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  1. Together in the Heat (quicky original)

    yeah thats interesting, Imma check it out
  2. Together in the Heat (quicky original)

    wikiloops is music collaboration. Its not "backing tracks" per other words its not karaoke stuff. its all original stuff. people go and upload tracks of all sorts and then anyone can add whatever they want to any track. I think there are like 90000 tracks currently. All genres and members from like 150 countries. I went there originally to find drum tracks to start my songs with, before I ended up getting EZ Drummer software. Whats the catch? the only catch is that there are musicians there of ALL therefore the tracks are of all levels lol. Its a VERY friendly and positive place....too friendly in a sense because one can post up anything and people gush all over it....but thats good for people just getting started etc here is one of the tracks from today I clicked on at random with solid girl singer If you look at it you see how it was built step by step with people adding to this original track Great place for people to practice vocals Great site ran by a German guy named Dick.
  3. Together in the Heat (quicky original)

    Like I said, I only did the vox. The drums and guitar were done by a buddy over at I joined over there like 2 years ago when i was trying to find drum tracks and trying to learn to work a modern DAW. At that time I had no intention of singing. So, as one might expect, there are 9 million guitar players for every 1 singer over there. So I started bitching about the singers not adding vox to my tracks etc etc. lol. So its funny that I am now singing and I havent even added vox to the dozens of gtr tracks I have over there. This song was mainly done out of a feeling of guilt because wikiloops really helped get me going I hadnt recorded any music for like a decade b4 getting fired back up 2 years ago. So every once in a while I add vox to someones good gtr track since I know what it meant to me when someone added vox to some of my tracks peace, JJ
  4. Together in the Heat (quicky original)

    Anyone with any sort of pride in their abilities would rightly be a little offended at a comment like that lol. It would be like saying "why did you use reverb and compression, cant u sing?" lol Generally the word "hide" has a negative connotation
  5. Together in the Heat (quicky original)

    Im going to be honest here. Thats a BS comment to make. I happen to like the sound of doubled vocals, whether they be mine or the Beatles, Beach Boys, Queens, Pink Floyds, Steely Dans, SuperTramps, ELOs, Cheap Tricks, Did they use doubled vox to hide something? I also like to dbl the vox because its a challenge. Instead of using chorus/harmonizer etc, I do it the old fashioned way This was just a quicky original that I wrote and sung (over another guys bed track) with about 3 hours total time invested. There are people on this site and other sites who have been "training" for years and still cant sing a lick. If all I have to suffer are small nitpicks then id say im doing quite well lol. Peace, JJ
  6. Is my register connected?

    IMO, yes, its connected. Obviously the whole thing can be a lot stronger but it is connected
  7. just some quick vocals I threw onto a Latvian buddys music track (from wikiloops) I wrote the lyrics around 9pm and I couldnt keep my eyes open and I was going to just do the vox later but I decided to "just lay down a scratch vox track"...but you know how that goes. I was dead tired so this may not be my best but I still dig it even though I was struggling a bit The vibe is a little different than my songs because essentially he never changes chords a bit more of a stoner rock feel, which I dig Anyone figure out the story I am paraphrasing in the song? enjoy okay, actually I am lying, this is just some computer generated vocals based off of a sample of my voice on an answering machine. its all fake. Even the vibrato is a vst. and i was wearing a wig
  8. China Girl David Bowie Cover

    you saved me the trouble by reviewing it yourself lol. The good parts are good and the other parts still need work. (the Marlon Brando line is the coolest part of the song but also the trickiest). Overall, a guy like Bowie can be hard to cover because he is going thru several different sounds etc and he can have some odd phrasing. Its funny because at one point I hadnt heard the song in years and I was sort of singing it from memory and I sang the Brando line totally different than Bowie and then when I did hear the song again I was like "oops". But I like my way better anyway lol. That being said its cool to hear you double some parts and continue to work on the production process as well as the singing. Doubling is a pro skill as much as singing on pitch is etc.
  9. thanks. there was thought put into it TO A DEGREE...but it was also pretty much a free for all as u can tell. I learned a lot trying to mix it. one thing I learned is that it'll be a while before I do something with that many tracks again lol Dunno if i'll mess with it anymore unless im ready to put an album together or start marketing my songs etc.
  10. Never say Never

    take my comments with a grain of salt, as you know im an old dude so this isnt my style etc. I dunno if I have ever heard the it Beiber? Besides, im not a singer nor the son of a singer....I tend sycamore trees etc To my ear it sounds like there isnt much breath being parts of it sound almost "spoken" instead of "sung". It may just be a stylistic thing though because it sounds like a quasi GreenDay approach. Since im old etc I think Green Day sux lol. Seriously though thats how it sounds to me, like you never bothered to inhale and let things vibrate and resonate. maybe try training sirens with vibrato etc? in other words work on some training where you actually hold the notes longer. The other end of the spectrum from the quasi-spoken approach Also, just curious. Do you have a developed headvoice yet? Sounded like this was mostly chest with the high note(s) going to falsetto. again I dont know the original so im not sure how its supposed to sound. Can you siren up thru the passagio into head voice? if not I can relate because my first songs on this forum (stuff like "Happy Birthday Sugarboo") where mainly chest with falsetto thrown in. Actually the last high note sounded like headvoice to me maybe The mic thing, yeah that can be a drag. I hate to sing a line and then I look down and notice I peaked the DAW. Then I bring the gain down, sing it again and look down and it peaked again and im freaking out and screaming, hehe. especially when u FINALLY nailed a take. In the end I think you have to play with how close or far you stand from the mic. if you set the gain a certain way and you want to stand close to the mic for a nice close sound, you of course are going to blow the meter of you really blast out something...unless you step back some or aim off to the side a bit. Mic proximity etc is probably a whole world to be explored. If u watch good live singers you often see they will hold the mic off to the side for certain fx
  11. trust me...there isnt a lot of thought going into it once I step to the mic. In the end im just trying to let whatever is inside of me come out at my age its simply impossible to tell where some of the stuff comes from...since I have been hearing music for almost 50 years
  12. Thanks brother, tbh, it would be moreso the BeeGees than Queen or ELO. Not because I dont like Q or ELO, but simply because I sang falsetto stuff for years so I used to amuse myself singing BeeGees stuff and some of the Elton John high notes Its that and a general Motown vibe There is also a general thing with my songs so far along these lines. Write a decent song etc, but then when u get to the bridge cut loose and throw in a monkey wrench or go hard psychedelic or have a breakdown or something. My songs almost always have a new chord or total change in tonality in the bridge if you listen to this one track with its isolated vocals, you'll understand about 20% of my musical inspiration and about 60% for this one song of mine. These guys were HUGE when I was in like the 4th grade so there was no escaping it Basically this song demonstrates a certain spot in the evolution of my singing where I had been doing sirens for a few months and hadnt recorded any songs in the meantime. So I experienced some added range blah blah. So basically when I did this song I sort of went crazy just throwing in a million vocal adlibs. There was nothing really systematic about it lol Just like the "TMV" song (Sing my Song or whatever it might end up being called) was partially to show off my nice F#5 note lol So now I feel like I need to work on 2 things. 1) naturally I am nowhere near satisfied sitting under a brick wall at F#5 so that needs to be improved. I think C6, Mark Boals style, is a good target to aim for lol 2) start working more on mid range strength so I can get a more ballsy, chesty sound for instance like David Lee Roth/DIO etc. Im assuming that will largely be a TA strength thing. But I also need to start working on different compressed/gritty tones. I can probably do some decent distortion but I havent really focused on it yet. When i was doubling some of the vox for the "sing my song" song, I got into some nice gritty distortion but its not really showing there because it would be doubled on the other track with a cleaner voice. you can hear that small bit of grit on the word "yeah" Sort of to those ends I am going to lean more towards a harder rock/metal edge in my songs right now to help work my way into more of the rock sound I want. So far I dont really LOVE anything ive done..except maybe "Happy Birthday Sugarboo" which I personally think is a great song and had a lot of intense personal meaning. That being said, it was done before I even really had a headvoice and it was a few weeks before I had ever bridged lol. so I rocked some nice falsetto in it. Whether or not it sounds cocky, when my stuff is on par with Halen and Zep, ill be mildly satisfied lol. right now my voice is a little too "clean" and my phrasing is a bit laid back. But I want to just extend the range some more and get that settled before I try to go all gritty and shouty and what I REALLY need to do is start working hard IN the bridge areas, specifically the higher one, wherever it may specifically be up around c-d5ish. I can bridge from low notes on up to my current highest note around F#5...but SINGING in and around those bridge areas is something totally different lol
  13. oh yeah, no way I was not going to push hard and see what happened lol. That being said I already had sang high falsetto stuff for years too. I just needed to learn actual headvoice and I was off to the races
  14. I dont remember exactly where I "broke" at. But it wasnt at D4....more up around where he is I think, or maybe f4ish. Of course I wasnt stopping when it got tight lol, I just kept pushing hard until I choked out. Thats the nature of the beast I dont think he is going thru a passagio there. Sounds like he is onsetting sort of lightly around G3 and going up about an octave. The fact that it is so light might be affecting the break though. if he onsetted a bit heavier it might make the break point more noticable
  15. well yeah, its not really heavy at all. I dont think there is a break because he isnt getting into the break. He is stopping at like g#4. Hitting a brick wall at G#4ish "compressed falsetto" is an oxymoron I think lol. If its compressed (vocal fold closure) then its not really falsetto. Sounds like he does have some closure going on as the note ascends.