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  1. Emotional Responses to Certain Musical Things?

    The tone of the song is primarily the reason a song moves me on an emotional level. Listen to some of Karen Carpenter's songs and you'll know what I'm talking about. She has some of the most emotional music around just by the way the songs are structured to her tone.
  2. Question

    How do you respond to a comment like this concerning this potential singer - "I think YOU have a skewed outlook on singing. In NO way was that girl a good singer, nor could she ever be. It's not like training for a marathon where you can build up muscle and stamina. You either have vocal talent or you don't and no amount of vocal coaching can change the very foundation that that girl does not have the vocal ability".
  3. Steve Perry (Journey) How the hell does he sing like that?

    You could turn off comments on youtube if you wanted to.
  4. R.I.P. Tom Petty

    They have now confirmed that he has passed on.
  5. So who done the forum over then?

    Just leave 2 cats if you are going to act like a jackass. We don't need your type of attitude and mudslinging around here!!!
  6. So who done the forum over then?

    Oh man it's the end of the world. The timing of the eclipse with the 2 weeks of posts gone is a sign of the end. The black hordes of hell are upon us. The sky is falling,the sky is falling. Run run everyone run the world is going to end because 2 weeks of posts are gone
  7. So who done the forum over then?

    Is this 2 cats?
  8. Using minus tracks for live shows

    Get a keytar!
  9. Classical teacher's thoughts on rock singers

    Actually I expect someone to throw her out the window with that Dio comment
  10. Classical teacher's thoughts on rock singers

    I believe you. I mean if I can fly like Superman and bench press an aircraft carrier than you have 25 inch biceps
  11. Roy Khan

    Here are 3: Nights Of Arabia Center Of The Universe Ghost Opera
  12. Classical teacher's thoughts on rock singers

    The OP reminds me of this -
  13. Roy Khan

    Draven thanks for the response. Do you want me to pick the songs for you since I know their catalog(they are my favorite band)?
  14. R.I.P. Chester Bennington

    I'm not a fan of LP but I won't judge the man. Depression is real and we can't know how much it affects someone unless we walk in their shoes. I feel for the families and friends of Chester and pray that they have the strength to get through this terrible tragedy.