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  1. That's what I meant. I could've typed all that out for you but I figured you knew the answer to your question.
  2. Probably cause you just don't GAF after a night out
  3. People and singers still get caught up in their throat when it comes to communication. Usually it's caused by stress or anxiety, that's where the term all choked up comes from. Relax when you sing, do everything from a relaxed state and don't let the jitters get to you.
  4. Dude singing is hard and challenging. Undertaking it can drive you insane. The level of mastery you can achieve in singing is unbound. Everybody experiences singing different, if you've been singing for years you need to go out and seperate sensations and techniques in your voice for yourself. Don't get all caught up in the technical terms and pedagogy you need to develop your understanding of your voice and the only way to do that is to sing, record, and practice. Feel your voice in your throat but don't control it there, use your whole body as the controller. If you need rest take some and put alot of energy into your singing when you can, don't just go all out though record yourself and push yourself to sound the way you want to. Don't sing loud all the time vary your volume and intensity, but really I could go on and on about things to keep in mind when singing. That's all part of the understanding that I've developed and you should work on for yourself
  5. Step one you say we need to talk... I can feel it starting already
  6. Sometimes if you're singing a song you can try singing your own melody. It can be the same melody only slightly different. This helps you improve pitch cause you're singing the pitches at your leisure as it fits into the song
  7. Just sing it over and over again. Also listen to it and enjoy it. It helps if you sing it to yourself like a song you have stuck in your head and the different parts just come to you as you go along.
  8. My favorite Micheal Jackson song and performance. Love the breathiness he uses on the verse. When I imitate it I have so much fun cause it's such an easy way to sing once you're used to it and it's in that comfortable range. Micheal had more than a comfortable range though he could hit all kinds of notes and sing any variation of melodies and styles.
  9. good tips, thanks.
  10. How do you guys get rid of mucus. I personally hate clearing my throat so I prefer to swallow to make it go away, or If I feel the need sometimes I can cough and it will go away but it has to be a productive cough otherwise I'd rather not. Lately I've had more mucus than usual. Those who have had problems with mucus any tips to overcome it? Also share your experiences with mucus that way I don't feel like I'm the only one who has to deal with this crap!
  11. I liked it some.
  12. I really like the way you start off, I think you could use some better intonation on your high notes. It sounds good but it could sound even better I'm betting. Also you have a very RnB style voice and I prefer more of a punk rock kinda vibe. You sound almost like a classically trained singer and I just feel as though your voice could sound a bit more poppy with some sound color variation. I would just play around with imagining how you sing differently and don't listen to how you sound as an indicator of how well you're singing, try to forget you're even singing but don't zone out and remember to enjoy yourself.
  13. This really resonated with me. This simple advice changed the way I sang today.
  14. Yes paramore let's go. Post some paramore covers in the review my singing section and I'll love you forever
  15. More support and better twang/compression. As you go higher something has to change. Typically that's effort and or coordination. Try starting off soft and then get a little louder as you go higher, dont shout but increase your volume as you go up a scale.