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  1. I watched you video and I know you did mention some of them but can you please give some names of immune boosters I can get from the chemist? What did you think of that vedio I posted?
  2. Just been watching the video in this link and have to ask; what do you think of it all? http://takelessons.com/blog/lost-voice-remedies-z02
  3. Do you mean this, do you think it will free up my voice? http://www.boots.com/boots-easy-breathing-steam-inhaler-10164668
  4. No its not a chest cold any more it just seams to be on my throat and ear at the moment and nowhere ells I tried that nasal rinse, it was quite painfull but it did nothing for my throat Thanks
  5. So I got the required ingredients from my Pharmacy (or as close as) 1. Now that is a proper pieces of kit! That much that the phone call from the chemist to the doctors said it was the best thing since sliced bread and I got myself a "Neil med" brand I have not tried this and I do not have nasal congestion, but will try tomorrow But I fail to see how it will improve my airways passage since I am only blocked up in and around the through areas 2. that Hydrogen Peroxide is just ear drops, got some of that cleaned out a little and better but time will tell 3. Zytec, Allegra. Well that is a packet of hay fever tables Taken one of those but I don't really have sneezing and runny noise 4. Chinese Herbal Remedy; well the best thing they could find was a cough medicine that soothed the through from soreness And to be honest that has no really worked Well I guess the only real option is antibiotics; dont know how I will go about this Interesting no.1 Have you tried this before you went on stage?
  6. Thanks I will get the required stuff and let you know how I get on
  7. I have had this heavy cold since Christmas. It started to go away and as it was going I continued to practice sirens; but I have lost a good part of my voice and have swelling in one of my ears and am unable to train. This groggy voice I have, I had for about a week now and is not going away. The doctors in this country are a waste of space. Any ideas please
  8. I had another look but can not seam to find it
  9. Apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum (as I am sure it is) but I am sure there is a correct forum for Robert Lunte's Four Pillars. Its just that I can't find it. So I am sure the mods will move this in due course I got "The Four Pillars last week and have just started on it but I am not sure I have started in the right place I started from the what looks like the beginning until I ran into some stuff that is a bit more advanced Well I stated with opening up my courses, then modules, then prepare for your TVS training, then I got to the dropdown of "the four pillars of singing download work out files" And I downloaded and have been playing the first 2 sets. First set was lift up pull back. And I think I am supposed to sing from one octane to the next one up then go into my head voice So hear is a link to me trying to copy the video : https://app.box.com/s/vckhva09yqffwz91fjebe77cqrnk4672 And the second set of Track and release. Well I just can not do it! doing hum hum hung, it just turns into a nasty hummy exercise that leaves me breathless