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  1. Come on guys I hope you're not advocating pirating stuff regardless of what it is?
  2. I love that scenery. I would love to visit Austria!
  3. "Of course you may have heard of Seth Riggs" I and I imagine most here that are vocal coaches have heard of him. The pioneer of SLS!
  4. Better question has anyone ever met a famous person with shag carpeting
  5. Why not go with Rob on Skype?
  6. What the ................................................................................................ did I just hear?
  7. To actually get singing lessons from Rob. Finances withstanding!
  8. Nice video of a strawman
  9. I remember having a crush on ONJ when I first saw her on Grease back in the day!
  10. On a serious note I'm going to throw out my personal opinion. Success comes from several factors,a stellar voice,strong stage presence and other factors but in postmodern society the unfortunate circumstance is that most successful singers out there aren't worth their weight in gold. In fact the majority of the best singers out there are not making millions of dollars and driving Lambos. There are just a very and I do mean very small amount of singers that are good that are successful but they are very rare and afar and a few between. Does that mean becoming successful is impossible,no but it's far more difficult nowadays then it was back in yesteryear due to the shift in tastes of modern music. Pop and rap dominate the airwaves now with modern country being close behind. The thing is that all 3 of those niches now have mostly bad singers with tasteless music(don't get me started on rap). And also don't expect to become the next American Idol overnight either especially if you aren't going through that route(music talent shows). And also don't be disappointed if you don't make it in this industry but stick with it anyway because 1.You never know whether you'll be successful or not if you quit early and 2.Even if you don't become successful still stick with it because if music is your passion then regardless you'll want to stay in the game anyway.
  11. You want to hit a high C like Pavarotti? Tick off a woman during PMS and you'll hit it
  12. Well you have a choice. You either get that starbucks coffee or you can spend that money to get professionals to help you along your journey as a singer. Sounds like a bargain at $5/month,$25/year(with coupon). Even without the coupon it's still a bargain. You got to make a decision which is more important,spending that $5 on something worthless or something that can be worth wild.