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  1. Vocal Rest Questions

    Wow, I thought I never got a reply to this, turns out I just didn't get notified. Anyways, thanks! I'll try to practice even when I'm sleepy. Because I also do find, that I can still sing fine even when I'm tired. But now when I'm just tired, I just try not to practice too much, I just do less than what I'd normally do, or I'd just practice something easier.
  2. LOL! What happened to the replies? they got deleted. SHIT just went down XDDD, INDIRECT mild sass levels filled the atmosphere in this thread XD. That's hilarious! Anyways, I don't know if you guys are still subscribed to this thread and will be notified of this, but I'll definitely be checking both your websites. I already had plans on buying like a vocal program, because I wanted to learn more about singing, and going to voice lesson for 1 hour a week is something different (that last part probably didn't make sense, but I don't want to explain it further!), so I'll look into that. And I definitely want to take care of my voice too, and have wonderful stuff in my mouth (don't take it literally), so I'll check your website too! Thanks guys XD. I'm still chuckling about that lol, both your guys' replies are in my Gmail, so that means it definitely happened XD. I keep saying "guys", even though one of you was a woman lol, but I think it's for both genders.
  3. Btw, the way I practiced my head voice, was the same as it's always been. Except now I just added vocal slides.
  4. I've been having throatiness problems recently. Like, it hurts and I find myself pushing sometimes, when I sing in head voice, or belt too high. It used to not hurt, even when I sing at the end of my range. But now it's hurting. It might be from doing too much vocal slides. Because I've been doing that a lot recently. I used to do it a lot before too. Back then when I started doing it, I started having throat problems too, and I just assumed vocal slides were causing it and I just stopped. And I returned to normal. Also when I went to voice lesson and warmed up, I didn't do any vocal slides and it didn't hurt to sing at the end of my range. But when I went to practice my head voice at home, I did vocal slides, and my voice started hurting again. Any advice on how to cure this? Thanks.
  5. Vocal Rest Questions

    Would it be better for my voice to rest today? or to exercise today? I fell asleep on the bus, going home from school, and somebody woke me up. What do you do if you're tired? Do you practice, or do you take a day off?