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    Great! I missed the first webinar but watched the post. I can't make this webinar either; I will be in Santa Barbara at a conference. I was thinking, the webinar with James was good and I am sure this up coming one will be good too so what about a future webinar with Tamplin??? I think it would be great because we could ask questions and Robert could help us better understand what it is that Ken is doing with his voice from Ken's comments. U know, act as a narrator. Ken is a fantastic singer and Rob knows the technical jargon so I think it would be great. Just something to consider. I am not sure if Ken is open to this kind of idea or not. Just thinking out loud. Looking forward to the webinar post at a later date.
  2. Felipe,  damn bro, you killed Man on a silver mt!  I don't think it needs any tweaking.  Great job.  Your voice sounds like one register from top to bottom and I like the way you can hit the closed vowels high in you range. It adds a lot of color and quality to your sound.  Reminds me of Tamplin.  You have made enormous improvement! Great job!

    1. Felipe Carvalho

      Felipe Carvalho

      Oh thank you man!!  I really appreciate the feedback, and that someone noticed the difference haha, thanks for letting me know!

    2. Rufus Rufus

      Rufus Rufus

      You know me, I am the guy who was suppose to write about high level singers and never got around to it.  Lol  I sent you the John Cowan videos, too.  The way you are developing the ability to do the oo's and ee vowels up high is really paying off (u are not sacrificing the natural beauty of the vowel). Your words are understandable and well balanced.  Some singers do the narrowed ah vowel continually and to me it kills any quality the song could potentially have.  Also, you can't understand the words or lyrics.   You have a great balance going between light/darkness  and it is very effective.  You are definitely on the right track now. 



    I couldn't get in either. Oh well, no big deal. I had plenty of other things I needed to get done. Maybe next time things will be organized better. I guess I can catch the video upload when it is ready.
  4. Rob,  I saw a comment by another member asking about singing books.  I have been working from the Barbara Docsher and Berton Coffin books.  They have really helped me a lot.

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    2. Rufus Rufus

      Rufus Rufus

      Cool.  Does your book teach black metal type vocal technique?

    3. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte

      We wouldn't refer to that as being really a "technique" as much as a style. Techniques can be applied to all styles. But more to the point, the book and course teach several distortions and effects. Three of the distortion techniques would apply to your genre, yes.

      I also recommend that you get the course and training content where you can watch the videos. there are videos of me demonstrating the screams that Im referring to and instructions on how to do it.

      There are three options here:


    4. Rufus Rufus

      Rufus Rufus

      Sounds like a great program.  I will check it out.  The two books I mention earlier took me awhile to understand but they are working real well for me at this point.  I think Coffin uses colors for his vowel modifications, too.  Anyway, thanks for the info.