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  1. B2M- On Bended Knee

    Would improving resonance also produce a natural vibrato?
  2. B2M- On Bended Knee

    Would scales help with runs? I'm finding that I know what notes I need to hit in my runs, but the control isn't there to execute it. It's like my mind knows what to do but my vocal chords aren't in sync.
  3. B2M- On Bended Knee

    Thanks for the replies and kind comments! I know it's hard to take in advice over a forum, as proper guidance and coaching is the way to go. I'll try to take everything on board. Unfortunately, I have many other commitments and I can't really prioritise singing at the moment I'll do my best to kill it in the shower though!!!
  4. B2M- On Bended Knee

    Hi All! I'm not sure (I might be tone deaf), but my singing is mostly on key, but something is a bit off? I'd just like some feedback if possible to get me in the write direction to a killer voice. Thanks everyone!
  5. Miguel- Sure Thing (acoustic rendition)

    I have no clue what 'syncopated 8th up beats' are, nor do I understand the physiology behind singing, so I'm not too sure how to use my 'hard palette'. Sorry if I'm sounding a bit rude, I literally have 0 musical knowledge.
  6. Miguel- Sure Thing (acoustic rendition)

    Thanks for your reply Robert! I really appreciate you bringing your expertise and advice to this forum. Unfortunately no, this song isn't an original (I wish though). Here's the original singer: and here's what I'm basing my short cover off: . Also I'm not too polished on theory since I've learnt from watching and listening, so I don't really understand your advice, but a google search won't hurt me though!
  7. Hi everyone! For me music has been on and off, and I feel the urge to reignite that passion. I'm a guitar player and thought I'd try my hand at singing. I'm keen to hear some advice.