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  1. OK. I sent an email to Stephanie Dumouch about TVS . the first option is quite interesting. pity that the link no longer works yes , if I could always ask Maestro Guichard a French version of the method would be ideal , for sure
  2. Robert Lunte Sings Country!

    I'm fine, thank you No, I bought the units mentioned modules on my topic . like I said. I am hampered by terminology too technical for me. This is why I prefer to ask for explanations tvs teacher who will explain it to me in French
  3. I didn't know Sylvie Guichard interesting for songs in English so she is bilingual and teaches . I take note of that
  4. Robert Lunte Sings Country!

    yes I liked this cover
  5. Thanks for your feedback. I took some singing lessons with Stéphanie Dumouch she's really nice and very good teacher if she is certified TVS , and that she teaches , then all the better the belt voice and voice distortion , I would like to learn Video is well explained using non-verbal communication ... then I understand even English . these are the explanations of the topics and temrinologies that are confusing . I do not know the purpose of a given year as if I missed the basics, an introduction to understanding
  6. I'll be honest and not beat around the bush I can not believe that it is well explained. the courses are interesting. Overall, it is attractive The problem is that the French, I'm lost in the endings, vocabulary I do not understand what it means "Runway appearance and liberation" "The wind and release apparition" from the training video, subjects, I'm confused. and it's really frustrating I took 4 to 5 sessions on Skype with Stépanie Dumouch. A few years ago the work was focused on the triangle of the vowel and articulation. no relation to the TVS I loved his pedagogy. good contact. it is through him that I heard of you. TVS she taught at Toulouse from what I see. I'll think notions address if I take lessons with the singing teacher I feel these terminoligies to face with very technical vocabulary I can not determine the significance. This is an obstacle to understanding, which is a shame So I feel lonely, isolated friendly charlie
  7. Ebouchure

    OK. I will train with video training and I hope to understand regularity force. I do not know anything about this method. it is a position of the mouth. but even when a method as this is not trivial . very new to me. I never heard of that. thank you for your explanation
  8. Imagine - John Lennon

    from C4 , my voice lost in timbre. I had a lot of answers on many singing forum. but nothing that really helped me I tried different vocalizations that have suggested me , the mouth (after I know the Latin etymology of the word..."ebouchure") , with a mirror. I have always been no clarification after taking singing lessons for several years TCM , SLS ( seth riggs methods ) I posted a song from someone who sings superbly well , pretty voice , but being a paid forum, did not wish to enroll in contrast technically , his singing is very good. it goes into falsetto at fa3 (G4) and being more comfortable than me in the treble, trying to get the classes mixed voice. without success I begin to wonder if it is not innate and if the ability to reach high notes in full voice are not already acquired by the configuration of the vocal cords .... the tessitura of the voice good continuation and good singing
  9. Imagine - John Lennon

    I do not know how to make French and English diplomats to understand. not easy I'll try direct and clear both. I made a song in French of Feldman . and on this song that I can better explain my worries. extract a few secondsthe verse, I sing in full voice the chorus when I go in the treble, my voice is fragile Is the range or there is an explanation other than this one? thank you again for taking the time to listen. and I know you do for the best to help . communication is not easy
  10. Ebouchure

    thank you ! I understand better now
  11. Ebouchure

    I do not disagree just that I have still not understood the purpose of the exercise . feel the resonant vibration on the face, and outside sound, then lift the soft palate ? this is still confusing to me yet
  12. Imagine - John Lennon

    I had opted for private soundcloud and given to one person who will have access . therefore MP (private message)
  13. Imagine - John Lennon

    on souncloud private person may have access. there is a code . youtube mail must indeed private . that is otherwise inaccessible