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  1. Guide me, please!

    you saying this is a rhythm issue?
  2. Guide me, please!

    Your link is a video and I have limited data allowance so sorry cant afford to watch it But I am a native speeking English person and I too worked a lot on my enunciation, and I did a lot of tongue twisters which I have now finished doing and I think it helped me out a lot. they recon that tongue twisters are great for people learning new languages
  3. Should I start singing? Review my singing.

    The word to me is not a real word it is just a made up word, made up by our masters so they can lie to use like they lie to us about everything ells in life! The teacher I have now (Matthew) is a professional baritone opera singer and has all London bachelor degrees and everything. Any way I was talking to his mom and she mentioned someones name who was a talented X-factor finalist (cant remember his name have no interest in silly little pantomime shows like that) but if your a fan of that kind of thing then this guy is now some kind of celebrity. Any way this talented armature who had no previous experience or training (so the show claimed) had trained with Matthew and sang in the same opera house as Mathew for 4 years prior to this. I mean you could just not make up a bigger pile of then that really could you. Never-mind. Well on the bright side of things. this false pretence of 99.9% of people don't have talent when infact 99.9% of people are capable of learning to sing well. Keeps out competition But there again this is most probably why the OP (like so many other newbe's) will not return
  4. Should I start singing? Review my singing.

    Hum; let see; what dose talent actually mean The Cambridge English dictionary states it (someone who has) a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/talent So I guess that would mean no one on hear has any talent what so ever
  5. The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera

  6. Swollen ear from singing high notes

    Does anyone get a swollen up ear like deafness like your ears had popped on an airplane after a while of practicing high notes? Is this normal or bad techniques or too high of a note for myself or just doing it too many times? Thanks 2CIADB
  7. My song - "Passengers"

    Jarom; I don't want to sound disrespectful or rude as I know you are a professional musician But all your songs sound the same! and without you singing something a bit different with a different melody I just cant see you hitting the big time Have you tired covering/ practicing other artists that you have done nothing like before, songs that you never though about before that my give you some new inspiration and new art.
  8. Why is my voice cracking?

    Thanks But I have just gotten over a heavy belt of laryngitis and feling a lot better now and I hope to be back to singing scales and other strenuous exersises soon That full set of the piano is too much for me and I must take it easyer by doing only the bit that is in my vocal range
  9. Why is my voice cracking?

    OK I will do, but I think I will leave it a few weeks until I have finished this exersise I think you will like the end product Robart
  10. Why is my voice cracking?

    Dont think that would be advisable given the other comments to this thread
  11. Why is my voice cracking?

    I have been sining this set of scales for several weeks now; but as I said normaly my vocie dose not crack that low up the scale But I do train as much as I can within the time scale I can or before I am physically exhausted trying not to break my vocie
  12. Why is my voice cracking?

    CVT?? Tone/ timbre I am sorry to bouth of you but I have no idea what you are talking about. I sang the same scale exersise today with out any problems and I do not see what tone will make any differance to my ill voice I sang with yesterday If you are convinced this is a tone issue then I will upload another clip of me singing scales when I can manage to sing the entire piano at some opint over the weekend
  13. Why is my voice cracking?

    Well there I was again; singing scales as you do. But today and a bit of yesterday my voice cracked when singing at this range; I can normaly sing these notes in my head vocie with out a problem but just now I can not! Anyone know what has caused my voice to start cracking? https://app.box.com/s/ukl64k9kxnsqrxfwuu4oq7vtfmpb5ubb Thanks 2CIADB
  14. How to heal your voice in one day

    I watched you video and I know you did mention some of them but can you please give some names of immune boosters I can get from the chemist? What did you think of that vedio I posted?
  15. How to heal your voice in one day

    Just been watching the video in this link and have to ask; what do you think of it all? http://takelessons.com/blog/lost-voice-remedies-z02