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  1. Robert Lunte & Draven Grey Q&A Webinar #2

    Robert your confidence and speaking skills shine through in this webinar. Draven you did good too but Robert you really stole the cake on this one. I forgot that musculature support is a part of support and works in conjunction with breath support I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I'm practicing next time.
  2. Mucus

    good tips, thanks.
  3. Mucus

    How do you guys get rid of mucus. I personally hate clearing my throat so I prefer to swallow to make it go away, or If I feel the need sometimes I can cough and it will go away but it has to be a productive cough otherwise I'd rather not. Lately I've had more mucus than usual. Those who have had problems with mucus any tips to overcome it? Also share your experiences with mucus that way I don't feel like I'm the only one who has to deal with this crap!
  4. Is it bad?

    I liked it some.
  5. I really like the way you start off, I think you could use some better intonation on your high notes. It sounds good but it could sound even better I'm betting. Also you have a very RnB style voice and I prefer more of a punk rock kinda vibe. You sound almost like a classically trained singer and I just feel as though your voice could sound a bit more poppy with some sound color variation. I would just play around with imagining how you sing differently and don't listen to how you sound as an indicator of how well you're singing, try to forget you're even singing but don't zone out and remember to enjoy yourself.
  6. China Girl David Bowie Cover

    I liked the distortion on this. Found it interesting that it most always started on the letter I which is a glottal attack. You went a little soft on it after the first time around 1:59, I know those are the high notes but would've sounded great if you kept some of that compression.
  7. Never say Never

    Thanks for the comments JavaStorm, I wanted to have the last chorus sound forceful and a bit strained but in an emotional kind of way not a lacking support kind of way.
  8. Never say Never

    That is good advice Jon thank you. I think I know what parts you're talking about with the breath running out and sounding spoken not sung, could you give me an example so I know for sure? There was some falsetto sprinkled in but it was intentional. As for the chest voice/vs head voice thing I'm not sure I was trying to keep a consistent timbre not sure if it's head voice or chest I feel very little vibration when I sing (unless I sing nasally) so it's hard to tell where the resonance lies. I do have a heady belty voice that I can use but sounds iffy at times and I can use pure light headvoice but it's not as good as it has been.
  9. Never say Never

    Also I need help with my mic if anyone can, I can't find a good balance of gain for the high notes and Idk if it's my equipment or my settings.
  10. Never say Never

    Let me know what you guys think.
  11. Overall it was good. Liked all of it, really liked some of it. I can see what you're getting at. The badummdahdumm parts you should sing those harder not lighter imo.
  12. That's what she said, anyway I think it would sound better done simpler. Breathier easy tones as opposed to compressed forceful vocals. it's like the difference between this performance and the next one, you'd only have to listen to the opening to get what I mean.
  13. Review For A Few Covers I did recently

    you have good head voice. Also I love how you used an aggravated exhale rather than the eff word on time of your life lol. Stylistically you're going to need to learn how to anchor your sound deeper in your chest as you ascend in pitch if you want to sound powerful or belty.
  14. your mix is definitely getting better, I like the scream at 1:50. Also the nonono at the end was funny in a good way. Certain parts of it had too much character like I'd rather hear it done simpler, more jonjon rather than whoever you're trying to emulate.
  15. Mother I Miss You

    That was nice. Your voice has kind of an 80s feel or maybe it was just the song. I think it was good but it was missing a dramatic element, a difference in intensity might do the trick. Idk what it was but it was almost too stable like there was no risk involved. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt cause I have overstepped my boundaries in the past and my opinion is quite amateur.