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  1. Muffinhead's TFPOS progress thread

    More improvement. In the headvoice, my vowels were too throaty, impeding my ability to go higher. In particular, changing the "ah" vowel to more forward resonating has improved my headvoice greatly. "Got Me Wrong" by AIC "Creep" by STP "Room a Thousand Years Wide" by Soundgarden (this one's a bit tricky to play guitar and sing to, with the 6/4 time and all, so forgive my inconsistent playing)
  2. Muffinhead's TFPOS progress thread

    Smooth octave siren from B3-B4. A little bit of shaky vibrato on top as well.
  3. Muffinhead's TFPOS progress thread

    Here it is: my C#5. It's damn ugly, but it's there and connected with chest voice.
  4. I wanna know what is my register (mp3 audio inside)

    Hello Jack, This is a review my singing request, which I'm sure will be mentioned soon enough by a mod. That means you pay $10 for the members of this site (or at least the admin, Robert Lunte) to listen to your singing and give you feedback. This price is set in place so people don't show up to the forum, post a clip of their singing, and then leave after receiving feedback. In the end, you get what you put in, and you'll find that this site offers much to those who invest their interest in discourse and exchanges of information. Welcome to TMV world.
  5. Muffinhead's TFPOS progress thread

    Can't you tell this is a cut above all else that I've posted on here, though? The vowels just sound right. I still have no definitive answer for why that is. I can objectively listen to this and say "this is a huge improvement"
  6. Muffinhead's TFPOS progress thread

    My best version of Rooster yet.
  7. Muffinhead's TFPOS progress thread

    My A#4 is getting a lot stronger; I can now apply that note to lyrics that are non-lexical vocables pretty well, without fear of losing much support. B4 is still giving me a ton of trouble. Here is another segment of "Love Hate Love" which uses A#4
  8. Lift up, Pull Back & Track & Release (Four Pillars) 

    Shoot Robert an email, he's always eager to help guide you through the program. When I started out with 4 pillars, I was at a loss as to what to start with, so I can't blame you.
  9. Lift up, Pull Back & Track & Release (Four Pillars) 

    It seems to me that there are 2 types of beginner male singers regarding head voice: those who resort to a strained, pushy, shouty belt-like phonation, and those who resort to a near-falsetto or falsetto phonation. I was definitely the first, and it seems like you were too.
  10. Lift up, Pull Back & Track & Release (Four Pillars) 

    There should be a break at the first passaggio. I'm speaking from my own experience; when I started out, I struggled greatly with anything above D4. By F4 I was straining. By G#4 I was screaming. I don't hear that in the recording, so good on you 2 cats. As for the "compressed falsetto," you're right. What I meant to say was I heard a more compressed falsetto, one that doesn't sound airy, Point is, I'm rather impressed hearing this from a person just starting out.
  11. Lift up, Pull Back & Track & Release (Four Pillars) 

    Jonjon, that doesn't really sound like chest voice to me, more like a compressed falsetto. Also, I'm impressed there is no noticeable break from his chest to falsetto.
  12. Lift up, Pull Back & Track & Release (Four Pillars) 

    Hey, You're going to want to start with the "foundation building routine" and then progress from there. You can do other exercises with it as well, but it's imperative that you master that part. Also, you can create your own 4 pillars progress thread (it's under the "vocal training programs" section of the forum. I have a thread there right now, so you can try to find mine to make sure you're in the right place.
  13. Muffinhead's TFPOS progress thread

    I'm not too sure I'm up to that yet. But I can definitely attempt it.
  14. Muffinhead's TFPOS progress thread

    Gotten some good improvement since the last post. My coordination up to G#4 is pretty decent. I can now use G#4 in most songs (with practice of course) I can get up to A#4 in exercises, but the coordination is not ingrained yet; its application in songs right now is very unreliable Here's a section of "Rooster" by AIC. I omitted a more difficult line with a B4 for obvious reasons
  15. I'm gonna comment before Rob or a moderator does. You are basically asking for a review my singing request, which is a service that costs $10 a pop. In return, you get detailed feedback on your singing or songs. BTW, welcome to the forum