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  1. oh yeah, no way I was not going to push hard and see what happened lol. That being said I already had sang high falsetto stuff for years too. I just needed to learn actual headvoice and I was off to the races
  2. I dont remember exactly where I "broke" at. But it wasnt at D4....more up around where he is I think, or maybe f4ish. Of course I wasnt stopping when it got tight lol, I just kept pushing hard until I choked out. Thats the nature of the beast I dont think he is going thru a passagio there. Sounds like he is onsetting sort of lightly around G3 and going up about an octave. The fact that it is so light might be affecting the break though. if he onsetted a bit heavier it might make the break point more noticable
  3. well yeah, its not really heavy at all. I dont think there is a break because he isnt getting into the break. He is stopping at like g#4. Hitting a brick wall at G#4ish "compressed falsetto" is an oxymoron I think lol. If its compressed (vocal fold closure) then its not really falsetto. Sounds like he does have some closure going on as the note ascends.
  4. The 4pillars is pretty big. Take some time and look at some of the explanation vids etc. There are explanations and demonstrations of lift up and pull back. The point of lift up/pull back is to help get you to "bridge". Bridge essentially means go from chest voice up to headvoice etc. In your example file you are not bridging. You are going up with chest voice to about g#4 and getting stuck there. Basically you need to learn to access your headvoice. it can be tricky at first etc. You need to sort of learn to get the vibration (resonance) out of the throat and more up onto the roof of the mouth (hard and soft palate etc) Do you have a keyboard? if not, here is a cool on online that tells you what notes you are hitting What happens if you try to hit a note around, say, B4? A lot of people start off with chest voice and then they jump up to falsetto when they try to hit higher notes. Falsetto isnt really a true headvoice but its what most of us start with until we learn to vibrate the sound off the roof of our mouth or at least somewhere above the throat itself
  5. I guess ill start tracking some of my notes etc. 4-24-16 c5 o, love 5-22-16 some C5s 5-26-16 A4 B4, Rainbow, D Purple, Badlands, Sndgarden. Wet Dry and some phrases I want to work on and/or eventually hit. (a reminder for my training)...or phrases that I can hit but want to use to work higher F#4 AIC, I Stay Away " I STAY away" G#4 Fleetwood Mac, Hold Me "There's NoBOOODY in the future" A4 Rainbow "I SURRENDER" opening verse line Foghat, Slow Ride "Slow DOWN, go DOWN" Deep Purple, Mistreated, "I been MISTREAted" Soundgarden, Rusty Cage, "break my rusty CAAAAGE" Soundgarden, Outshined, "SHOW me the power child" A#4 Rainbow, I surrender. "DOOONTTTT take away, this feeling inside" Aerosmith, Angel, "the crying that I do is for YOOOOOOOOOOOU" B4 Rainbow "IIIIIIIIII.......Cant let you go" chorus Whitesnake, Love Aint no Stranger "love aint no stranger, III aint no stranGER" "broken HEARTed people staring at me" "I feel the emptiness of LOVE I know so well" "when I read between the LINES" STP, Sex Type Thing "IIII know you want whats on my mind" Badlands, Seasons "III know its too laATE" "time alOOONE" C5 Aerosmith, Dude, "DUDE LOOK LIKE a LAdy" Aerosmith, Nobodys fault, "LORD I must be DREAMING" D#5 Foghat, Slow Ride "Hold me, ROLLL me" Badlands, Seasons, "all the DREAMS we thought" "these dreams will save our LONely times" E5 Heart, Barracuda "no right no wrong, selling a song...a NA-AAAAAAME" NA is F#5, AAAME is sustained E5 Heart, Barracuda "if the REEEAL thing dont do the trick"...slides up to E5 Heart, White Lightning and Wine, "never will forget I CAAAME" "guess you better hitchike HOOOOOME"
  6. I gotta put this here so I dont have to keep looking it up lol. Jens. Ridiculously inspirational Jens said---> 0:00- 0:50 Vocalfry and M1 0:50- 1:23 M2 tops out at around soprano C6# 1:23 to end is whistle it's very very obvious when your in whistle, you wont get the power guys like Ian have in the C5-C6 range using this coordination it would be really really thin and frail.
  7. Hey Rob,

    an issue with the website. I had just discovered the link in the course playlist where it says "this module can also be found as a module in the course' and I was really loving that link because the grouping seemed more logical to me.

    But now that link only defaults to the "splash page" or whatever its called --->


    Is there some other way to get to the modules?


    btw, I was goofing off at work trying to get some notes in a Fleetwood Mac song and I was combining the sort of "belly breathing-intrinsic anchoring" with trying to feel the note deep in the back of my head and it was working out pretty good.

    Thanks coach, Jon


    Thanks Rob

    1. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte


      Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I fixed the link... it now redirects to the course curriculum page.... also at the bottom of the V/A playlist page... there is a button that also redirects you to the course curriculum page.

  8. I think I will start making some of my own jam tracks to practice with. This one is loosely based on the Heart song "Rage". It hits the following notes in order E-F#-G#-A-A#-B-C. It has a basic rock feel so obviously one can either hit the root, or hit the 7th, for instance sing D when the track is emphasizing E etc. Its probably also natural to sing the minor 3rd, for instance sing G while the track is on E etc
  9. that was back when albums had that certain quality....lets see, what was it called? Been so long I cant remember....uhmm...oh yeah! HUMAN!
  10. Well when I said "high" I meant relatively speaking. In other words these are notes that are just getting up through the typical vocal break...nothing majorly Earth shattering G4 and up etc I just wanted to have a nice list so I wouldnt have to look up stuff over and over lol
  11. Im going to keep this here. A list of high notes in songs. C5 Rainbow L.A. Connection (verse notes) Queen Play the game ACDC Kicked in the Teeth, Riff Raff Boston Party Cult American Horse, (a couple brief c5 notes, mostly chorus is G4,A4) CCR have you seen the rain B4 Journey Don't Stop Believing Nillson Without You U2 Pride Soundgarden Rusty Cage Rainbow Cant let you go Led Zep Lemon Song Soundgarden Gasoline AIC rooster IronMaiden Trooper Cult Sweet Soul Asylum, Pheonix, Automatic Blues, ACDC Shook me all night long Bb4 Chevelle Face to the Floor AIC Man in the Box, Love Hate Love Seal Kiss from a rose Cult Sweet Soul Sister, Big City, A4 Pantera Cemetary Gates Dio Last in Line AIC Rain when i die Cult Rain, Fire Woman, Edie, STP Sex type thing. Piece of Pie, Where the river goes CCR Spell on you, Travelin' Band ZZ Top Need you tonight G#4 Layne Staley Junkhead demo, confusion, I stay away, sunshine Cult White G4 STP Dead and Bloated, Plush,Sin,
  12. A question about this forum when u get a chance

  13. Thanks G. Imma try to get some singing posted for review. Ive got SO much to learn
  14. Hello Robert and Hello to all! I just ordered the TVS program and am excited to start working on my singing. Quick bio. 48 Y.O. male from southside Virginia. I have played lead guitar since 1988. After taking many years away from home recording, I got back into it about 18 months ago and had to learn the new DAWs etc from scratch. To make a long story short, I have about 50 "songs" on my hard drive that need vox. I also have quite a few lyrics written without any music etc. It has been difficult (impossible) for me to find any singers to work with so the next logical step is to just develop my own singing voice more. Hopefully it is not too late. Besides which, I love to sing even if I am not very technically aware at this moment. As far as singing, I want to sing rock, classic rock, 80-90s rock, grunge, bluesy styles etc. In my songs I generally find myself in sort of the style of VH, Rainbow, Whitesnake, LedZep....sort of melodic and bluesy stuff. (at least thats the aim, hehe) My fave singers in no order. Ann Wilson, David Coverdale, Goran Edman, John Sykes, Glenn Hughes, Mark Slaughter, Marq Torien, Barry Gibb, Layne Staley and many others. I am not fixated on copying anyone though, I just want to develop my own innate abilities. My dream song might be "Love Kills" by Mark Slaughter when he was with Vinnie Vincent, but again, its not a fixation. (Im aware Mark had a pretty high voice lol) My current estimation of my singing abilities? I have potential to have a nice voice etc but am pretty clueless technically and totally untrained lol. Just from browsing vids etc I think I have a good understanding of some of the terminology....chest voice, head voice, falsetto, bridging etc. I understand the concept of vowel modification but have never tried to practice it myself. I am probably like a lot of other untrained people. If the song happens to "fit" my current capabilities, then I sound decent. But if it doesn't, I sound like a frog that spent the previous day hollering at a sports event. Sometimes I can sing along with the verse to a song but when it goes into the higher chorus part I cant hit that.....or I can hit it but I have to jump up to head voice with no bridging going on lol. I think my head voice is developed to some degree but there is a no mans land between my chest voice and head voice. If I work on a song I tend to get into a lot of pushing/straining/choking lol. No bridging currently happening. On occasion I also like to throw in some BeeGees falsetto. Anyway, I am excited to get to work and am looking forward to some nice progress. I am throwing in this link to a "before" song where I sang and played guitar over an existing rhythm track. This was in Jan 2014. Pretty sure all the vox are doubled. (manually sang twice) Im pretty good at doubling...since I have never thought my voice was good enough to stand on its own yet lol. Any feedback on the singing is welcome. Id be interested as to what my natural range is. I understand it isnt going to be that impressive as it is an untrained voice but maybe we can get an idea of what we are working with and what potential for range and style I might have etc Thanks a lot for any feedback! Peace, JonJon