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  1. best thing about Reaper is the community aspect. they have a great forum with lots of friendly experts Reaper is DEEP in features. ive used it for a few years and only barely scratched the surface. it comes with a lot of good plugins too. And TBH the internet is chock full of free plug ins for stuff Reaper might be weak in (like reverb) you can google stuff like "best free reverb vst 2018" or "best free plug ins" and get plenty of hits
  2. I dont mean it in any deeply philosophical sense. I just mean your ears play tricks on you for instance you might be mixing and u muted all of your cymbals for whatever reason. But after a while you forget and it starts to sound normal lol. Then you realize it and you are like "why didnt i hear that??" or for instance if I am playing windows media player through my laptop i will sometimes turn on the EQ to try to add some bass. Then maybe the next morning I hook up the laptop to my monitors...but i forget I have the EQ on lol. So in reality it is now WAY boomy. But it takes a while to realize it and sometimes its not until you see the EQ is on I guess the moral of the story is that anything starts to sound "normal" after a while
  3. I havent done Golden Ears or any of the other ones yet but I NEED TO! lol. been focusing heavily on learning mixing for a few months and its crazy how easily the ears can get fooled etc there is also this one, u ever checked it out?
  4. balance off the hard stuff (belts, screams, extreme range stuff) with lots of lighter stuff like warm ups, warm downs, and semi occluded stuff like hums, lip trills, straw stuff. Its common sense that you can do way more light stuff without wearing down than you can do heavy and hard stuff. Also, you can and should gradually build up your abilities and workload etc. its just like going to the gym. if you were a newb in the gym, no one would recommend trying to do Mr Olympias workout or a pro MMA workout. They built up to their level over the course of years Take a look at where you are now and make a plan....where do you want to be in 6 months, in a year?
  5. Chest voice or head voice?

    depends if you are considering "head voice" as a certain range of notes or as a certain type of sound. A lot of people use "head voice" and 'falsetto' interchangeably....which is totally incorrect I think most of us pretty much hate singing terminology because it is hopelessly inadequate but its all we have to work with lol In any case Bruce isnt using "chest voice" to sing that high. So I think this is what Draven is pointing out. At those high notes its going to be some sort of "head voice". But not falsetto. So the trick is learning and training to make that head voice sound strong and powerful etc and not like the BeeGees (I love the BeeGees btw lol) Another thing to consider. Its really hard to compare live stuff to studio stuff. For one thing, i think that live clip is way faster than the studio tempo. Thats gonna make it WAY harder to strongly articulate those lyrics etc
  6. Why is singing so hard?

    no "rules" at all. Dunno if u have ever played golf but it is almost exactly like singing. Its physical but also very mental....having to do with pictures in your minds eye etc and also feedback and perception. and its juuuusssssstttttt complicated enough to where its hard to ever really nail it down and say 'I got it'. Takes years. there are a lot of ways to chase your tail endlessly
  7. Just think in the long term. Over the chorus of your life you will sing many songs in many different ranges. There is no "wrong" or "right" in any of it As you continue to practice and work on your voice, the break will be less and less of a problem. Its ok if you feel stronger in this or that range right now. If you keep steadily working at it, you will gradually get better at singing whatever you want to sing in whatever range. I assume you're still in high school. High school seems so important at the time...what people think of you etc etc. Trust me, after you graduate you'll probably never think of high school again and you wont even see most of those people again for the rest of your life lol Peace, JJ
  8. What’s Needed for Different Styles?

    each style has its own approach but there is also lots of crossover. For example someone like Chaka Khan would be called a "soul" singer but she could EASILY sing straight up rock. Most any strong Gospel flavored singer could easily sing rock Lets say we take "rock" as an example. Okay thats a pretty broad category that can be broken down and each subdivision might have a certain expected vocal style. Good basic 80s style rock . Lots of dynamics and energy. Plenty of soul since its derived from blues. Generally there is an expected large vocal range with some high notes in there somewhere. Plenty of grit and distortion and whatever else makes for powerful expression Sort of modern "punk" style. which I loath but anyway here it is. Vying with country to be the dumbest vocal style Then you have sort of "NeoClassical" which is sort of opera styled. Big round tone. A little more on the beat so not as much of a "soul" element displayed. Also not as "blues based" so it will draw more on full major or minor scales or classical chord progressions. Rock song with singer leaning over more towards a "soul" style. Lots of dynamics and melisma etc. Almost dead opposite of above song until he kicks it in on the chorus Thats just a few samples from one basic genre.
  9. Am I a tenor or a baritone?

    haha. Ya'll thinking im old so im gonna sound like someone's grandpa lol. Im 50 but I dont smoke or drink or do drugs and ive never sung much either so my throat is still pretty fresh lol
  10. Am I a tenor or a baritone?

    hehe, dunno brother. check around 2:14. having some fun today dropping it low
  11. Am I a tenor or a baritone?

    nah, I doubt it lol. I probably said I sometimes struggled with sounding muffled or I hadnt developed much pharyngeal sound yet. I assume im a basic low tenor. COULD be some sort of Baritenor but I doubt it. hard to say for sure though because one has to be pretty developed to REALLY know and also one has to have plenty of song output to hear themselves in many different songs etc. On that one I linked above, that was done with a headset mic which probably thins me out even more lol. even Andre the Giant would sound like a tenor on that mic
  12. Am I a tenor or a baritone?

    I was just joking with Hello mainly lol. Im pretty sure im a basic tenor
  13. Am I a tenor or a baritone?

    f#4 is right in the sweet spot for rock. nice low headvoice note. from like there up to B4 is good stuff here ya go, you tell me what u think i am lol. I just did this song yesterday
  14. Am I a tenor or a baritone?

    I stand corrected. How about countertenor?