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  1. Thank you Robert for the welcome and the review. Yes, it helps, a second trained ear always helps. Maybe it's a psychological thing - when I hear myself singing, I 'know' what sound I wanted in every second of the song, and if it is not a full match, I'm annoyed, athough it could be harmonically correct. My backround is ~10 years of singing in the car just for fun, and lately 1,5years of CVT lessons in a local singing school from where I've picked up various things to consider. I will very likely take up your program during summertime! Cheers, Vahur
  2. Hi, Looking for some feedback. With this song I constantly have the feeling that the singing is not under my full control. .This is the ~18th take over 2,5 hour period, my challenge was to get this song without major-screwups done in one go. Do I need more energy? Less energy? Am I overdoing it? Is it simply too high for me and should lower it further (I'm already down 3 semitones from the original)? What about the overall tone and emotion, does it feel to have a connection with the song? These are some of the questions I have. Thanks!