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  1. I actually hate the sound of twang. I know they say it amplifies your voice but it sounds so bad I try do avoid it at all cost. I really found Daniel's comments helpful and practical.
  2. Damn James Lugo, you are a badass!! Fantastic voice! You are the first vocal coach I have heard that is even close to Tamplin! Keep up the good work. I live in NC. You make the state proud.
  3. Rob,  I saw a comment by another member asking about singing books.  I have been working from the Barbara Docsher and Berton Coffin books.  They have really helped me a lot.

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    2. Rufus Rufus

      Rufus Rufus

      Cool.  Does your book teach black metal type vocal technique?

    3. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte

      We wouldn't refer to that as being really a "technique" as much as a style. Techniques can be applied to all styles. But more to the point, the book and course teach several distortions and effects. Three of the distortion techniques would apply to your genre, yes.

      I also recommend that you get the course and training content where you can watch the videos. there are videos of me demonstrating the screams that Im referring to and instructions on how to do it.

      There are three options here:


    4. Rufus Rufus

      Rufus Rufus

      Sounds like a great program.  I will check it out.  The two books I mention earlier took me awhile to understand but they are working real well for me at this point.  I think Coffin uses colors for his vowel modifications, too.  Anyway, thanks for the info. 

  4. If you would like, I will give you some feedback on your singing; assuming it is okay to do that from one student to another on this forum. I am still learning but I have pretty good ear and understand the concepts pretty good.