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  1. Awesome, maybe i'll do training at some point, or just check out youtube videos. As far as my voice is right now though, is it alright? The reason why i'm concerned is because I plan on releasing a demo, and also getting the band to start gigging in a month or two. They like the vocals, but I just want outside opinions if my voice sucks or not, or any thoughts on it for the kind of music I play. When I listen to my voice I cringe and hate it. Maybe I sing in key, but that doesn't mean it necessarily sounds good I suppose. Bleh
  2. Hi all, New singer/songwriter, just recently formed an indie/shoegaze band from all of my home recordings. No vocal training or anything, but then again I don't care too much if I sound trained as a "singer" would sound on the radio, and instead i'm focusing on whether or not I sound pleasing to the ears, basically want to make sure I don't sound like complete crap because I have a very weird voice. Most shoegaze bands typically don't focus much on the vocals and layer it with tons of reverb (youtube DIIV - Sometime for an example of my genre and my favorite band) but i'd like to do something different in my genre that no one is really doing in the scene. Here's a vocal cover I did of Marilyn Manson - Coma Black (I know, definitely NOT my genre and I'm not a Manson fan, but a friend said I sort of sounded like Manson in some of my original songs so I gave it a shot the other day. Hardly any reverb which is new for me, no effects and one vocal take for the various vocal tracks, no copy/pasting. The only thing I've ever done without lots of reverb. You can compare at 2:46 to hear my voice without multitracking, or skip to 0:55)