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  1. Hello there I saw this on youtube and yes I know we all should be taking youtube with a pinch of salt nowerdays but this teacher says that for improving pitch we should replace the words of the song with the sound of "Done"; he says this is because The hard D sound at the beginning of "Done" stops you sliding into a note and the N sound at the end of the word "Done" sends vibrations up our checks which help us monitor the pitch that we are singing. He also states that replacing the words of the song with the sound "Bib" will improve rhythm. He dose not give a lot of explanation to this only to say it is very precursive. So what do you think; true of false? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmvGW4guuxA
  2. Do you come from a family of musicians?
  3. When I saw the title "to scared to sing" how did I just know before ever reading this topic that this was a new member to the forum and new to singing then? Sining scales is a vey basic exersise for beginers and is a must! of cource people have not a clue what you are doing and will think you are making a fool of your self because they dont know anything about this craftmans ship, the bottom line is dont sing scales in public do it where no one can hear you and record it and have it ready for review Regarding expencive singing lessons; I am sure there will be a teacher that will post hear not before long offering there services for an online training program PS where do you live?
  4. Can you share some of these techniques with us or are they trade secret If you can do so then using these techniques along site with using Repetition would go a long way Not seen you on hear for a bit I'm not quite sure how this works, do you have any recoreded explample you could upload please Do you find braking it down and mastering each phrase one by one is a much more effisent use of time them doing the whole song in one go? I was finding this really hard work to learn, is it beacuse I dont understand the lyrics or is it just a hard song to sing?
  5. So your idea is the try memorise the lyrics not the melody. But a lot of modern songs now you just cant understand what they are saying Reputition, har, so what I am allready doing now then
  6. You cant cover any artists at all! ow dear But having said that you said you have 7 songs you can preform If you had a bit of a chat aftrer one song then you could say each song takes 5 minuts. So thats 9 songs in total, only 2 short Good luck
  7. I am sure I read something on the net about this, something to do with memory mapping or something like that Is it true?
  8. I though you said somewhere on hear that you did a lot of Keane (the band) work that you trained on Cant you just work on that? How is the new song "good buy afternoon coming on" is it relised yet, will we hear it on the radio, are you working on anything new?
  9. I think the word troll springs to mind hear At first off you start a thread by asking advice on what do you think about this youtube teacher. Then it is pointed out to you that this person is a banned user for what can only be described as trolling. Then your next statement is his ideas are so great and wonderful and need to be added to our community, I think is a complete insult. But the is the icing on the cake really. The fact that you show an interest in arguing against the opinions of this forum about this banned user; shows me that you are hear to cause trouble. But this is not what us good decent people do hear on this forum, is to cause trouble! Sure there are plenty of troll sites out there on the internet where your opinions will be lost with other that have nothing better to do(but not hear). The fact that you show to cause trouble in the same way as the person in the video is doing only leads me to believe that you are him. But seriously pal you are not doing your self any favors; you have chosen to post your name and photo/ video of your self on the net hear for people to see what a trouble maker you are is not going to do you any favors with other singer and what you want out of singing your self only to give a dog a bad name. So go and find your self something positive and constructive to do with your self
  10. What 10% I dont think so! So that would mean that 10% of the worlds population can just sing like a pro with out ever trying
  11. So what about the other 10% of the population then?
  12. It may seam like simple, you hear a song on the radio and you try to sing it and you can or can't sing it then you would say its easy or hard. But if you analyzed it; is it hard because it is a high or low note song and out of your vocal range, is it hard because it may involve a lot of movement of the mouth or a very fast song to sing etc. Is it just hard for you or just hard for me or just hard for her or is it hard for all of us? You said in one of your posts, the song "whitney houston i will always love you" you give to your more advanced students when they get board of the exercises you give them, is that a hard song for all your students and why?
  13. How do you tell the differance between an easy song and a hard song to sing?
  14. Sounds about right for the usual https://www.google.co.uk/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=nI-WWK2bFZLW8Ae8vaeICg#q=we+are+all+being+lied+to If you want to learn to sing then you are going to have to find a singing teacher that will teach you the kind of music you want to sing That could be one2one with someone in your area or someone on hear on the net using skype
  15. What are the chances of seeing member on this forum that are famous (hidden there identities of course)?