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  1. Collin571

    Robert Lunte & Draven Grey Q&A Webinar #2

    I'd say I'm intermediate and above but I recognize it's importance anyway. What can be done to develop these new motor skills when you're in a niche? Sing in a different timbre? Try to sing differently in various ways?
  2. Collin571

    Robert Lunte & Draven Grey Q&A Webinar #2

    Robert your confidence and speaking skills shine through in this webinar. Draven you did good too but Robert you really stole the cake on this one. I forgot that musculature support is a part of support and works in conjunction with breath support I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I'm practicing next time.
  3. I put this type of oscillation into my singing, while I sustain I repeat the initial vowel sound several times to give it this waiver. Example:
  4. idk guys I still count it as vibrato even though it only happens about 4 times in that long sustain. Another case study here skip to 4:39 and the line is "i'll always be just fi-i-i-i-ine" and it's repeated. I hear some vibrato in there similar to how it sounds from rector, I mean what else would it be when the sound is dropping in and out like that.
  5. I agree vibrato makes sustaining notes easier and sound better. Maybe I am just noticing normal human variation. I used to think sustain was sort of like a wave you rode almost like a slide now it's more of a lean in and relax into it feeling.
  6. the pitch doesn't change in pulse vibrato or maybe it does slightly. I definitely hear oscilations in his sustain, maybe a second set of ears could help us out and say what they hear. Oh and if you like him here's another on of his really awesome songs.
  7. you don't hear that on hauhauhuahuahart breaks you can hear slight oscilations in the volume of the pitch.
  8. Collin571

    How Can I Sing High "ee" Vowels?

    My Es have a tipping point though, this will be helpful for higher notes Es
  9. Collin571

    How Can I Sing High "ee" Vowels?

    This whole time I didn't know you were supposed to modify E back to ih
  10. Collin571

    How Can I Sing High "ee" Vowels?

    Could you expand on what you mean by open horizontally but narrowed vertically. This is very helpful stuff.
  11. Listen to this song and skip to 1:06 on when a heaaaaaaaaart breaks you can hear the pulse vibrato. I used to try to sustain by clinching the note in place in my throat now I let the note resonate through my throat while I lean into it. It creates this type of pulse vibrato which is quite helpful cause it makes shakiness sound good although it needs to be balanced to work.
  12. Natural vibrato seems to me like pulse vibrato, I notice the pulsing in alot of singers singing.
  13. Collin571

    Writing Lyrics & Songs

    yeah I usually pull on alot of different inspirations from the music I listen to when I am spitballing lyrics and melodies. What I do is I think of the start of a tune in my head think of a couple words then start singing and see how it comes out and continue improvising as I go along. Like I said the biggest problem is the motion of the melody tends to descend because it take little effort to sing from high to low so my laziness ends up hindering my creativity
  14. Collin571

    Writing Lyrics & Songs

    Haha I like it! I could really do without the debates..
  15. Collin571

    Can I hurt my voice and throat without producing sound?

    My throat acts like it's about to sing and clinches occasionally when listening to a song especially on screaming or high notes. It did bother me at first, but I figure it can't do that much harm and is probably nothing more than a nervous habit or tick. What I do when I have those is accept them and move on. Also I smoke weed everyday and my voice is fine and getting better, been doing it off and on for the past few years. I've got it in my mind that I need to quit soon. Partially because of my voice even though the effect is hardly noticeable. Then again I've been doing it so long I don't really have a non smoking voice to compare it too. Well that's a lie cause a few months back I did quit for 6 months after I was really sick. End rant.