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  1. Hello! So I just recorded 2 tunes (first takes, lots of mistakes, but i just wanted to record something) Im looking to sing with my band and would like to know if im on the right track (since this is a type of register i've never used in a live/public setting so i dont know if the vocal placement for these songs is correct). These songs are somewhat outside my singing comfort zone and what we usually play (in terms of vocal range and registers), but i would love to expand my repertoire. To give an idea my most demanding song right now is toxicity (SOAD)(with some chest pulling here and there). I've been a musician for 11 years but only been singing for 5 years now, and only had proper vocal training for about a year (not currently) mostly focusing on pitch, correct breathing, chesty high notes, etc... but nothing of this kind, so there is this desire to get into these types of songs. Also, the "technique" im using for both songs feels (in my throat) the same to me, but it somehow feels more suited for the high notes heard in the scorpions tune, than in the skid row one. so I would love to know (if someone can give some input on this) why do i get two seemingly different results with the same technique? Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you Jesse
  2. Closer to Mixed voice?

    I just did a quick upload of a few videos so you can get a better Idea. Thank you Robert
  3. Closer to Mixed voice?

    Hi Robert, appreciate the feedback! Well like I mentioned the G&R tune is basically just me playing around with different parts of my voice to see If I was getting somewhere. Now I have done vocal training for about a year and been a performing musician for 6 years (been studying various instruments for 17 years). Of course I would never sing a G&R song just yet live, and my performance here was just a quick recording as i said i'm traveling right now. Regarding the vocal training I've had, we've focused on good chest voice, intonation (was big problem for me), proper breathing, chesty high notes. Basically just one part of the voice so that's why i'm so eager to move forward with these type of songs. Currently my most demanding song to sing live its probably toxicity or Pride-U2. I do have quite a few home recordings and live ones showing the way I would normally perform, but like I mentioned most of them don't focus on this type of registers. Thank you! Alex
  4. Closer to Mixed voice?

    Hi robert, that is correct! sorry for the confusion
  5. Closer to Mixed voice?

    Hi, so just recorded this clip (No rain)(sorry for the quality, im traveling right now) but I want to know if im using the right technique, and if this is any closer to a good mix voice. Of course, a lot of things to work on regarding the song, but I'd like to know if im on the right track and what should I improve or work on for those high notes. At the end of the clip I also did a small comparison between a very nasal tone and a cleaner tone. Im not sure if this nasal tone is the right way (+ diaphram compression) to get a good distortion for heavier songs? Finally i also attached another clip (Paradise city) which is basically me playing around with this nasal tone quality to see if i get a good result. Thank you very much! cant wait to be singing these songs live:D
  6. Hi, so I've been "playing" with my voice doing vocal fry and sirens, and right now i came across this resonance which i believe to be mix voice? Im pretty excited because i can reach higher notes relatively easy. Although without good support and vowel modification the notes just distort in my throat. the way this (mix voice?) feel its pretty much as it is usually described. i can place the note higher in my head or lower towards my chest. Its almost like breaking into falsetto but just hanging to chest resonance anyway I'll leave an mp3 so if anyone can give me some input it will be greatly appreciated!:) PD: i know there are some tuning issues hehe, but still id like to know if im on the right track! Thank you!!!