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  1. Ok 100% totally lied, after practicing Attack and Release tonight, I hit a D6 with no ugly break, no awful notes. A D-FREAKING-6 (before I stopped because the dog was looking at me funny). Wahoo!!!
  2. I've now had a few wonderful lessons with Robert and I'm still working through my lessons So much material in The Four Pillars. Seriously good stuff. When I started, after years of singing classically in mostly head register, I had an extremely limited belt range (for a woman). So limited that I was only able to hit G4 or so in belt. I've been at this for 3 or so weeks now, and I'm up to a solid D5 in a strong belt using the onset and sirens, and today on a few sirens I was able to bridge up to my F#5 smoothly and cleanly with almost zero tonal change. I still have a LOT of work to do, but holy shnikes. I'm not solid yet - I have a lot more practicing to do but I have to say I'm pleased. I'll keep going with the log, so that progress can be seen and heard, but I'm super happy so far!!!