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  1. Quite so! If O/P is not going to give any referance to his/ her post then we should stop listening to it and pay more attention to the bloke above in the cartoooon
  2. Chapter 3 in saids book is about, choosing vocal modes and choosing sound colors. I have read it twice now and I still don't get it, so I am not to bothered about reading any further Well if the files accidental gets deleted somehow at some point then I am not bothered
  3. I have only read a little of the book but I would agree with you It just explains what to do not how to do it! Its like these modern government people now that think you can learn to drive a car from reading a book written by (so-called) experts You can not learn to sing by reading a book you have to physically sing something And this is why I do not think this book has any value to me!!! Glad I got the pirate version and not the 67 Euro version
  4. OK I will do, but I think I will leave it a few weeks until I have finished this exersise I think you will like the end product Robart
  5. Dont think that would be advisable given the other comments to this thread
  6. Well I will let you into a little secret Someone has gone to a lot of time scanning and uploading that book to the web A Google search of complete vocal technique PDF will find it for you Have read a little myself and will keep reading more later But in the intro she seams to think that this singing bushiness can be mastered in several months then several years if you follow her guidelines and only work on your weakest points. When you bough the book did you get any CDs with it? Thanks
  7. I have been sining this set of scales for several weeks now; but as I said normaly my vocie dose not crack that low up the scale But I do train as much as I can within the time scale I can or before I am physically exhausted trying not to break my vocie
  8. Is this the book you where refering to? https://completevocal.institute/product/complete-vocal-technique/ Have you bough or read it? But €67,00 would not pay that much for it myself
  9. CVT?? Tone/ timbre I am sorry to bouth of you but I have no idea what you are talking about. I sang the same scale exersise today with out any problems and I do not see what tone will make any differance to my ill voice I sang with yesterday If you are convinced this is a tone issue then I will upload another clip of me singing scales when I can manage to sing the entire piano at some opint over the weekend
  10. CVT??? Who dose this training and where can I get a copy of it?
  11. Well there I was again; singing scales as you do. But today and a bit of yesterday my voice cracked when singing at this range; I can normaly sing these notes in my head vocie with out a problem but just now I can not! Anyone know what has caused my voice to start cracking? https://app.box.com/s/ukl64k9kxnsqrxfwuu4oq7vtfmpb5ubb Thanks 2CIADB
  12. So if we are talking about vocal timbre then are there exersises for neutral, curbing, overdrive, edge and for thickness? At first I had you down as a troulbe maker, someone with an axe to grind But I guess I was wrong
  13. So I see a lot of videos on our free and wonderful you tube for the search tem "vocal tone exercises" But these videos do not coincides with each other and there is no clear illustration of how to "tone up". Its is almost like one video is completely different to another video. Is there a proper exercises out there that will help on improving singing tone? Thanks 2CIADB
  14. I watched you video and I know you did mention some of them but can you please give some names of immune boosters I can get from the chemist? What did you think of that vedio I posted?