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  1. Blue sunken dream

    It's great to have a feedback!, i'm still trying to explore my voice in order to find what sounds good and what is bad. Did you hear a bad accent on the attempts? I did miss some words that should have sung better. I was trying to sing naturally and spontaneously based on the original versions of the tunes,I didn't have a plan and maybe that's a problam too or just what my voice is a capable of. As I mentioned I have never recorded myself or even sang karaoke before,I will sure check on the videos and try to learn from them.
  2. Blue sunken dream

    On the first chorus It felt like I was trying to get higher without 'falsetto' which caused to some breath struggle. Was it really bad to your ears? I really appreciate any kind of feedback. Thanks,
  3. Blue sunken dream

    Blue suede shoes: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0yBkpRaJcrx Life on mars: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0ePtWdTNtKu Life on mars track is on the original 'studio' key which felt tough to reach, Hoping to get your feedback on both. Thanks,
  4. Blue sunken dream

    Yes the guitar was out of tune,it's probably the best tip to start with I Guess it's going to take a lot of practice in order to be comfortable in both singing and playing,there is no doubt that it feels much better when i sing without the guitar. Is it the case when my voice sound really bad and I don't even notice that? Anyway,I tried to make a better arrangement and would love to hear your feedback. Thanks,
  5. Blue sunken dream

    Hi, I'm just another guitarist who decided to give it a shot with singing on my own. I know that this is very raw and need work(recorded on my old phone),I'd still like to get your very honest opinion+feedback on my color voice and performance for the 2 covers. Life on mars: Blue suede shoes: Thanks,