at least an hour. Next week when you come back, we're gonna work on vibrato. Then the next lesson, another cassette, until a large volume of dollars drained out of my wallet. It's very cool how Rob Lunte blazed the trail on vocal pedagogy in the last 15+ years. It's a model that brings a more holistic and specialized comprehension, which translates into augmentation of vocal development/improvement. To say nothing of his engaging training system, and the re-engineering of "singing scales" or "vocal workouts" (chiefly - onsets) to maximize the students ability to feel more tangibly what is occurring in the vocal track, and why. I don't know who this coach was that Cobain went to, but you can see there wasn't enough understanding at the end of his lesson. AND, if Kurt blew his voice out, why did he come home with a cassette of scales? (see any of the youtube videos or threads on exercises for vocal damage). peace! k
  6. Lucky for me, I healed in two days! Yes, this is a personal story, a cautionary tale of the vocal danger of over confidence, which can fuel lack of training, and lead to injury! It's a slice of humble pie for me to tell about this, especially with the influential voice of TVS & this TMVW community always echoing in my mind. So here's what shut off the echo (my excuse). A friend of mine gave me a call to invite me to jam with an old cover band he is considering reforming. I had not had the chance to jam with local musicians since I was last living where I am now some 8 years ago. Back then, my friend (the drummer), had me sing as a temporary fill in for his band since I couldn't commit to long term at the time. I was amped about singing live hard rock with some talented players! On the way to the jam, in the car, I made a feeble attempt at "tracking" (nasals) with the radio. Failed to get a proper sound check and sound level. I walked in to the rehearsal room (garage studio) and within a few minutes, the PA was flipped on, the guys were warmed up and I chose this song off the set list on the wall, an old favorite to start off the night: Song went great, these kats are tight! I was having a good time yet, as soon as we were done with that song I knew instantly I had very little passaggio left! I could feel it when I would just softly sing a scale. I told the guys the bad news, THEN had us get my mic level right, and was expecting the jam to be ruined however, I was surprised to discover that the songs we then played, I was able to gimp through them relying only on M1 and the upper end of M2. The guys said, "dude you sound fine, there's nothing wrong with your voice!" That gave me a chuckle and I proceeded to tell them a brief explanation of passaggio. Then, the last song we played for the night helped them see exactly what I was talking about. The guitarist (who could sing quite well) had to take over. Much of this song is in the passaggio for me. I was quite bummed as I'm a big Adams fan, love singing any of his tunes! So, In my defense, I was sort of swept off my feet in the excitement of getting to jam after years of missing it! I forgot the most basic elements of protecting the voice from damage. Singing too loud (due to no sound check, lead vocal mic too low), with distortion, WITHOUT proper appaggio (mainly diaphragmatic support) I've got no real excuse in forgetting to support, complete failure as a vocal athlete. At least I can say, it won't happen again! So there's that, don't do what I did! Sing every day! Always sound check! Train, Train, Train! peace, k
  7. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    right! not sure if it would have to have wifi with as "nano" as chips continue to be, my guess is that the speed of recognition of word being sung would be tough. if the database has every word/lyric ever sung by said famous singer, (assuming the speed is not an issue) the software may struggle distinguishing between words that begin with the same vowel yet end with a similar or different vowel. (right?) like the words "fire" and "fighting" ? again, in the end, i'm thinking time will resolve these potential challenges.
  8. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    yes good explanation. I get the vowel mod challenge. this is why i'm identifying it as a hybrid of technologies because it would be a realtime (nano seconds) interpretation of (voice recognition) which then accesses a database of famous singer matching words, then voices it through sampled/replicated voice. so, what am I oversimplifying here?
  9. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    yeah, just a little thing i like to call, "sarcasm" Rob, wasn't tryin' to push your buttons, on the contrary, not a google fan. back to my question?
  10. Google Leaves "Auto-Tune" In The Dust!

    Felipe and Future V, I didn't try to tell them apart after one listen, i thought it would be futile or maybe my ADD gives me an aversion to such close attention on this you make excellent points i didn't even think of J . . . I'm mean, Mdew, but Like Rob says, "someday" it's gonna happen. and remember, just because you're paranoid, does NOT mean their NOT out to get you. I would not disagree with your points here Rob, all good to hear from your perspective. I guess the technology i'm imagining is a confluence of these voice "replication" advances by our lord and savior Google, and something along the lines of the TC-Helicon type harmonizer effect which sources the voice "sample" . . . "replication" . . of the famous singer, as opposed to your own voice. Then, you would mute the signal of your actual voice. This seems like less of a leap into the future to me . . . . what do you think?
  11. Yo TMVW People, Pals, and fellow lovers of sangin'! If you watch this video (starting after 5:05) past the alien stuff, the author explains some impressive voice technology advances made by Google. It's interesting, ... and I thought it was funny that the first thing I think of is how now ( soon ), any person who can mimic the singing mannerisms (a good impression of their articulation) of a famous singer, and has decent rhythm (those are "some" of the most basic skills), could turn on the effect and now, out of the speakers comes the Artist of their choice (on a drop down menu no doubt ) Dio, Mercury, Jackson, Elvis, take your pick! Actually having vocal cords that sound like the artist no longer required to book a tribute band gig! feels like a step beyond pitch correction to be sure. Just fun with toys to me however, I know there are purists who might find this a disgusting perpetuation of a digital cancer on musicianship. anyway, just a crazy funny thought I had after watching the video.
  12. Thick and dirty chest/head. Clean falsetto

    1- If you want to eliminate distortion/raspiness it would seem you have inadvertently created a habit in your vocal technique that has sort of "locked you in" to that sound color. This is (simply stated) a control issue for you. Many of us love distortion & rasp in our vocals, some are in this forum asking how they might add distortion and grit to their vocal style (i.e. "my voice is too clean"). I think if you get a clearer understanding of the how & why the "flapping flavour" is occurring, you can then start tackling the control techniques that allow you to have autonomy over your sound color, and not be shackled to a muscle memory rut. If you look into the onset video by Robert Lunte (below) I believe you'll see how you might use his onset techniques to build clean vocal fold connection. I also like Melissa Cross's intro video on her distortion techniques for understanding what you might be doing inadvertently. As far as I know, you'd have to buy one of her mp3's/cd's to obtain those exercises. 2- That's the muscle memory issue that has you feeling lack of control. Again, the onset exercises will help you to hold the clean tone through your entire range and you will feel (and then be enabled to control) the placement and sound color of your choice whether that be clean or distorted. 3- That would be an issue of vowel modification and dampening the larynx (gonna post Lunte's classic video on those techniques also!). your best bet is to get at least 3 lessons from a vocal coach to actually analyze your voice, and give you extra confidence and help you avoid performing techniques incorrectly. Good luck Rich, I hope this helps. just for fun, regarding "Flapping flavour"
  13. Mike Reno Was Great - Loverboy

    yeah, i'm also paranoid of how much i'm tracked so i got in the habit of misspelling. probably doesn't help, it's just the twitchings of a digital neurosis.